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Beauty health + fitness 2 months ago

at home self-care essentials



Hey friends! How are y’all hanging in there right now? Take a moment, check in with yourself. Take a deep breath. (Reminding myself of this as I type!)

The majority (ie all) of us of have been quarantining / social distancing / stuck at home for 10ish days now. I am such a homebody and not the most social butterfly in the world…but even I feel like I’m starting to lose it a little bit! So today I wanted to share some of my must-have items for maintaining my health (both physical and mental) and sanity with you guys, while we’re all in this weird time of being home 24/7! These are all items that really help me feel my best both mentally and physically and remind me to take care of myself!

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What are some things keeping you sane and healthy during these days at home? Comment below and let us know!

xo Lauren

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