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Fashion 3 weeks ago

10 random things i'm loving



I’ve bought a few new things lately I’m freaking in love with – everything from fashion items to books and more so I wanted to do another “10 random things I’m loving” post for y’all today!

one. the dyson airwrap – okay this is not a new discovery for me because I’ve had mine for a while. BUT when my sister and I were in Austin we decided to finally figure out HOW to use it. so we watched some tutorials and I am now SO OBSESSED! I’ve been using this to curl my hair for the past week or two and i’m obsessed with how the curls turn out, and they actually last. this thing is stupid expensive but it is also MAGIC. i love that it can dry and curl your hair all in one step!

two. new balance 327 sneakers – I’d been eyeing these sneakers for months and decided to finally pull the trigger and I LOVE them so much. they’re super comfortable and they look SO cute with legging type outfits which y’all know I live in. they’re somehow casual and comfy and cool all at the same time. i own them in two colors and already want more!



three. my owala water bottle – I know, you’ve heard me rave about this on stories 1,000 times now haha but JUST IN CASE you haven’t heard…I found a new water bottle about a month ago that has been LIFE-CHANGING. i have the 24oz size which fits in all cupholders, you can seal it shut (ie you can throw it in your tote and it won’t spill) and it has both a straw option AND a spout to drink from, so you can do either one. since i got this, i haven’t once drank out of my stanley! it’s definitely a new favorite!

four. headspace app – I’ve shared on stories that I’ve been going to counseling for the past couple of months and my therapists has been helping me “build my toolbox” with different tools to help me battle anxiety. meditation is such a trendy word right now but something i’ve never really prioritized. as a christian i always just thought “well, why not just pray?” but meditation is different. and i didn’t know where to start with it, so she suggested i try the headspace app. i love this app because it has guided meditations on there literally starting at 3mins long. so if you’re like me and you’re skeptical of it or can’t sit still…3mins is a great place to start. i’ve been trying to do it at least one time a day, every single day and it really has helped so much with stress and anxiety. don’t knock it till you try it!



five. naturium lip balm – decided to pick this up at target after seeing it ALL over tiktok and i now understand the hype! it’s a $10 lip balm with a very subtle vanilla flavor that’s super nourishing + packed with all natural ingredients that do amazing things for your lips. this lip balm leaves your lips feeling super smooth and hydrated and i LOVE the colors it comes in! my two favorite colors are petal and camellia.

6. anthropologie fall candle– i’m going to do a fall candle round-up for you guys in the next week and this one is probably at the top of my list. first of all, the jar / lid are both beautiful but it smells SO FREAKING GOOD and makes your whole home smell like a cozy fall paradise. buy one for yourself and one for a friend because everyone needs this candle this fall.

seven. color wow dream coat spray – i bought this during a sephora savings event a few months back because i’ve heard SO many people rave about it. the first time i used it i didn’t notice a difference in my hair at all and was disappointed. but then lots of you DM’d explaining how i need to use it haha. so you need to use A LOT of product with this and then when you blow dry your hair, section it off and use a round brush. when i used the spray correctly, my hair was sooo silky smooth and straight – without having to straighten or curl it! i love using this spray for the perfect blowout because after I’m done with the blow dryer…i’m done! i don’t need to use any other heat tools!

eight. liking myself back by jacey duprie – i listened to this book on audible and was honestly surprised at how much i enjoyed it. jacey’s story is so inspiring – hearing how she really built her business from the ground-up, but also hearing her story about insecurity and comparison and marriage struggles was just…refreshing and raw and something i really felt encouraged by. whether you are an influencer or not, i definitely recommend giving this book a read / listen!


9. this plaid shacket – y’all have probably learned by now that i have a major weakness for shackets haha but this one might be my fave i’ve ever purchased. the quality is 10/10 and it’s the perfect weight – it’s warm without being TOO hot for texas fall, and I LOVE the colors in it!

10. jonah bible study by priscilla shirer– i have been going through this bible study for the past month or so and it has been SO so good for this season of life i’m in right now. i didn’t expect to love it as much as i do because i thought “i know the story of jonah. not super relatable” haha but it’s actually been very convicting for me and i’ve learned so much about how interruptions in life can actually be God’s divine intervention.

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i could honestly keep going and share 10 more things but i’ll try and keep this short haha. hope you find something on this list that brings you joy!

xo Lauren

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