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Lifestyle 3 years ago

master closet reveal + organization tips


Happy Friday! We have officially been in the new house for almost 3 weeks now and I can’t even tell you how good it feels to get unpacked, settled, and organized. I’d say we are about 85% of the way done with unpacking! My closet was one of the first thing’s we finished thanks to Neat Method coming to help me unpack and organize! I’m still waiting on a floor mirror to get in but other than that, it’s complete!

So today I want to just walk you through my closet, talk about the process of working with Neat Method, and then share a few organization tips as well! You should also make sure to watch my IG stories today because I’ll be showing some videos of Neat Method’s folding tricks!




First of all I would like to say…I almost feel weird showing y’all my closet because I know this is SO EXTRA haha. No one needs this big of a closet or this much stuff. But…when Michael and i were building our house we knew we wanted two separate closets and I knew I wanted a massive closet. Due to the nature of my job (being a fashion blogger haha) I have A LOT of stuff. I regularly giveaway / donate items (like, every month) but I’m constantly getting new clothes to shoot / share with you guys etc so I wanted a lot of space in my closet for all of that and for me to keep everything really organized.

closet design

We decided to vault the ceiling in my closet so that the shelves / storage could go ALL the way up to the ceiling. And then we put a ladder in there which slides across, so I can reach my out of season clothes, luggage, the bedding up there, etc! So on one side of my closet I have all of my clothes (out of season clothes like heavy sweaters and jackets are up top), and on the other side is my handbag / shoe wall (again, with my out of season shoes like winter boots) way up top!

We also did built in drawers in the middle which is where I keep my workout clothes, pajamas and jewelry.


shoe wall

I’ve never had a shoe organization system that really worked before. I tried lets of different shelves or boxes or storage systems from container store before but just didn’t love it. So when I was designing my closet I wanted to keep it simple and just have TONS of shelves so I could see all of my shoes – without them having to be stacked or hidden. We did shelves with two different heights – one height for tennis shoes and one height for heels / boots.

The two bins you are seeing are where I keep all of my sandals. (These bins are a product from Neat Method! They make their own organization product and all of their product is incredible quality!) I liked the idea of my sandals being out / visible on my shelves but sandals don’t really look pretty / clean when they are on shelves because they just kind of flop over haha. So I have one bin for my embellished sandals (like studs, pearls etc) and then another bin for my ‘plain’ sandals. This system is working well for me so far!



workout clothes

A few pain points I had in previous closets / drawers was…all of my workout clothes. They were kind of just shoved in a drawer and I always ended up grabbing the top 3ish pair of shorts I could see and never wearing the rest lol. Since I have SO many workout clothes, I toyed with the idea of hanging them so I could see everything. But after chatting through my ‘getting ready’ process with Neat Method…we decided drawers would be the way to go. I just needed a new system on how to fold and separate everything so I can still see it!

We used drawer dividers (similar to these) to separate out my regular workout shorts from biker shorts. We also used drawer dividers to separate out tank tops – ie: tank tops with built in bras, workout tank tops, flowy / casual tank tops. Another key here was learning how to fold my leggings / shorts / tanks so that I could actually SEE all of them in the drawer. Watch my stories [I’ll save it to a highlight] for details on that!



I am absolutely in love with my jewelry drawer! Neat Method used this jewelry organizer which is totally customizable. You can make it bigger or smaller / move things around. I love being able to see ALL of my jewelry in one place! These are also stackable. So if you have a deeper drawer you can stack a few on top of each other!


working with neat method

I shared on my stories that choosing to hire neat method to organize a few spaces in our house was one of the BEST decisions we made, in regards to the new house. They basically walk through your everyday life / habits with you and help organize your space based on that. For example, with my closet. I told them i usually wake up early before Michael and put my workout clothes on first thing. So, I didn’t want my workout clothes in the bedroom dresser because I didn’t want to have to wake him up. I also wanted my pajamas in the closet so that I could put my pajamas up at the same time as I’m putting my workout clothes on in the morning. I told them what type of clothes / shoes I wear the most so we could make those easily accessible.

They essentially come into the space…categorize EVERYTHING you own (so literally everything in my closet) and then decide how to make it best fit into the space in a way that is organized, efficient, AND looks pretty. Their brains just work on an entirely different level in regards to organization. They are problem solvers and also the kindest people to work with! If you are moving or just looking into doing some spring cleaning…I HIGHLY recommend having them come help you out. Now that they have done a few of our spaces, I want then to do every room in our house!

The other great thing about working with them is…they not only organize your stuff BUT create systems to help KEEP your stuff organized. We’ve only been in our house 3 weeks but we have already been able to keep it way cleaner than we could before because everything has a place (i mean everything). So we never wonder “where should i put this”. We have systems in place to help keep things efficient and organized and it’s honestly been LIFE changing.

for more home updates sign up here!

Thanks for letting me give y’all a peek into my closet! Let me know if you have any questions I didn’t cover in the comments below!

xo Lauren

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