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Fashion 2 years ago

10 random things i'm loving


Figured it was time for another ’10 random things i’m loving’ blog post! I love that you guys love these posts as much as I do – where I share random things i’m loving from fashion to books to food and more!



  1. These abercrombie sweatpants !! Holy COW I fell in love with these the moment I put them on and texted my mom and said “you need these for your next trip”. They are perfect for traveling because they are super lightweight and don’t wrinkle. I also love the wide waistband on them and the fit is SO flattering! I’m wearing the size XS and definitely plan on getting them in a second color!
  2. Owala water bottle – I shared this a few times on my stories & tiktok last week and legit can’t shut up about it haha. I am VERY picky when it comes to water bottles and i love that this one checks off ALL my boxes! It’s cute, it fits in a cup holder, it keeps your water cold, it seals shut so you can put it in your bag…and the best part is you can drink out of it like a straw OR like a spout!!! As soon as I drank out of it I thought “where have you been all my life” lol. Dramatic but true. I also have the 32oz size but I prefer the 24oz bc it fits in all cupholders.
  3. Jenna Kutcher’s “Goal Digger” podcast. You guys know how much I love listening to podcasts on my daily walks or when I’m putting laundry away. This is a new one (not new, but new to me) that I have been LOVING! She shares so many helpful tips from business to health and more, in a very practical + applicable way. I also just got her new book on audible called “how are you really?” and I’m loving that as well.
  4. Eyelash extensions !! Haha I know that’s not really a ‘linkable’ thing but I was on the fence for months on whether or not to get lash extensions put back on. My natural lashes have grown SO healthy and long so I know I didn’t need them. But honestly, 90% of the time I am not wearing makeup and lash extensions make you LOOK like you have makeup on, or just look more awake and they honestly make life so much easier! Even when we went to Montana, I did not wear eye makeup one time and it was SO nice! I found a new person who I love because she makes the lash extensions look so natural – I’ll link her instagram for y’all here.


5. lillie eats & tells ‘planned’ cookbook – I have been using recipes from the e-book of this cookbook for a few weeks now and finally got my hard copy in the mail and y’all it is SO GOOD! I’ve only made a few recipes so far but EVERY recipe I’ve made…michael and I have both LOVED. The concept of this book is that you basically meal prep a ton of food on one day of your week (I’ll admit, it’s a decent amount of work to do in one day) BUT…then the rest of your week you have healthy meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) ready to go! This helps you cut back significantly on eating out and also ensures you’re getting fresh + nutrient-dense (and delicious) food in every single day. We LOVE this cookbook!

6. Hoka running shoes – I know. I’m on the bandwagon. I have an addiction haha but I have become OBSESSED with hoka running shoes. They are borderline the only shoe I workout in now (unless I’m doing just straight strength training). I’ve tried several different styles and honestly love them all – they are great for long distance runs, going for walks, and I wear mine for cross training too. They’re so freaking comfortable, have great support, and I actually love how they look too.

7. Jo Malone wood sage & sea salt cologne – another addiction I have: perfume haha. I just bought this new one at Nordstrom and oh my word it is worth all the hype and more. I was hesitant to share it because I don’t want a million people to all have it LOL but what are friends for. It has this woodsy but kind of sexy smell to it without being overpowering. It’s fresh. It’s almost gender neutral. And I am obsessed.



8. Gleamin vitamin c clay mask – one of those ‘tiktok made me do it’ type of purchases! Fair warning: it took FOREVER to ship haha like over a week for sure. But I used it for the first time last week and could INSTANTLY notice a difference in my skin after rinsing the mask off! My skin felt glowier, smoother, and felt SO refreshed! I definitely plan on using this at least once a week because it WORKS. Here’s the description from their website: “super-dose of vitamin C, turmeric, aloe vera, desert & caviar limes, kakadu plum, castor oil, and almond oil to reduce hyperpigmentation and leave your skin utterly radiant.”

9. You can heal your life by Louise Hay – this was a book I bought per Melissa Wood’s recommendation. I was a little skeptical of it because it sounded a little ‘new age’ or ‘woo woo’ for my liking. But I’m about 1/3 of the way through it and can honestly say it’s already been SO powerful and encouraging. I’m looking forward to finishing it but if you’re in a stage of life where you feel like you could use some healing…definitely check this book out.

10. Feel free drink by botanic tonics– I have shared these drinks on my stories multiple times now but…I am OBSESSED with them. Like I try and limit myself to having one just a few times a week haha. I’m not currently drinking alcohol so when I want just that…light / relaxed feeling, but without the anxiety or hangover that alcohol gives me, I’ll have one of these drinks. Fair warning: when I first drank them I thought they tasted SO BAD haha. But now I actually don’t mind the taste at all! They don’t make you high, they don’t make you drunk. It’s just this kind of…happy / content feeling. If you want to try it out, my discount code is KAY40 for 40% off!

Thanks for reading! Hope y’all have a great week!


xo Lauren

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