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Lifestyle 3 years ago

a little updated "about me"!


Last week I took a put a question box in my stories asking you guys what you wanted to see more of on my blog! Several of you actually mentioned being a new LKS follower and wanted to just get to know me more! The world of social media is so strange haha you spend so much time following someone’s stories or checking up on their posts when really…who even is this person?! So, today I just wanted to do a little introduction for those of you who might be new. OR even if you are a long-time follower, wanted to provide a little update too on what’s going on in my world + what you can expect to see on a daily basis around here (and on my instagram!)



So, my name is Lauren Sims! My instagram is @laurenkaysims so a lot of you guys refer to me as lauren kay sims or lauren kay. I just go by lauren! I was named after my mama – her middle name is Kay. And when I went through my recent website redesign / rebrand…I briefly contemplated changing everything to ‘lauren sims’. But, I actually love having the ‘kay’ as a key part of my brand, in large part because my mom is such a huge influence in my life & one of my greatest role models. I think I got my love of fashion and shopping from my mom, the person who also has taught me the importance of a good skincare routine, exercise regimen and more importantly…the power of being a praying mom and wife, and the truth that there is nothing greater in this world than knowing Jesus and following Him.

Speaking of Jesus haha – when I first started my blog back in 2015…I never intentionally thought “I’m going to post about Jesus on my blog & instagram!” but…if you have been following me for a while, you know I just share my life on here! What I’m passionate about, what I am struggling with, my family, what I’m reading, fashion, makeup, and everything in between…and my walk with Jesus is the foundation of everything I am and everything I do. So I can’t imagine not sharing my faith on here, since I just share my life with you guys! While I wouldn’t necessarily say this is a “faith-based blog”, my love for Jesus is woven throughout every decision I make and everything I do…so you will definitely find scriptures that are speaking to me, books that are encouraging me, or other ways Jesus is speaking to me throughout my blog and social channels!


What else can you expect to see around here?

my style

When I first started blogging at 24 years old…I used to feel kind of insecure that my blog / instagram wasn’t super ‘editorial’ or edgy. But now that I’m in my 30s (!!) I feel like I’ve grown really confident in what my style IS and what it isn’t haha. I find so much joy in helping women feel their absolute best in everyday life – including daycare drop-offs, neighborhood strolls, date night with the hubs, working from home…with a style that is feminine and chic but still comfortable and practical! I love putting together simple outfits like a pair of great-fitting denim with a white tee, add some gold jewelry and comfortable sneakers and you’ve got an outfit that you feel put together in…but in a way that looks and feels effortless.

The older I get, the more I’ve learned to value investment pieces like quality denim or a designer handbag that I will own for years and years to come. BUT…I also love finding a gorgeous dress from amazon for $23 or denim shorts from abercrombie that are under $60. I would say overall my style is pretty budget-friendly, but I also think there’s a time and place to invest in certain wardrobe staples you will have for years to come and wear millions of times!



everyday life

Outside of outfits, I love sharing my everyday life with you guys both on here and on my instagram! I’m a mama to a 2 1/2 year old little girl, a wife to the most kind-hearted husband…I love working out, making healthy recipes (and baking too haha), reading, coffee, playing the piano…and I love sharing all of that with you guys! Instagram is truly such an amazing platform that I don’t really feel like “I have thousands of people following me”…it sort of feels like this giant community of girlfriends and I LOVE the community we have all created together! So if you hang around here, you’ll also find everything from workout content to my matcha recipe, what I’m making for dinner, organization tips, my makeup routine, skincare I’m loving and more. Basically…anything I am excited about and would love to tell my sisters / girlfriends about…I share with you guys!


a little more about me

  • I am 31 years old but kinda feel like I never got past 22 haha. But, I actually LOVE being in my 30s so much!
  • I have a 2 1/2 year old daughter named Shiloh Faith and she is truly the light of my life and God’s sweetest gift to Michael and me!
  • We just built a house in Dallas! We moved in about a month ago and I’m so thankful to finally feel settled and have a place to call ‘home’. I hope we stay in this house forever.
  • I used to always say “I am a runner” and I don’t really know if I can say that anymore haha. I ENJOY running! In the past few years I have run 2 marathons and several half marathons. But, in the last year I’ve really changed my workout routine to incorporate more strength training and yoga vs running 5 days a week like I used to! I now run probably 1 day a week and still really enjoy that!
  • I love coffee so much haha. Not just my morning cup of coffee but I also look forward to my at-home chai latte every afternoon. And in 2020 also started making matchas at home and I rotate between my matcha or a chai every single day! Both recipes are saved to my IG highlights!
  • I’m an introvert. I really have to pump myself up to go hang out with people haha and feel very recharged when I just spend time alone. BUT…I’m learning part of this is just my personality and part of it is due to the nature of running my own business. I have a tendency to just want to work / be productive all the time and I’m really trying to be better about prioritizing relationships / social things!
  • Michael and I got married in 2014 – I had just turned 24 so we’ve been married 7 years now! Michael was previously a biomedical engineer. Quit his job when we moved to Boulder, CO so he could get his MBA [and simultaneously help me with the blog]. During that time…my blog continued to really take off , with his help. So we decided “let’s just keep riding this wave. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and we loved working together! Now that we have a toddler, he is a ‘stay at home dad’ and primarily takes care of shiloh during the week. He also helps run the business side of things with my blog – taxes, payroll, contracts, all of that fun stuff. I know our set-up is not necessarily “the norm” but we both really love it, and I’m so thankful Shiloh gets to see both her mom and her dad all day every day. It’s really special and I’m thankful that this works well for us, for the time being!
  • I’m born and raised in Dallas, TX! Michael and I moved to Colorado in 2017. Fell in love with it. Bought a house there. Lived there for 3 years and thought we wanted to stay forever. But after we had Shiloh…we realized how much we really wanted her to grow up around family. I am so close to my parents and siblings and couldn’t imagine Shiloh only seeing them a few times a year. So, we moved back to Dallas beginning of 2020.



my life right now

Currently for me…life looks like continuing to get settled in our new house. Waiting for our pool to be done! Working on lots of exciting projects for my business (my amazon the drop collection launching this week!, a new product collaboration coming up in june + more on the horizon!). Plugging in at our church and developing those relationships. A few really fun trips planned this summer!

I’ve also shared on here that Michael and I have been walking through secondary infertility for close to a year and a half now. It’s hands down one of the hardest journeys I’ve ever been on but the Lord has taught me so so much through this and grown me in ways I never could have imagined. We pressed pause on IVF back in January and decided to just try naturally for a while, both really focus on our own reproductive health [we’ve both been meeting with a dietician, an acupuncturist, michael is seeing a urologist, as well as lots of other lifestyle changes], and just pray for a miracle. And we’re still in that waiting season right now – just hoping and praying for a miracle baby! We are so incredibly thankful for Shiloh – like beyond words. We pray God blesses us with another baby Sims soon but ultimately just trusting in His plan and His timing!


Okay I wasn’t planning on this post being a novel haha but here we are. I hope this makes you feel a little more familiar with who I am and what you can expect to see around here! I can never say enough how truly grateful I am for each and every one of you that choose to visit my little space on the internet or watch my IG stories each day. It means the WORLD to me and I’m so thankful for you!

Let me know in the comments below if there is anything specific you’d like to see more of from me around here! Thank you for reading and for being here!

xo Lauren

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