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Fashion 2 years ago

chanel trendy bag review


So February and March are big gift months around here haha. Valentine’s Day, my birthday, and our anniversary are all about a month apart. This year Michael approved of me combining all of my gifts in one (plus like, next year’s gifts too lol) and allowing me to get the Chanel trendy I have been dreaming of for years now.


I wanted to do a quick review on this bag in case you have also been eyeing it or in the market for a new designer bag! I actually first tried this bag on probably 2+ years ago. I loved it but I was a little unsure about the size and how versatile it would be, so that’s what I want to break down for y’all today!


So to be honest, like most husbands, Michael is not a huge fan of Chanel bags lol which I get. But they truly are so special and an investment you will have for the rest of your life, AND pass down to your children. But, I digress. Even Michael has made so many comments on how beautiful this bag is! This bag Chanel Trendy cc comes in a million colors and I originally thought I wanted beige…but when I saw this white + rose gold combo, I could not resist. And it’s also the only white bag I own (and I have several beige colored bags). So honestly my favorite thing about this bag is that…she is just stunning, and so classy. Obviously you have to be more careful with a white bag but I love that white goes with everything. This is the perfect bag to wear with any spring / summer wedding dress…but I also wore it today with a grey sweat suit. It literally looks incredible with ANY outfit. So even though it’s crazy expensive…you will get your money’s worth because the bag is SO versatile.


Speaking of the bag being versatile…I love that you can wear the bag on your shoulder, or crossbody, or carry it by the handle. I wear mine on my shoulder 50% of the time, and crossbody 50% of the time when I want to be hands free. I The strap is the perfect length to be crossbody – not too long or too short.



The Chanel Trendy cc also comes in a few different sizes. Mine is the small size and I think it’s perfect. I was originally thinking I wanted the medium but I actually think that one was a little bulky. I love the size of the small because it holds the perfect amount of items without being too bulky (or too little!).

The small Chanel Trendy holds my phone, keys, wallet, sunglasses, a little lipstick zipper bag, gum…with room to spare. It has 3 compartments so you can easily see + access everything you need. I wore this bag today when I took Shiloh to gymnastics and ran errands with her and it was very practical + functional for mom life!


You guys know I have bought SO many of my bags previously owned from Julia Rose or Fashionphile and had an AMAZING experience! This is actually only the second bag I have bought new! I follow this account on IG @innayourshoes and it’s dangerous haha. She works for Bergdorf Goodman in NYC and is always posting the new Chanel bags or golden goose sneakers or Tom Ford sunglasses etc that they just got in…and you can purchase the item from her over text or e-mail and she will e-mail you the receipt from Bergdorf’s! She’s 100% legit and trustworthy and always showing the latest + greatest from the best designers. I’ve bought two things from her now and had a very good experience.

Like I mentioned I was hesitant to get white but thus far…she has stayed 100% white! I’m careful with her and don’t put her on the floor or next to food but…when I have gotten a little bit of makeup on the flap or something, I’ve been able to wipe it off with no problems. And thus far, my denim hasn’t transferred on it yet either! Time will tell, but I’m hoping to keep her as white as possible.


Are these bag review posts helpful for you guys?! Let me know if there’s any specific bag I own that you’d like to see a review of next! Thanks for reading!

xo Lauren

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