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Fashion 6 months ago

10 random things i'm loving


when i was going through my top blog posts from 2023, all of my ’10 random things’ post were top of the list! i’m so glad y’all love these posts as much as i do because i love sharing random things i’m loving with y’all – from books to new beauty finds, podcasts and more! so in 2024 i’ll definitely keep sharing these once a month or so!


one. tinted moisturizer

i shared this new tinted moisturizer on my stories & tiktok yesterday BUT in case you missed those stories. i just bought this from sephora and it is freaking MAGICAL / what i’ve been searching for my whole life lol. on an everyday basis i don’t really wear makeup. but i still want my skin to look smooth and glowy. this tinted moisturizer does exactly that! it has spf in it so it can be the last step of your skincare routine, but it’s also hydrating your skin, gives it a little bit of coverage, and a subtle dewy glow. it looks like ‘oh she’s not wearing makeup but WOW her skin is incredible’ lol aka the product i have been searching for for years!!!! so happy i found it. it’s also packed with tons of incredibly skincare ingredients like hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and more!



two. ned ‘shuteye chai’ drink

i’d been hearing a lot about this magnesium sleep drink from lots of people in the wellness space so decided to give it a try and it is AMAZING. i’ve made it a part of my nighttime ritual – i mix it with hot almond milk and sip on it while i’m doing my skincare routine! it’s full of adaptogens, aminos, functional mushrooms, and magnesium to help you get into a relaxed state before bed. every night i’ve drank it so far i have slept SO well and i actually really love the taste too. (i don’t have a discount code yet but hoping to get one for you guys!)

three. the nike cardigan

okay i bought this nike cardigan about 2 weeks ago and i (no joke) have worn it at least 6 times since then! i’m sure y’all have seen it all over my stories but i am OBSESSED with it! y’all know how i live in oversized sweatshirts but sometimes you want something just a little bit more ‘elevated’ than that, but still wanna be comfy. and this checks all those boxes. it somehow feels athletic yet comfortable yet COOL all at the same time! looks so cute with leggings or sweats or you could even wear it with denim!


four. ‘welcome hustler’ journal

i had this journal on my christmas wishlist and my mom got it for me and i have been LOVING IT. it’s kind of hard to describe because it’s not like a regular journal, but it’s also not one with a billion prompts to ‘set goals’. the questions she asks are SO good and just help you really narrow down on your identity, who you want to be, what you want your life to look like etc. it’s not like a ‘sit down and go through these questions at one time’ kinda thing. i’ve been using it like…wake up in the morning and pick one of the prompts to journal about for 5-10 minutes. it’s been really helpful and really inspiring for me! trying to incorporate more journaling into my life in 2024 and this has been super helpful.



five. rainbow sweat set

i have been a long time super fan of aviator nation sweats…but never purchased because they aren’t cheap. i’m just obsessed with the brand and always have their items on my wishlist. i finally pulled the trigger and bought this adorable rainbow sweat set about a month ago and y’all, it is a DREAM! like hands down the comfiest sweat set i have ever purchased. and i’ve already worn it a TON. my mom & sister were like ‘i can’t believe you’d spend that much money on sweats!’ and then i wore them at the lake and they felt them and they agreed….worth the splurge! it’s definitely a lot of money to spend on sweatpants but i like to think of things in ‘cost per wear’ haha and i wear sweatpants literally everyday. so i’m definitely getting my money’s worth out of them! SO soft and i love the relaxed fit!


six. lillie eats & tells ‘one more time’ cookbook

i’ve shared countless recipes from lillie’s new cookbook on my stories over the past month! i got the cookbook in december and have probably made at least 6 new recipes from this book and michael & i both have LOVED them all! i love lillie’s cookbook (especially this one) because they have TONS of super easy recipes that are all high protein + full of veggies, that still taste delicious! if you’re looking for some new recipes or want to start cooking at home more in 2024…you need this book.


seven. kroma 5-day reset

i am currently on day 4 out of 5, of the kroma 5-day reset! this is my second time to do this reset and i LOVE it so much. (i could do an entire blog post on this reset alone but i’ll try and keep this concise haha). this is not a cleanse or a diet or anything like that. first of all you can customize it based on your ‘protocol’ (so you can choose the ‘lean’ protocol if you’re wanting to lose weight, or lifestyle, or active). each time i’ve done it i do the ‘active’ protocol because i’m not doing it for weight loss. i’m doing it to just reset + establish healthy habits, fuel my body with so many incredible superfoods, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and more. and i feel incredible! when you purchase the reset you get their amazing bone broths, super porridge, superfood smoothies, and then drinks like their super greens elixir, matcha, magnesium drink, the OMG cookie butter and SO much more. all foods that are incredibly nutrient dense and delicious. i’ve been sleeping great, my bloating has decreased, i feel more present, less brain fog. and it just forces me to slow down and prioritize my own health and habits around food. michael did it with me last time and he actually loved it as well. if you’re interested in buying purchasing the reset y’all can use code LAUREN15 for 15% off!

eight. dr dennis gross lip treatment

i bought this lip treatment a few months back and it’s definitely become a new MUST have in my beauty routine! i feel like a lot of ‘lip plumpers’ like sting your lips and this one doesn’t do that at all! it plumps, defines, enhances natural color, and restores dry, chapped lips with healing hydration! feels AMAZING when you put it on and i do think it’s made my lips look fuller and just healthier over time!

nine. habits of the household

i just started reading this book a few days ago and it has already rocked my world & inspired me in huge ways. i read this author’s other book called ‘the common rule’ and it was a HUGE foundational step in my walk with Jesus. habits of the household helps you in a practical way find ways to establish rhythms in your house to help you & your children love God and love others well. the author talks about how our habits really do shape who we become and how we can establish habits as a family that allow us and our children to be men and women who love & live for God. i can’t recommend this book enough, especially if you are married & have kids!



ten. my new baby

okay i couldn’t write this post without also including a blurb about my new bag i got for christmas! i could do an entire blog post review on why i love it so much but i’ll try and keep this short. this is the first prada bag i’ve ever purchased and i love that it’s different than anything else in my closet, but still very classic. i tried it on in black when we were in aspen and fell in love, but i didn’t buy it there because i wanted to think it over haha. i came home and for weeks was still thinking about it so decided to pull the trigger and it makes me so happy. i love the size, the crescent shape, and this beautiful cognac color! definitely a bag i know i will carry and love for years & years to come!

thanks for reading friends! hope you all have the best thursday!

xo Lauren

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