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Fashion 3 years ago

Chanel 19 Flap Bag Review


Every so often I like to ask you guys on my stories what type of posts you want to see more of from me, and several of you guys have requested specific handbag reviews! (I have reviewed my louis vuitton tote here btw!). Today I will be sharing a review of my Chanel 19 flap bag because it’s probably the designer bag I have carried the most / gotten the most use out of!



Where to buy

I have purchased almost all of my Chanel bags through Julia Rose Boston. All of the items she sells are guaranteed authentic and i’ve had a fantastic experience with every single purchase. She sells items that are both preowned and brand new. I’ve also had great experience with fashion phile which sells previously owned designer items as well.

I’ve liked buying from Julia because there are times when I want a very specific bag and I request it from her / ask her to let me know if they ever get X bag in! Chanel bags in particular can be super hard to find if you have a specific combination in mind (ie: beige boy bag in lambskin leather, gold hardware etc).

I personally like going into Chanel boutiques to try bags on or see what they have…and then trying to find that same bag either through Julia or Fashion Phile!

Size differences

So the bag you are seeing in these photos is the chanel 19 flap bag in the medium size (which is actually the smallest size. It’s confusing haha). I LOVE this size. It’s perfect for everyday and holds everything I need – a protein bar, gum, lipstick bag, sunglasses, keys and more. It also has an outside compartment which I love.

For my birthday, I splurged and bought the Chanel 19 flap bag in the large size (the next size up) in the caramel / brown color [seen here]. This size feels a lot bigger actually. I like this larger size for when I am out and about with Shiloh because I can carry her snacks and toys as well. You honestly can’t go wrong with either size but if you’re wanting a designer bag to work for everyday mom life, I’d recommend the large size!

Leather / materials

I have looked at the Chanel 19 flap bag in both the lambskin leather and the goatskin. The ones I have are both lambskin and I like that so much more than the goat. One of the reasons why I love the chanel 19 flap bag so much is because of this super soft plush cushy leather! The goatskin doesn’t look or feel as soft IMO (but, it’s also probably more resistant to scratches so, there are pros and cons to both).

I also love this bag so much because of the mixed metals on the strap. The chain is a combination of both gold and silver which I think looks stunning. I also love that the strap has leather on it too so it’s not just all chain.



Durability / taking care of the bag

I’ve had my beige chanel 19 flap bag for a year now and have worn it COUNTLESS (hundreds) of times. I’ve worn it with jeans / workout clothes / dresses etc and honestly…i am not as careful with my bags as I should be, and it still looks absolutely perfect. I haven’t had any color transfer on it. You can’t see any scratches on it, and the shape is still perfect. That’s one of the reasons why I love the chanel 19 flap bag so much. With other chanel bags you kind of have to ‘baby’ them to help them maintain their shape and structure, or be super careful with it so scratches don’t show up…and I feel like the chanel 19 flap bag maintains its quality & shape SO well, without having to be psycho paranoid about it haha.

why this bag is possibly my #1 chanel bag

I honestly don’t think I could pick one favorite chanel bag but…if I HAD to, I think it might be this one because I wear it more than any other bag. It’s easy and convenient and goes with everything from jeans to dresses to workout clothes. I love that it can go crossbody so I can be hands free. It’s pretty lightweight, holds a lot of stuff, and I just love how it looks! Some other chanel bags I LOVE how they look and they definitely make a statement, but I feel like this one is so practical for everyday and I love that it can look a little bit more casual.



Also, I was honestly a little hesitant to do a blog post review about a chanel bag because I know they are psycho expensive. But, if you are dreaming about buying a chanel bag one day or if you’ve been saving for years and ready to make the splurge…I wanted to share a review of one of my personal favorite bags in case it might be helpful for you! It’s a crazy amount of money to spend on a purse for sure but these bags really are so special to me, something I know I will carry for ever, and pass down to Shiloh one day!

Let me know if there was anything else you wanted to know about the bag in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

xo Lauren

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