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Fashion 7 months ago

10 random things i'm loving


i feel like this ’10random things’ post is long overdue! the last TRT post i did was all newborn focused so i’ve got a lot of new things to share that i have been loving lately! from beauty products to fall fashion finds, amazon faves and more!


one. rhode lip tint

i have been addicted to the rhode peptide lip treatment for about a year now. my go to lip balm day or night. it’s so hydrating, makes my lips feel so nourished and full, and its not sticky at all! so i about DIED when i saw they launched it in a tinted version! i bought this pack that comes with all 4 shades and legit love all 4 of the colors (espresso is my fave but truly love and wear every single one). it feels like you’re just wearing a hydrating lip balm but the shades are truly stunning. i’m tempted to buy a second pack because i currently have one in like every bag haha!

two. divi shampoo + conditioner

i’ve been using the divi scalp serum for a while and also love their hair vitamins. i finally bought their shampoo and conditioner and LOVE! first of all – they are both so good for the health of your hair: the shampoo helps remove product buildup, moisturizes your scalp and hair, and helps reduce the appearance of breakage. but i also love that it makes your scalp and hair feel like so clean and minty fresh haha is the best way i know how to describe it! i also love that it lathers really well if you know what i mean and leaves my hair and scalp feeling SO clean. scalp health is so crucial for the overall health of your hair and this shampoo and conditioner really helps promote good scalp health!


three. khaite jeans

the jeans i’m wearing in these photos are nothing short of MAGIC. i found them on shopbop’s website and was SHOOK at how expensive they were ha but tbh i just wanted to try them to see if they were worth the price tag. i’m 8 weeks post partum right now and jeans have not been my friend lol so i’ve been on the hunt for a pair i feel good in. and honestly i was bummed that i freaking LOVED these jeans the moment i tried them on. i do think the price tag is insane but…they are somehow stretchy yet form fitting yet comfortable yet flattering all at the same time. they also magically look incredible with sneakers or boots or heels. definitely makes me want to check out more denim from this designer because this pair blew my mind!

four. brumate eras water bottle

i shared this water bottle on my stories a few weeks ago and it is LIFE-CHANGING. so we all have and love the stanley but let’s be honest…it spills haha. so this water bottle basically checks all the boxes the stanley does except IT IS 100% LEAK PROOF!! so you can throw it in your diaper bag or throw it in your car (if all your cupholder spots are filled with starbucks or your husband’s drink lol) and it can roll around in your car or your tote and DOESN’T SPILL!! i still use my stanley but i use this water bottle 100x more bc of the leak-proof factor. a lot of them are backordered but let me tell ya…it’s worth it to get on the waitlist or pre-order yours!

five. conair hot rollers

i got my hair trimmed last week and added more layers and have been loving the “90s blowout” type of look vs super curly. i got these hot rollers off amazon and i LOVE how my hair looks with these! the jumbo size gives my hair just a little bit of bounce and volume without making it too curly, and they are so easy to use!


six. kion aminos

i started taking kion aminos about 6 months ago after i heard them on the skinny confidential podcast and they are now a staple in my supplement routine. kion aminos has all 9 essential amino acids and you can drink it every day to support energy, muscle, and recovery. i personally love the mango flavor and drink it before every workout – and i also drink it even on rest days because i think it’s really helped with my muscle tone and also my recovery! i’ve noticed a big difference in my energy levels during workouts and my overall muscle tone and strength! this link will get y’all 20% off if you want to try it out!

seven. amazon undies

i got these underwear from amazon a few weeks ago and they are hands down my favorite underwear i own now – which is bizarre because i have skims, cosabella, tommy john and some other really pricy brands. and these are SO CHEAP but they feel like absolute butter! they are seamless, they don’t show lines even underneath body con type of dresses, and they are SO comfortable (it feels like you have nothing on). they honestly look and feel identical to the skims underwear that i love but for a fraction of the price! trust me…you need these in your life.


eight. brow lamination

i got my brows tinted + laminated for the first time last week and i am a changed woman!!! i previously got my brows microbladed (a few years ago) and i LOVED that…but i didn’t love that you can’t get them wet for 10 days haha that makes working out or washing your hair legit impossible. a brow tint + laminate accomplishes the same thing as microblading but it doesn’t hurt ha and it’s not permanent. it’s supposed to last 6-10 weeks and now i just wake up with really full, fluffy eyebrows without having to do anything to them! also saves me so much time when i’m doing my makeup. if you are in dallas, i went to brows by lo muns and highly recommend her!

nine. eight sleep mattress

we finally splurged on the eight sleep pod cover after it had been on my wishlist for years and i’d heard SO many raving reviews about it. let me tell y’all…it is worth EVERY PENNY AND MORE. most of y’all probably know i’ve had sleep issues for years and honestly my sleep has never consistently been this incredible my life. i could do an entire blog post about this mattress but i’ll save that for another day ha basically the mattress regulates your body temperature overnight by adjusting the temperature of the mattress so you get your best + deepest sleep. it also tracks all of your sleep data in the app AND its dual sided – so michael’s temperature will be different than mine. i am 8 weeks post partum and have not had to deal with the night sweats at all thanks to this mattress. it really is worth all the hype and more.

ten. kindle oasis

i got the kindle oasis on prime day and LOVE it! i previously had the kindle paper white so tbh i did not need the oasis. but…prime day lol it does things to you. it has buttons to turn the page so you don’t have to swipe (so you can read with one hand haha) and the display is also slightly bigger. it also has a really nice warm light setting that can auto adjust if you are reading at night and don’t want the blue light. if you are a kindle girl…upgrading to the oasis was definitely worth it! i read on my kindle every single day and have really loved switching to the oasis.

thanks for reading!! hope y’all are having a great week so far!

xo Lauren

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