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Lifestyle 6 months ago

6 Christian books + devotionals i'm loving right now



I made it a goal in 2022 to read 1 non-fiction book every month. TBH I’ve already failed that goal haha but I am trying! My problem is…I’m always reading too many books at once! I have a few I’m going through right now – some are books, some are devotionals I read in the morning, and then I have a few on my list for what to read next. Today I wanted to share what I’m currently reading & loving and what is next on my list!

This is a new devotional I started last week that I've been loving. Y'all know I love to read a devotional in the morning but recently I've really been wanting to spend more time studying the Bible. I love that this devotional has you read one chapter of Psalms every day but then also helps you digest it + apply to your life. It's a quick read in the mornings but really helps prepare my heart for the day ahead.

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I've shared this book on my stories several times. I'm about 2/3 of the way through it and LOVE it. At first I thought it wouldn't really apply to me bc to be honest...I love saying no to things haha I'm not the type of mom that signs up for every single party / event / social thing. but the book is about way more than social events. It's about learning what it means to truly rest. To sabbath. To silence the noise in our lives and SLOW down...which goes so much deeper than just turning down a social event here and there. This has been very convicting for me and eye-opening...which is why it's taking me a while to get through haha. But 10/10, I can't recommend it enough...literally to every single human.

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This book is next on my list to read! I haven't started it yet but I've heard tons of women I know recommend it and I really respect these authors. It's a book about a ~~Gospel-centered approach to work andwomanhood, for the glory of God and the good of others.~~ And I think we could all use that insight you know?

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If you've been following me for a probably own this book haha. This is probably my 5th year to go through this devotional and it's still one of the most encouraging, convicting, impactful books I have ever read. It is a daily devotional (meaning there is a day for every single day of the year). I've gone through it every single day some years, and some years (like this one) I kind of just pick it up and read whatever devotional he has for that day. Every single time my heart feels closer to the Lord, I feel encouraged for the day, spend time in the Word...truly my favorite devotional of all time. If you are looking for a new devotional to commit to this year...I can't recommend this one enough.

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This is another daily devotional I've ready at least 5 times now. It was written by Oswald Chambers who has to be one of the most brilliant Christian minds to ever exist. His Godly perspective and insight into Scripture is so applicable to everyday life but also opens your eyes to Scripture in ways I never would have thought of on my own, if that makes sense. The devotionals are short (they don't take more than 5 minutes to read) but packed with so much wisdom that it takes time really digest it all!

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One of our friends gave Michael and I this devotional after our recent miscarriage and at first...I couldn't bring myself to pick up the book. After two weeks though I opened it up and my heart instantly felt so comforted by this devotional. It made me feel less alone. Made my feelings of grief and anger and confusion feel validated. and most importantly, is helping me to turn to Jesus with those feelings and questions. If you have recently gone through a miscarriage, I have found this devotional to be a really big source of comfort.

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What books are you reading right now? I want to add more to my list for February and March so comment below and let me know!

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xo Lauren

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