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Beauty 11 months ago

skinpharm: my fave treatments + products


i’ve been following skinpharm on IG for YEARS now so i was super excited to go in and visit this medspa myself when they opened in dallas like 2ish years ago! ever since my first visit, i have consistently gone there for pretty much any and all of my skincare needs – disport, microneedling, filler etc. it’s so hard to find a really reputable place like this with a provider you really trust! so i’m so glad i found that with skinpharm and i wanted to share which procedures i’ve gotten and how they have helped my skin! i’ll also breakdown the pain level, recovery / down time etc!



if you are wanting to improve nearly any area of your skin…i cannot recommend microneedling enough. i started getting this at first to help with melasma / discoloration and it has helped TREMENDOUSLY with those things. the treatment doesn’t hurt at all IMO (they put numbing cream on your face so you really don’t feel anything). the “downtime” is maybe 1-2 days of some redness but you can cover it up with makeup easily by day 2. the more treatments you get, the less downtime you’ll have. microneedling will help with sun damage / discoloration, skin dullness, brightening, etc. such an amazing treatment for all skin types. i try and get this done about every two months! the more treatments you get, the better your results will be.

gold infusion

i kind of think of gold infusion as microneedling’s little sister haha. gold infusion uses a gentle stamping method to deliver antioxidants, hydrating ingredients and even Botox beneath the skin! it’s a treatment that brightens, clarifies, and hydrates your skin. the amazing thing about gold infusion is you pretty much see results instantly! by the next morning my skin is noticeably brighter, more glowy and smooth! a few of the other benefits: stimulates collagen production, refines skin texture, tightens pores and hydrates skin! i usually get microneedling done like every two months but every now and then i’ll rotate a microneedling treatment with gold infusion instead – especially if i have a big event or something coming up where i want really glowy skin!


skinpharm offers both botox and dysport – they essentially do the same thing but i’ve always gotten dysport at skinpharm and it works well for me! (also to clarify – i have not gotten dysport since i’ve been pregnant haha). before pregnancy i got dysport in my forehead, and would occasionally do crows feet as well. i ALSO started getting it in my masseters which was a GAME CHANGER. I am a major teeth grinder and this made me stop grinding my teeth entirely! which in turn reduced the size of my jowls!

everyone’s body metabolizes dysport / botox differently – for me, it usually lasts around 3 months. i love getting this done at skinpharm because it doesn’t make me feel or look frozen haha or expressionless. i still have movement, it just prevents me from wrinkling my forehead and makes my forehead look super smooth and glowy! there’s little to no downtime with dysport and i’d say the pain is like a 2 on a scale of 1-10 haha it’s slightly uncomfortable but not bad at all IMO.


i’ve gotten filler done 2 or 3 times at skinpharm and omg….it’s a GAME CHANGER. (again, not getting filler done while pregnant). i got like half a syringe in my lips and LOVED the slight plump + hydration it added to my lips! the next time i also got a tiny bit of filler in my cheeks which helped to give some more definition / sculpting to my face! it was SO subtle – like even my family could hardly tell i got anything done. just kind of made me look slightly more youthful, and a little more defined in my face structure if that makes sense!

with lip filler – there is some downtime as your lips will be bruised anywhere from 2-5 days! you can wear lipstick on day 2 which can slightly cover it but i think the bruising is pretty obvious. i also found lip filler to be pretty painful. they put numbing cream on your lips but i still would give the pain like a 5 on a scale of 1-10.

skincare products

skinpharm also makes INCREDIBLE medical grade skincare products that i cannot recommend enough! listing my favorite products below!

if you go visit a skinpharm location for the first time or try out these products, you have to let me know what you think! thanks for reading y’all!

xo Lauren

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