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Fashion 2 years ago

Goyard St. Louis Tote GM review!


I’ve had my Goyard tote for over 2 years now and anytime you guys see it on instagram, I always get TONS of questions about it! The size, if I like it, what I use it for etc. This has been one of my most-used bags over the last 2 years and one I know I will have forever. So today I wanted to do a review for you guys on why I love it so much.



There are a few different size options for the Goyard tote and I went back and forth forever on which size to get! I ended up getting the GM size which is the bigger one (PM is a little bit smaller). I LOVE the GM size. They say this is better for like travel or using it as a weekend bag and PM is better for everyday use. I think that’s true, but I also think you can use the GM size for everyday and it doesn’t feel too big IMO.

I like the GM size for traveling, weekend trips…but even if I’m going to a hair appointment and want to bring my laptop and snacks or makeup bag…it holds SO much! Honestly you could use this tote for an overnight trip and it would hold your pjs, toiletry bag, phone charger etc. It’s the perfect size for traveling or for everyday mom life when you’re carrying a lot of stuff around.

A sales associate at Goyard told me I shouldn’t put my laptop in it haha but I’ve put my laptop in it probably 100 times and it’s always been fine. I think they say that so that your handles last an eternity but, I’ve always put my laptop in here and the handles are still in perfect condition.


This bag does come with a little wristlet attachment, but other than that there aren’t any compartments in it. So I love to use these plastic zipper pouches on amazon to keep my stuff organized. I usually have a pouch for Shiloh’s stuff, a ‘necessities’ pouch for me, where I keep my gum, portable charger, lip balm etc…and maybe one more pouch depending on the day!

materials + structure

So I also have the Louis Vuitton neverfull tote and it’s very different than the goyard. The never full has way more structure and shape to it whereas the go yard when its empty, is…floppy? for lack or a better word haha like it doesn’t really stand up on it’s own. And I actually LOVE that about it. I think that feature of this bag is what keeps it from looking “too big” if you’re using it as an everyday bag, because it’s size sort of conforms to how much stuff you have in it that day.

This feature of the bag also makes it completely reversible which is a nice feature!

The material it’s made from is called Goyardine canvas and the two handles are leather. The material is hard to describe ha it’s almost like a leather but more soft and flexible. What I love about it is that it’s SO easy to wipe off and keep clean. I’m actually considering getting the white one because these bags hold up so well and are super easy to keep clean, even if you aren’t very careful with your bags haha.



I love this bag because I can wear it with an everyday denim outfit like you’re seeing here…but it also works so well with sweatpants or leggings and athleisure outfits. It is super versatile and y’all know I love a black and brown combo!




I bought my LV tote probably 4ish years ago and then the Goyard two years later. TBH I like the Goyard WAY more and carry it way more often than the Louis Vuitton. They are both great bags and I think it totally depends on your personal style preference…but I’d personally go with the Goyard if you are on the fence about which one to purchase! I feel like it’s not quite as “basic” as the LV neverfull haha and the material of it also makes it easier to keep looking clean and new!


Let me know if you have any other questions about this bag! It’s definitely an investment but one I have more than gotten my money’s worth out of!

Thanks for reading!

xo Lauren

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