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Lifestyle 1 year ago

my current favorite podcasts


In the past 6 months or so I have become a podcast FIEND. I usually go for one or 2 walks a day and turn on a podcast. I also love listening to them when I’m doing laundry, cleaning, or getting stuff done around the house. Call me crazy but I don’t love crime podcasts haha I love to listen to podcasts that somehow stimulate my mind or make me a better person. So, faith-based or how to improve my business, beauty tips etc. So today I wanted to round up all of my favorite podcasts for you guys!


the skinny confidential podcast

Okay this podcast is definitely not faith-based lol but this has been a favorite of mine for a few years now! It’s hosted by Lauryn and Michael Bosstick who are husband and wife. They interview so many experts from doctors to celebrities to influencers about everything from business to beauty tips and more. I like this podcast because I feel like Lauryn is so unapologetically herself haha which is refreshing and the two of them together are funny. but the podcasts are also very informative on everything from skincare to brain health to business tips and more, but in a way that’s super interesting to listen to!

made for this podcast

this has been another favorite of mine for about a year now. it’s by jennie allen who is just a powerhouse female author / speaker / woman of God who I look up to so much! some of her books have absolutely changed my life and the podcast has really encouraged me in my walk with the Lord. she has some solo episodes on there and also interviews other pastors / authors / speakers. she’s covered everything from marriage advice to insecurity, body image, perfectionism, community and more. this is probably my #1 faith-based podcast I listen to!

life with marianna

this is a new(ish) podcast for me that I’ve been LOVING! it’s by marianna hewitt who is the co-founder of summer fridays (which y’all know I love). She interviews a huge network of influencers, brand founders or other experts to help inspire you to live your best life – whether that’s through growing your business, taking care of your skin, mental health wellness and more! I’ve been loving these episodes as I continue to dream about how I want to grow my business!


that sounds fun by annie f downs

this is another faith-based podcast I love – and it’s actually hilarious while also being really inspiring all at the same time. annie is SO funny and shares her favorite things on here from new books and restaurants to faith conversations and more. she’s interviewed some amazing people on here like louie giglio and matt chandler, dave barnes and more. her interviews are great because they will have you cracking up while also furiously taking notes because they’re packed with so much truth!

this naked mind

I’ve shared a little bit here and there how I’ve been on a ‘sober curious’ journey since march 17th of this year, and I actually haven’t had a drink at all since june 19th now. I read the book ‘this naked mind’ and it really reshaped my thoughts on alcohol and made me do a deep dive into WHY I drink and is alcohol really serving me. anyway, the author started a podcast called this naked mind and it’s sort of an extension of her book! i’ve found it really helpful in this journey i’ve been on in exploring my relationship with alcohol and also seeking to live a life of freedom from any dependence on alcohol! if you are at all interested in sobriety or just exploring your relationship with alcohol, this podcast has been really helpful for me!


I have a few other podcasts I’ll turn on here and there but these are my 5 go-to’s right now! What are some of your favorite podcasts?! Comment below and let me know! I’m always looking to add to my round-up!

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Thanks for reading!

xo Lauren

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