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Nordstrom Sale: Best Beauty Buys


One of my most requested blog posts recently has been a breakdown on my fave beauty purchases from the #nsale this year! So I am pumped to round up what I think are the BEST buys in today’s blog post!

I was honestly SHOCKED at how many of my tried and true fave beauty products were included in the sale this year. TBH I didn’t buy a ton because…I recently restocked on some of my everyday favorites before the sale started, and had no idea these would be included haha. So I’ll share with you guys the best beauty products from the sale that you don’t want to miss out on!


Oribe Gold Lust Dry Shampoo & Dry Texturizing Set

I am legit SHOCKED (and so happy) this is still in stock! If you’ve been following me for a while, you know this dry texturizing spray is one of my holy grail hair products that I have used for YEARS. If you were to buy the texturizing spray full size, full price, it would be $48. So the fact that you can get a full size spray AND their dry shampoo for $68 is SUCH a great deal! I’ve used their dry shampoo before and really like it as well! You’ll get SO much use out of both products!

Dermaflash exfoliation & peach fuzz removal device

I have raved about this device on my stories a few times now, but sharing again in case you missed it. I saw this device in my preview of the sale and added it to my wishlist right away. I bought it in the store on the first day of the sale and though “this is either going to be a total waste of money or totally life-changing” and I am happy to report back…it is the latter! I used to get dermaplaning done once every two months and was OBSESSED with it. If you’ve never had dermaplaning done before, basically it gets ALL the peach fuzz off fo your face, deeply exfoliates and removes dead skin cells. This process makes your skin baby soft, makes your makeup go on so much smoother, and allows your skincare products to more deeply penetrate your skin.

BUT getting dermaplaning done regularly definitely adds up $. I used this device at home last week and couldn’t believe how easy it was to use! My skin felt SO soft afterwards and it legit got ALL my peach fuzz off. This was SUCH a great purchase and something I will for sure be using once a month, every month.



Living Proof Jumbo Size Perfect Hair Day Set

I could be wrong but I don’t ever remember seeing Living Proof as a part of the #nsale in previous years…so this was a set I bought right away because I LOVE their hair products. Their dry shampoo is my #1 favorite dry shampoo of ALL times – like it actually makes your hair feel CLEAN! And I also love this shampoo + conditioner! These bottles are ginormous so if you buy them now…I think they will for sure last you until next year’s Nordstrom sale haha.

Charlotte Tilbury Pillow Talk Lip Secrets Set

You guys know how much I LOVE Charlotte Tilbury lipstick, and the shade “pillow talk” is one I have in my purse at all times, year round. It is somehow, magically, the most universally flattering shade of pink (on any skin tone). It’s neutral and rosy and a lip color you can (and will) wear your round! This set comes with the gloss and liner as well, both products I also have and love! The gloss the set comes with is actually their ‘collagen lip bath’ which is so hydrating and makes your lips look and feel so full! I wear this on top of the pillow talk lipstick or on its own ALL the time!


Anastasia Beverly Hills brow kit

These are my all-time favorite brow products that I have EVER used (and I’ve tried a ton). This brow pencil does light / feathery strokes which makes your brows look full but still very natural. I wear in shade ‘soft brown’. I love the brow gel this set comes with and will wear it either on top of the pencil or by itself just to give my brows some volume and shape! $27 for both full size products is a great deal!

Revitalash Lash Conditioner Duo

This lash conditioner was one of my top selling products for all of 2019 because…it is a MIRACLE WORKER. I started using it after I stopped getting lash extensions, because I wanted to get my lashes really long and healthy again and it is legit like some kind of wizard magic. After you use it consistently for about a month, you’ll start to notice much longer lashes. After using it consistently for 6-8 weeks you’ll be blown away by the results! My mom started using it too after she saw my results and her lashes are now AMAZING / look like extensions!

This #nsale set comes with two, so maybe split it with your mom or sister!


More #nsale beauty must-haves

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Have you made any beauty purchases from the #nsale this year? Anything good that I missed or didn’t talk about in this post? Share in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

xo Lauren

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