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Fashion 1 year ago

10 random things i'm loving


figured it was time for a new 10 random things i’m loving post! sharing lots of new things i’m loving from podcasts to fashion to wellness products and more!


one. dolce glow

i heard amazing things about this self tanner so i decided to give it a try. i loved it so much i ended up buying pretty much the entire dolce glow line and i love everything i’ve tried so far! the self tanner isn’t streaky at all and smells so good. i also love their instant body glow to enhance the self tanner and give your skin an instant blurred bronzy glow. i wore this to a wedding last weekend on my chest, arms, and legs and my skin looked so glowy and smooth! obsessed with the entire line!

two. cymbiotika creatine+

i started taking this creatine+ supplement about a month ago and LOVE IT so much. it has so many health benefits like:

  • Boost athletic performance, strength, and recovery time
  • Support brain health and cognition
  • Promote youthful skin

i personally take mine before a workout OR if i’m going for a longer run i’ll take it about halfway through the run for a little boost. i’ve noticed my muscles seem to recover quicker between workouts and i’m also feeling stronger in my weight lifting workouts! i also love the taste of it. y’all can use code LKS for 15% off cymbiotika!

three. hydropeptide tinted SPF

i’ve shared this tinted spf on my stories several times now because it’s become a new MUST have in my beauty routine. i especially love it on no makeup days. it hydrates + rejuvenates your skin while also providing a little bit of coverage and glow, AND protecting it from the sun all at the same time. it’s super lightweight but feels so hydrating & refreshing! it also lays really well underneath foundation if you want to use it as a primer! a must-have for summer for sure!


four. shrinking

i started watching the show ‘shrinking’ on apple TV and LOVE it so much! its kind of like a ‘dramady’ (half drama half comedy lol) so its not TOO heavy but still kind of a feel good show, while being hilarious at the same time. i also like that all of the shows are around 30-40mins so they’re not too long (i have the attention span of a squirrel lol).

five. the art of being well podcast

i started listening to this podcast a few months ago and it’s now on my regular podcast rotations / i usually listen to a new episode every single week. it’s a health + wellness podcast and i love dr. will cole because he is SO knowledgable when it comes to gut health, nutrition, and overall wellness…while still just seeming so nice and down to earth and making wellness seem very approachable! dr. will cole is a functional medicine doctor and on the podcast they explore exciting / new ways for you to nurture your body, spirit, mind and relationships! i’ve learned a lot of tips + tricks from this podcast as well as discovered new brands i love (like ancient nutrition!).


six. bone broth protein

speaking of ancient nutrition lol, i discovered this brand from the art of being well podcast and heard them talk about this bone broth protein in an episode and i ordered it right away. i’ve made a smoothie almost every single day with this protein and LOVE it so much! i know bone broth has so many health benefits but i personally found it hard to incorporate it into my diet everyday. this protein powder is a nourishing, concentrated bone broth that is 3x as potent as homemade broth and makes it easy to get healthy gut, joint and inflammation support! it has 20g of protein in it and the vanilla flavor tastes SO good in my smoothies! just a few of the highlights / reasons why this protein powder is so amazing:

  • Supports joint health and reduces joint discomfort
  • Supports a healthy inflammation response
  • Supports a healthy immune system
  • Supports gut health & a healthy gut microbiome
  • Supports healthy skin
  • Features collagen type II, glucosamine, chondroitin, hyaluronic acid and 18 amino acids

seven. alohas sandals

i got my first pair of alohas sandals a few weeks ago and have pretty much worn them non-stop! i love that they go with EVERYTHING from bike shorts to rompers to overalls and everything in between. every time i’ve worn them someone has stopped me to compliment or ask about the sandals! several people also said ‘they look just like the chanel sandal!” but they’re way less expensive! they are SO well made and super comfortable!

eight. MagSafe iPhone holder

i got this pop socket meets loopy situation lol from amazon and think it is the most brilliant invention ever!! i personally use a wireless charger at night and i was tired of having to take my entire phone case / pop socket off at night to charge my phone. this silicone strap thing is MagSafe so you can just pop it on and off when you need to wirelessly charge your phone (or if you wanna use it on other phone cases). and i LOVE that you can either use the silicone strap (kind of like a loopy case) or the ring / stand to stand it up of you want (and you can still lay your phone flat). it’s hard to explain via text lol so just order one for yourself and you’ll see what the magic is!


nine. lululemon align dress

y’all already know how much my love for everything align at lululemon runs – the align legging, bike shorts, tank, bra, bodysuit…i have and love it all lol. so when i saw they launched a DRESS in the align fabric, i could not press ‘add to cart’ fast enough. it has that same buttery soft smoothing fabric we all know and love about the align, built in shorts + built in bra, and it is SO comfortable. not too short, not too long. and also works SO WELL with a bump!

ten. neon mama sweatshirt

i wore this sweatshirt on my stories a few weeks ago and got SO many DM’s about it! y’all know how much i am LOVING neon right now, and of course i’m always a sucker for an oversized graphic sweatshirt. i loved this sweatshirt so much i ended up buying it in 3 more colors haha and i love that you can totally customize the colors / text! i sized up to an XL for a really oversized fit. the brand also gave me a discount code for y’all! you can use code Lauren10 to get 10% off anything you buy from united monograms!

thanks for reading! hope you guys have the best weekend!

xo Lauren

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