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Lifestyle 2 months ago

10 random things i'm loving!


It’s been a minute since I’ve done one of my ’10 random things’ post and thought it was time to bring it back! In case you’re new around here…this is a blog post I share periodically where I share 10 random things i’m loving from ALL categories in life! Beauty, books, food, fashion, kids stuff and more! So, let’s jump in!


one. this gucci belt bag I’m wearing in these photos makes me SO HAPPY. It’s definitely a splurge and I had slight buyer’s remorse when I first ordered it online. Then as SOON as it came in the mail and I tried it on, all buyer’s remorse was gone! I love that it’s trendy and chic but still super practical for everyday! It looks adorable with both athleisure type of outfits or everyday casual looks like I’m wearing here. It also holds a surprising amount of necessities and I love that it allows me to be hands free! Probably my favorite bag I’ve bought for summer in a LONG time!


two. skinpharm – I could honestly do an entire blog post about skinpharm haha but I’ll try and keep this short. I’ve followed skinpharm on IG for a while so when I saw they were opening a location in dallas I was SO excited. I’ve been to skinpharm dallas a few times and everytime, it’s been such an amazing experience. They are known for ‘expert advice for better skin’, so…it’s different than going to like a medspa, so to speak, which is super relaxing! But not necessarily the same effectiveness as seeing a dermatologist. When I go to skinpharm it feels like seeing a dermatologist but in a super vibey beautiful office with women who are super friendly and knowledgeable about skincare. Now, 90% of my skincare routine is skinpharm products (10% off with code LKS) and I’ve never felt better about my skin. I’ve gotten a few treatments there so far like gold infusion and lip fillers and will soon be doing microneedling! They also offer consultations so you can just talk to the PA’s about your skin, concerns, goals, etc. I love it SO much! [PS you can get 10% off any skinpharm service or product with code LKS or when you mention my name].


three. this iPhone stand! it is so simple but it’s under $30, super un-obtrusive and easy to carry around room to room. I use this all the time for shooting content or getting on IG stories to chat with y’all! If you are a content creator (or even if not haha) I think you will love this thing.




four. this ‘bloat’ supplement by arrae – so random, i know haha. but my friend kami first introduced me to this and it’s been a GAME CHANGER for me, and now something I will never go without! If I feel really bloated after a big meal, or if my tummy is kinda upset bc I ate something weird…I’ll take one, two, or three of these and get relief almost instantly. I also love it because they use clean + natural ingredients like ginger root and peppermint!


five. these golden goose sneakers! y’all have now seen them in tons of posts because I wear them constantly! This is my first pair of platform golden goose and I love how they look with both denim and dresses. I thought this all white color combo was perfect for summer!


six. f45 training – y’all have probably seen my stories talking about F45 this past week! It’s a new fitness studio I decided to try out because my assistant, Lindy who lives in Charlotte, raves about it! I decided to do the week free trial and after 2 classes…decided I needed to join. It’s totally different than any other type of workout class I’ve gone to but I think it’s SUPER effective. I love that the classes are (less than) 45mins long – so you are in, you do the work, you’re out.  You don’t waste time and get a great workout in. They have their days divided up by upper body, lower body, full body, hybrid, and cardio days. But even their cardio days are still functional strength training (think battle ropes, jump squats etc vs a treadmill). It’s been a challenge for me to ‘be okay with’ a 38 minute workout when I’m used to an hour but I love how quick and effective it is! They have locations all over the country if you wanna go try it out! If you try it out at my location in dallas, you can text LKSF45 to (214) 438-4814  for a free week (7 classes) and free INBody Scan!



seven. breaking free from body shame by jess connolly – I’m only a few chapters in this book and am really enjoying it already. if you’ve ever struggled with body image or insecurity around your size, comparison etc…I think this book will really encourage you!


eight. my go to iced starbucks drink right now! I’ve been loving an iced grande cold brew with vanilla sweet cream cold foam! I ONLY get the cold foam at the top, and then after a few minutes it kind of seeps down into the rest of the drink making it the perfect amount of sweetness without being TOO sweet. a few times they’ve messed up the order and put the vanilla sweet cream IN the coffee and it was too sweet IMO!




nine. dior addict lip gloss – this isn’t necessarily a new product for me but it’s pretty much the ONLY thing I’ve been wearing on my lips all summer! It makes your lips look so much fuller, it’s not sticky, and the colors are beautiful! it also stays on a really long time for a gloss. I have this in 3 or 4 colors and want more haha.


ten. my most recent neutral manicure (seen here!). 9 times out of 10 when I branch out with my nails, I hate it lol. but this past time I did something a little different – a twist on a classic french manicure and I’ve been LOVING it! I think I will be doing this on repeat!


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Side note – the dress I’m wearing in these pics is actually part of the #nsale and under $30! It’s super stretchy and comfy and great for layering in the fall! I’m wearing an XS but TBH I wish I would have sized up haha.

What’s something random you are loving right now?! Comment below and share! Thanks for reading!

xo Lauren

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