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Beauty 3 weeks ago

an easy way to find the right skincare routine for YOU!




If I had to say which topic I get the most DM’s and questions about, it would be absolutely be skincare. Hands down. As y’all know, over the last couple of years as I’ve gotten into my late 20s, I’ve become a little obsessed with researching and curating good skincare habits + routines. The routine I had in high school and college certainly wasn’t working anymore and I wanted to be educated about the products I was putting on my skin. My skincare journey has been something I’ve loved sharing with y’all and seeing that you are just as skincare-obsessed as I am! But as I read through DM’s and comments on the blog, I’ve seen that figuring out the right skincare routine can be extremely overwhelming for most women. So today, I’m really pumped to share all about Skinsei and how it takes all the guesswork out of skincare.

the story behind skinsei

Skinsei is an incredible company aimed at helping you to find the unique skincare routine that best suits your specific needs. For a lot of women, the number of brands and products can be SO overwhelming and almost paralyzing when it comes to shopping for a good routine. What ingredients should I incorporate? What ingredients should I avoid? And so on and so forth. Plus, just because your BFF swears by a product, unfortunately doesn’t necessarily mean it will also work for your skin. Skinsei does all of the research for you and combines that with a thorough diagnostic to curate the perfect routine just for you. I heard of Skinsei earlier this summer and was honestly blown away by how brilliant of a company + idea it is. When I read y’all’s DM’s now, I’m so excited that I can point you to a resource aimed at helping you build an amazing lineup of products to achieve all of your skincare goals.

how it works

the diagnostic

When you go to Skinsei’s site, the first thing you’ll do is take their diagnostic. This is a 28 question quiz that asks you about everything from your skin concerns to your diet and lifestyle. The quiz will assess all of the factors (such as stress, diet, UV exposure, etc) that can affect your skin and that play a role in what products are best for you. I honestly wouldn’t have thought to consider how much the you spend outside/in the sun when shopping for skincare products, but I thought that was really interesting. Being in Colorado and going on hikes often means I definitely needed plenty of moisture and sun protection. The diagnostic doesn’t take long at all, but it allows Skinsei to get a thorough picture of your lifestyle and skin. I love this because Skinsei has figured out what exactly to focus on in order to help you get the healthy, glow skin you want. Just answer their questions and they’ll take it from there!


the products

Once you’ve completed the diagnostic, Skinsei will give you a 3-5 product skincare routine. Each product is hand selected and targeted at addressing your specific concerns. This is why you can’t just copy your bestie’s skincare routine and expect to have the same results. Everyone’s skin is so unique, it’s important to have products that are tailored to you. I also love that Skinsei doesn’t give you an overwhelming number of products. It’s a very feasible, sustainable routine that won’t take for than a few minutes to complete. If there’s one thing I’ve learned about skincare, it’s that consistency is KEY. You have to regularly use the products for a few weeks to really see the full results. When the routine is a manageable number of items, it’s so much easier to stay consistent! I personally received 5 products and felt like it was a really well-matched routine for me. One of my fave products was the milk cleanser – supper effective without being drying, and feels SO luxurious and calming on my skin. Once you have the results of your diagnostic, Skinsei will ship everything right to your door. That’s right – no shopping, no trips to the mall, no embarrassing conversations at the beauty counter about zits. It all comes right to you!

the benefits

I feel like I’ve already (hopefully!) made clear the ease and convenience of using Skinsei, but I’m also really impressed with the products themselves. Everything is very affordable and reasonably priced, making your skincare goals even more attainable! A 3-piece routine starts at $45 and a 5-piece routine starts at $69.┬áPlus, I like that the products are microbiome friendly meaning they aren’t going to upset your body’s rhythm + biology. All of the products from Skinsei are also pH balanced and powered by plant extracts.


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So if y’all are looking to reevaluate your skincare routine or just needing some help figuring out where to start, I definitely recommend Skinsei. The process is easy, reliable, and truly one of a kind. Plus right now you can use code LKS20 to get 20% off! Thanks for reading!

This post was created in collaboration with Skinsei. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

xo Lauren

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