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Beauty 4 years ago

skincare routine: new additions


Oh man y’all. If you have been following me for longer than a week, you probably know by now how excited I get to talk about skincare. Honestly I could do a blog post on skincare and products and ingredients like 5 days a week if I thought anyone would read it LOL.

I’ve mentioned both on here and on instagram stories that I made some changes to my skincare routine when quarantine first started (or, around beginning of April). The biggest change I’ve made is that my everyday skincare routine is almost exclusively Biologique Recherche (which in all honestly, I still don’t even know how to pronounce that haha but I DO know it is a freaking miracle worker).

I shared how I discovered Biologique Recherche way back in 2018 when i was pregnant with Shiloh. I stopped using it for a while when I was in my postpartum days just because it was a little harder to get than say products you can pick up at Sephora. But during quarantine, I thought “I’m not seeing anyone anyways. So even if drastically changing my skincare routine is an awful idea, I’m open to trying it!” (because I remembered how much I loved the products when I was pregnant).


Prior to switching over to BR, I was really happy with my skin + skincare routine. (I shared my skincare routine in this blog post and this IGTV I still 100% stand behind it and love those products with every fiber of my being btw haha). But I felt like my skin was kind of an 8 on a 10 (which I was still happy with!). But I still battled the same problems I’ve always had, just not as bad – clogged pores, uneven skin tone texture, and dullness. When I switched my routine to almost ALL BR products…it just took my skin the next level of glowy and smooth and clear!

I can do an entire blog post on Biologique Recherche – the products I use, why this brand is pure magic, my routine, etc if that is something you guys would be interested in! If you’re interested in trying out BR for yourself, Rebecca Johnston is basically my skincare fairy godmother haha I love her SO much. She is an incredible wealth of knowledge when it comes to skincare and knows BR products like the back of her hand. You can send her a DM on instagram and she can do a consultation with you, to help put together a skincare routine that will help YOUR needs, concerns and goals!

BUT! In addition to switching my everyday routine to BR products…I’ve also introduced a few other things into my routine that aren’t necessarily products I use on a daily basis, that I LOVE and highly recommend you add to your beauty cabinet! So, I’m going to break down each one of those products for you guys in the collage below! You can click or tap on any product to shop it!





Okay also want to quickly chat about this pajama set! I think the colors and print are SO fun for summer and I love how silky soft they are! I’m wearing a size small and I’d say the fit is a little bit oversized. The perfect summer pajamas and would also make a really sweet gift for a sister or girlfriend!


Okay that was a lot of skincare information! What questions do you guys have for me? What type of skincare content do you want to see more of from me? Ask away or let me know in the comments below!

Thanks for reading!

xo Lauren

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