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Lifestyle 2 years ago

kitchen + pantry organization essentials


I don’t know about you guys, but pretty much EVERY year when January rolls around…I feel this very strong urge to purge + organize my entire life! I love starting off the new year just feeling LIGHTER and more organized.


When we first moved into our house we hired Dallas Highland Park Neat Method to help organize a few spaces in our house…and it was the best decision ever. I wish we asked them to do our entire house haha.

Since we moved in last April…our pantry was needing a little refresh from their original organization system. We were kind of overflowing and needed an organization refresh. So last week they sent two of their organizers over to refresh + reorganize and I LOVE how it turned out and feel so much lighter already haha.

neat method: my kitchen + pantry organization essentials

In case any of you need some organization ideas for your kitchen and/or pantry, I wanted to round up what items we bought from Neat Method and some of the systems they put into place for us!

you can click any item in the collage below to shop!



One of the reasons I love Neat Method so much is because they not only make your space very organized + functional…but they also care about aesthetics and making it look pretty as well. I honestly love walking into my pantry and just looking at it because it’s so pretty! All of their products they make definitely help with that aspect!



I linked everything Neat Method used in the photos + collage above! Their product is so well made, keeps your space organized, and looks really beautiful all at the same time. I may or may not be giving away something very special to one of y’all today having to do with neat method + organization! So make sure you check out my IG today for more details on that!

Thanks for reading!

xo Lauren

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