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Fashion 5 months ago

all about beige hour: the vision, product & why



in case you missed the big announcement i shared on instagram, i am launching an activewear line!!! the brand name is beige hour and today i wanted to dedicate an entire blog post to this brand – what the product is, why i wanted to create it, why these pieces are so special, and answer some faqs!


why activewear?

if you’ve been following me on instagram or my blog for longer than 5 minutes, you know that fitness + health are something i am extremely passionate about. i LOVE working out, running, and have personally experienced the transformational benefits both mentally and physically of moving my body. whether i’m going for a run, lifting weights, or doing a yoga class…it really is my favorite time of day where i just feel present in my body, and strong. it’s a way i relieve stress, connect with my body, disconnect from everything else…and it brings me so much joy.

because i love working out so much…y’all know i also love workout clothes haha and they make up a huge chunk of my wardrobe. i’m also VERY particular about my workout clothes. i’ve come to love really cute matching sets or feminine workout outfits because they make my workout feel more fun when i have something cute on! however, i also love + need my activewear to be really great quality and high performance. especially if i’m training for a marathon or doing a high intensity workout, or even a yoga class where i don’t want my tights falling down!

over the past several years of my fitness journey…i would buy a super cute workout outfit, but found the performance quality wasn’t there. the bra wasn’t supportive enough. the bike shorts weren’t ‘squat proof’, shorts were too short, or the tank would fall apart in the wash after a few washes. OR i would invest in pieces that are great quality + high performance, but the style was kind of boring and nothing i was really excited about.

so i wanted to create an activewear line that bridged that gap. i wanted activewear that looked cute and chic and feminine but that was also super functional, high quality, and held up even for the toughest workouts. i have personally worked out in each one of these pieces and can honestly say (after countless rounds of design tweaks, fit changes, fabric swatching)….beige hour activewear is not only chic, but HOLDS UP in the gym or fitness studio or out on a run!


more than just workout clothes

so this launch is obviously primarily workout clothes. leggings, bike shorts, running shorts, tanks etc. but there are also a few pieces like the oversized sweatshirt, cropped sweatshirt, and tees that are great for everyday as well. they are pieces that just support an active lifestyle overall – throwing on the oversized sweatshirt with leggings to meet a girlfriend for matcha and a walk. putting on the everyday cropped tee with the sunrise performance short to step outside in the morning with your coffee, watch the sunrise, and take your pup for a walk. so these pieces not only hold up in the gym or for your HIIT workouts, they’re also pieces that i hope inspire you to move your body in smaller more simple ways as well!

what is ‘beige hour’?

over two years ago, i was going for a walk with saylor at around 6:30am. i was dreaming about this brand that i wanted to create. praying about it, coming up with ideas. i knew i wanted to create a wellness brand but didn’t have specifics yet. this was during a season of my life where i was making a lot of changes for my physical and mental health. we’d been through a long and hard fertility journey with several losses, and i was doing everything i could to take care of my body and reduce stress. i made a lot of changes in my life in order to prioritize sleep, lower my anxiety, and allow my body to really heal – including meditating, yoga, journaling, reducing high intensity workouts, fueling my body with nutrient dense foods and more.

although that season of life is one of the toughest i’ve ever walked through…i am so thankful for everything that it taught me. it made me create these moments throughout my day that forced me to ground myself. to find my inner calm, and peace. to connect with the best version of myself and who i really wanted to be. i felt this newfound sense of calm and peace and alignment during morning meditations or journaling sessions, or on a sunrise walk with saylor, or at the end of yoga class when you’re lying in savasana. those moments when i could really ask myself ‘how do i want to show up today? what would the best + healthiest version of myself choose to do right now?’

my vision for creating this brand was to create products that inspire YOU to find + create those moments throughout your day. to put on a workout outfit that inspires you to get stronger or connect with your body on a deeper level. spoiler alert: i hope to expand this brand beyond activewear down the road because i think wellness is about so much more than just movement. but for this first launch, i wanted to create pieces that inspire you to look, feel, and BRING your best, with your movement practice!

ANYWAY. the name ‘beige hour’ came to me that morning on my walk with saylor. as i was watching the sunrise i thought of ‘golden hour’ – that time of day where everything just looks glowy and beautiful and calm at the same time. beige hour is your own personal golden hour that YOU create throughout your day – that allows you to really live in alignment with the woman you were created to be. it’s soft and subtle and small…but it’s in these micro moments, over and over, day by day, that truly add up and allow us to create a life we can’t wait to wake up to everyday.


what’s the price point?

i talked about this on my stories the other day but to be honest, setting the prices was one of the hardest parts in creating a brand! as i mentioned, it was very important to me to create HIGH QUALITY activewear, with performance fabrics. i didn’t want to create “workout clothes” that i personally would not choose to workout in! so the quality of these fabrics is incredible. the fit, the performance, everything. having said that…i could have gone the cheaper route and made a line at much lower price point, but sacrificed the quality.

i chose quality & performance. but wanted to keep the price point reasonable! in all honesty, the manufacturer i’m working with to create beige hour encouraged me to price things higher than i did to leave some room for margin / gross profits etc. BUT…ultimately i decided i would rather take home less $$ at the end of the day, than have a huge chunk of my followers miss out on beige hour because it’s out of their budget, if that makes sense. so when i was setting these price points, i really tried to keep YOU guys top of mind, and i feel really happy with where the prices are at.

the price range is $42 – $78! for workout clothes that are incredible quality, exclusive, designed with you in mind.


inventory / restocks

since this is my first time creating a product line, i wanted to start pretty conservative. i legit have no idea if 20 people will buy it or 20,000 haha. so stock is limited and i’m not totally sure if we will be able to restock. so i’d say if you see something you like…buy it ASAP! otherwise you might miss your chance! we also offer returns so if you end up not loving it, you can return!

my dream for beige hour

i hope this line inspires you to move your body, makes you excited to book a workout class and wear your new set with 100% confidence. i hope you feel inspired to wake up in the morning throw the oversized sweatshirt on over your pj’s, make some warm lemon water and spend 10 mins in prayer + meditation before you start your day.

i hope these pieces are so much more than just ‘workout clothes’ for you. that they remind you to show up as your best self and create moments throughout your day to truly ground yourself and remind yourself of the woman you know you were created to be.


make sure you are following beige hour on instagram and also sign up for the e-mail newsletter so you can be the FIRST to shop this collection! it launches on monday, 2/12/24 and e-mail subscribers will get to shop it first!

i truly cannot WAIT to share these products with you guys and i hope you love them as much as i do. thank you so so much for all of your support and encouragement all along the way!

xo Lauren

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