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Lifestyle 1 year ago

10 random things i'm loving


when i polled you guys asking for your favorite type of posts / content i shared last year…the ’10 random things’ series was definitely a hit! if you’re new here, this is where every month or so i share 10 random things i’m loving – from books to makeup to workouts and more!


one. charlotte tilbury glow glide

i shared this new powder on stories and tiktok last week and i’m also wearing it in these photos! i bought it in the bronze color (to use for contour) and the pillow talk (to use for highlight) and it makes the BIGGEST GLOWIEST DIFFERENCE in your makeup! it’s a powder highlighter that glides on like a liquid to give skin an instant, skin-perfecting filter to highlight, sculpt, and lift. so it doesn’t just contour or highlight, it also perfects your skin and makes it look so glowy, smooth and flawless!! i’m obsessed.

two. skims t-shirt bra

i have been on a JOURNEY over the last year trying to find a bra i actually like, that fits, that’s comfortable, that’s supportive. tbh i usually prefer to wear bralettes or sports bras because most ‘normal’ bras don’t fit me right and feel so uncomfortable. and then i tried this skims bra and O.M.G. it is SO comfortable that i legit forget i’m even wearing a bra. it has great support without feeling constrictive. it’s soft, fits like a glove..after i fell in love with it i instantly ordered a second color!


three. good inside by dr. becky kennedy

i’ve shared this book on my stories a few times but it has been SUCH a helpful parenting book for me / for this stage of life shiloh is in. i don’t necessarily agree with every single word / principle, but she has definitely offered some really helpful tips + perspectives that i’ve applied with shiloh that have really worked! i really like the author’s perspective on parenting + your relationship with your child and feel like i’ve found some practical tools to help me become a better parent / understand my child better.

four. pure barre

i tried pure barre several years back and remember thinking ‘this is not for me’. i decided to give it another try a few months ago now that i’m incorporating more low impact workouts into my routine. the first class i still thought ‘i don’t love this. it’s so hard’ haha but i kept going and now y’all…i love it. it’s definitely different than my typical HIIT / weight lifting workouts but i think that’s why i love it. it’s low impact so it doesn’t feel stressful on my body but it’s SUCH an effective full body workout! you truly are lifting, toning, sculpting everyyyy muscle in your body in one workout class. you will FEEL the burn and be so sore after haha but i also think the classes are so fun and go by super fast!

five. limitless

michael and i started watching this show on disney+ a few weeks ago and I AM HOOKED. first of all…chris hemsworth lol need i say more. i’m terrible at trying to write synopsis of shows haha so here’s a recap from the disney+ site: “New scientific research is shattering conventional wisdom about the human body and offering fascinating insights into how we can all unlock our body’s superpowers to fight illness, perform better and even reverse the aging process. This science is put to the test by Hemsworth, who, despite being in peak superhero condition, is on a personal mission to learn how to extend our health, strength and intellect further into our later years. Undergoing a series of epic trials and extraordinary challenges in order to understand the limits of the human body, he’ll learn firsthand how we can live better for longer by discovering ways to regenerate damage, maximize strength, build resilience, supercharge memory and confront mortality.” so basically i love it because the show really proves + explains the benefits behind things like meditation, cold plunge, saunas etc all of these things we can do everyday to lower our stress and improve our quality of life!



six. lux unfiltered self tanning mousse

i shared a real-time review of this new self tanner on tiktok last week in case you missed it! i love the lux unfiltered self tanning lotion but feel like it doesn’t give me QUITE enough color (especially in the winter when i need all the help i can get haha). so i was excited to try their new self tanning mousse! i gotta say…i am SO impressed. the scent is ‘blood orange’ – it’s very subtle but smells amazing. it’s also very quick drying so the self tanner doesn’t rub off on your clothes or sheets at all. and i love that it has hyaluronic acid in it so it’s actually super moisturizing! most self tanners dry my skin out and this one doesn’t! the color looks VERY natural, not streaky, and not orange! i’m really impressed with it! it doesn’t get me AS dark as the loving tan BUT…i think all of the other benefits i mentioned outweigh that because it still gives really good color!

7. lululemon wunder train leggings

so this isn’t necessarily a new to me product lol i’ve worn and loved the wunder train leggings for years now BUT i just got them in this BEAUTIFUL new blue color AND bought them in the full length version for the first time! i’d previously been wearing the 25″ length and i actually like the full length so much more rn – especially in the winter! these leggings are worth ALL the hype and more – they don’t show sweaty, high rise, super flattering, don’t slide down…they truly check all my boxes and more for a workout legging!


eight. be still devotional

i’ve posted several different excerpts from this devotional i read every single morning on my stories and always get so many DM’s about what i’m reading! i have been loving this devotional every morning – they are pretty short so it only takes me a few minutes but each one has been so encouraging to me and really helped me connect with the Lord + get my mind right for the day ahead. “This 90-day devotional invites every woman to be anchored in His presence. ”

nine. hoka bondi sneakers

confession, i have these sneakers now in 4 colors. yes, 4. i’m a huge fan of hoka sneakers but i think the bondi’s might be my favorite style. i LOVE how thick and cushy they are but they are still really lightweight! i wear them for my daily walks but i also love them for f45 classes and strength training! i don’t think that’s necessarily what they were intended for but they work well for me! i also love how they look with athleisure outfits! they are SO COMFY so if you have a job where you’re on your feet all day (nurse / doctor / etc) these would be perfect for that. i also wore mine in disney world and they were so comfy!

ten. amazon ugg dupes

i had been wanting the ugg platform boots for months but they were always sold out or on crazy backorder! i found this dupe on amazon and decided to give them a try. y’all they are one of the BEST dupes i have ever found! they look and feel SO similar to the ugg boots but they are a fraction of the cost! super comfy and i love how they look with leggings and joggers!

thanks for reading! hope you all had such a great weekend!

xo Lauren

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