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Beauty 7 months ago

LKS beauty hits and misses pt 2

Last month I started a new series called “hits & misses” [see my first post here], where I review recent beauty products I’ve tried out and either LOVE or…wasn’t the biggest fan of. I’m excited to share my second post with you guys today!

Click on the collage below to shop my beauty hits + misses!


Charlotte Tilbury powder & sculpt brush | MAC nude lipstick in shade ‘yash’ | Fresh black tea kombucha facial treatment essence | Goop ‘knock me out’ sleep aid | Charlotte Tilbury goddess skin clay mask | Loving Tan bronzing mousse | Fresh seaberry body cream | r & co dry shampoo | Lancome x Chiara Ferragni hypnose drama mascara | Charlotte Tilbury instant magic facial dry sheet mask | Oribe volume powder



Fresh black tea kombucha facial treatment essence – prior to trying this product out, I’d been using (and freaking loving) the Vintner’s Daughter active treatment essence. But, as we all know, it is SO expensive and I couldn’t bring myself to spend another $225 on a bottle, until I gave another facial treatment essence (a toner type product) a try. I’ve only been using this Fresh product for a week but I LOVE it already! And I already knew I loved the ingredients in it + benefits of the product. This is something I use morning & night after I cleanse, to prep my face for my serums.


MAC nude lipstick in shade ‘yash’I recently bought this after seeing a beauty blogger post about it as her regular everyday lipstick and I’m OBSESSED. I think the shade is really universally flattering, and I like that it could be a summer or fall lip color. It’s a great everyday neutral but still makes somewhat of a statement. It’s a really pretty nude with a slight pink tint to it. If you like “velvet teddy” or “twig” by Mac, I think you’ll like this too!


Charlotte Tilbury powder & sculpt brushI shared this brush in a recent Sephora haul post that I did, but sharing again here in case y’all missed it! I am ALL about finding multi-function brushes. I don’t like having a million makeup brushes in my drawer or having to travel with all of those. I went to the Charlotte Tilbury counter and talked with one of their makeup artists about this brush. He said it’s in ALL of charlotte’s youtube videos / tutorials and a brush she’s uses for EVERYTHING. I use this when I apply my bronzer / highlight palette and also use it for my blush. It blends your makeup really well and goes on really smooth!


Loving Tan bronzing mousseI included this in my “ultimate self tanning guide” blog post but want to include here as well, since it’s a new beauty product I’ve tried out in the last month and love. This is one of 2 of my favorite self tanners to use in the summer when I want to be TAN, and don’t want to wait hours for it to develop. This self tanner develops (shows up) within 2hrs and has the prettiest bronze color.

Charlotte Tilbury goddess skin clay mask – I’ve been using this mask about once a week for a few months now and my skin literally feels baby soft after I use it. This mask leaves my skin feeling so dewy and refreshed and not dry at all!

Goop ‘knock me out’ sleep aid – one of my friends suggested I try out these sleep aid chews because she knows I have major sleep issues and I really like them! First of all, they taste delicious lol I look forward to taking it every night. But they’ve also really helped me fall asleep and stay asleep! These yummy chews not only have melatonin in them but also L-tryptophan and vitamin B6 which support the body’s own production of this sleep hormone!

Fresh seaberry body creamThis is another product I’ve shared a few times on my stories. I started using it a few months ago and it’s become my favorite everyday body lotion. It’s not greasy or sticky at all and it is SO hydration (which is key for me, living in CO). It has lots of omegas in it which not only nourish and hydrate your skin, but also help to calm and relieve any irritation. This lotion also has Vitamin E in it which helps with skin elasticity!


Lancome x Chiara Ferragni hypnose drama mascaraI thought I would love this mascara because I like so many of Lancome’s other mascara products…but this was just a miss for me. Anytime I apply it, it’s super clumpy and makes my lashes kind of stick together. Not a fan

r & co dry shampooThis was a product I thought I’d love because it has such great reviews…but, I’m personally not a fan! It smells good (and I love SO many of r+co hair products) but it didn’t actually help eliminate any oil in my hair. I used it once and my hair still looked dirty haha.

Charlotte Tilbury instant magic facial dry sheet mask – Obviously (see my above ‘hits’ lol) I am a huge fan of CT products, so I thought I would love this mask. There was nothing WRONG with it necessarily…it just did nothing for my face. I didn’t notice any difference whatsoever when I used it!

Oribe volume powderI’m sure y’all are surprised to see this product as a “miss” for me because I love basically ALL oribe products. But oribe hair products are not cheap and I personally felt like this didn’t do much for me. It’s supposed to add volume and I didn’t really notice that. It just made my hair feel kind of sticky / weird.

Have you guys tried any of the products from today’s “hits and misses”?! Let me know your opinion in the comments below!


xo Lauren

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