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Lifestyle 2 years ago

books + podcasts i'm loving right now



I always love new book / podcasts suggestions & hearing about what people are reading. lately i feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day to read all the books + listen to all the podcasts i want to listen to! between Christian books, self-help, or fiction reads I feel like I have about 4 books going at a time right now haha. so today i thought i’d recap everything i’ve been reading or listening to lately for you guys!

books: non-fiction

atomic habits by james clear

I think every breathing human on earth needs to read this book. whether you’re a stay at home mom or an entrepreneur or a CEO. the premise of this book is how these everyday tiny micro-habits can truly change your life, and how to – practically speaking – form said habits to change your life! i have several different habits i am working on / wanting to implement right now and this book has been SO helpful for me to find systems to really make these habits possible. the premise of this book might seem super simple but trust me…it’s insanely helpful. i will say this wasn’t the most like…EXCITING book to read haha so it took me a while to get through it. but so worth it!

we are the luckiest by laura mckowen

you guys probably know by now that a little over a year ago i decided i either didn’t want to drink anymore or wanted to change my relationship with alcohol. since then i’ve ready tons of books on the topic of alcohol, being sober etc. we are the luckiest is one of the most popular books in the “sober curious” world so I thought i’d try it! i’ve read a few books on alcohol & sobriety and this one was good, but not my favorite. i definitely took away a few helpful tips + perspectives from the book so i’m glad i read it but overall it’s pretty much laura just telling her story about going from addiction to recovery. [and i think i’ve preferred more like science-based books or tips vs biographies] i definitely appreciated how vulnerable the author was though and again took away some helpful tips for sure!


waymaker by ann voskamp

this is another book that i think every human should read and has been a lifesaver for me over the past month, when we had our second miscarriage. this book is a reminder of who God is in the middle of seasons of life that aren’t going the way you planned for them to go. it’s a reminder of his love for us and how when we keep our heart bound to his, through every season, he will show us the way through. i’m about 80% of the way done with this book but it has been so life-changing for me!

ruthless elimination of hurry by john mark comer

i think i’ve talked about this book in a previous blog post haha because i read it a few months back but wanted to include it in this list as well because this is SUCH a good + convicting read. i originally thought i didn’t need to read it because tbh I don’t love saying yes to everything haha i love saying no and staying home in fact. but this book is about so much more than that – it’s about learning to sabbath, eliminating the constant ‘hustle’, resting, being present. it was very eye opening and convicting for me and i loved it!

books: fiction

reminders of him by colleen hoover

okay this book was definitely an emotional read and i was bawling by the end haha but i LOVED it. it was interesting, it was sweet, it was romantic…i want them to make a movie about this book if they haven’t already!

local woman missing by mary kubica

this book was SO GOOD. it hooked me from the beginning and it’s one of those thrillers that was hard to put down!

it ends with us by colleen hoover

anytime i ask for book recommendations this is probably the one i receive the most! so i decided to try it and see if it was worth the hype. it definitely held my interest throughout but i also found parts of it really hard to read (abuse, sexual stuff, etc) so it for sure wasn’t one of my favorites. good and interesting but emotionally hard / disturbing for me.

seven husbands of evelyn hugo

when i take book recommendations from y’all, this is another one i always get THOUSANDS of recs for. so that’s what i’m currently reading! I’m about 60% of the way through and so far i really like it! it’s been interesting and different from my usual like murder mystery books haha. i’ll let y’all know what i think when i’m done!




nothing crazy new here! but i’ll share the podcasts i typically listen to on my walks below…

this naked mind hosted by annie grace

made for this hosted by jennie allen

the skinny confidential him & her hosted by lauryn and michael bosstick 

that sounds fun hosted by annie f. downs

move with heart hosted by melissa wood – love her workouts + health and fitness advice, and i’m really enjoying this new podcast she just launched!

huberman lab hosted by dr andrew huberman – this is another new one i started listening to that’s super interesting if you’re into health & wellness and the science behind all of that. he talks a ton about things like sleep and supplements and hormones and really breaks things down for you in ways that help you understand in a deeper way!

i told y’all i am legitimately reading or listening to something almost all day every day haha. let me know what you’re reading / listening to in the comments below! always wanting to add to my list!


xo Lauren

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