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Lifestyle 2 years ago

favorite books i read in 2022


2022 was the year of READING for me and i LOVED it so much. i made a goal at the beginning of 2022 to read at least one book per month (because the previous year, i think i maybe read like 5 books all year ha)…and last year i ended up reading around 25 books! some fiction, some non-fiction, some christian, some self help…a very wide variety. several of you guys have DM’d me i the last week or so asking for my top book recommendations and i figured the start of a new year was the perfect time to share!


like i said i read TONS of books last year so narrowing it down to just a few was tough haha but i did my best! i also don’t want to give you a “book report” per se on each book because obviously you can read the descriptions online! so i’ll just give you a blurb about why i loved each one of these books.



fiction books I loved in 2022

local woman missing by mary kubica

i love suspenseful thriller books so local woman missing was right up my alley. it hooked me right from the start and held my attention all the way through! (i’m not good with slow novels haha i have a very short attention span when it comes to books and this one really sucked me in!)

reminders of him by colleen hoover

okay i’ve fully jumped on the colleen hoover bandwagon. some of her books are a littttlee too graphic in the sex category for me haha but i still LOVED reminders of him so much. it was romantic yet not just about the romance and had such a sweet story that again, really hooked me from the beginning.

it ends with us by colleen hoover

another colleen hoover favorite. parts of this were really hard to read (for abuse reasons) but overall i loved the story + loved the ending. it was mysterious and suspenseful without being too dark and had such an interesting story overall – about love and truth and finding your own way! i really loved it.

the locked door by freida mcfadden

another murder mystery thriller type of book that i loved! i think i read this book in just a few days which is really fast for me haha but it really sucks you in from the beginning and leaves you on the edge of your seat! it was suspenseful without being too dark or scary which is what i look for!

non-fiction books i loved in 2022

it’s not supposed to be this way by lysa terkeurst

this book was honestly a lifesaver for me. i read it after we experienced our third miscarriage and it was one of those “right time right place” kind of books that was exactly what i needed. if you are going through a season of loss or grief i can’t recommend this book enough. the author talks about how Jesus can take your broken pieces and make them into something beautiful. we just have to trust him with our broken pieces and lean into him during these times of heartbreak. it spoke to me so much and i’m so thankful for it.

atomic habits by james clear

i read this book at the beginning of 2022 and am actually RE-READING it right now because it was THAT good. if you have goals + habits you are trying to form in 2023 (which, who doesn’t?) this book REALLY breaks down HOW to get rid of bad habits and form GOOD habits in such a practical + life-changing way. i’ve taken pages and pages of notes on this book and i’m reading it again because i could use a refresher!

the ruthless elimination of hurry by john mark comer

i honestly didn’t think i needed to read this book because i thought “i don’t like to hurry or be busy. i like to chill at home and do nothing”…but this mindset of “hurry” or “hustle” or always being busy is present in each and every one of us. when you’re standing in line at the grocery store or sitting at a red light…we can’t just be still / be present. we pick up our phones, have to distract ourselves / be busy 24/7. this book was SO convicting for me in the best possible way. “Within the pages of this book, you’ll find a fascinating roadmap to staying emotionally healthy and spiritually alive in the chaos of the modern world.”

how are you really by jenna kutcher

i’m not gonna lie – i was SHOCKED how much i loved this book & how helpful it was for me. i want to quote a few snippets of the book that REALLY spoke to me and explains why this book was so powerful for this season of my life: “belief pairs well with a glass of behavior. stepping into the patterns of the life you want is the only way to create it. set aside the patterns of the life you have & focus on the patterns of the life you want. what rhythms would already be a part of your life? if i wanted this vision to come alive i needed to be an active participant in its creation.”

overall this book really encouraged me to take the necessary steps in order to be the person + achieve the lifestyle that i truly want. this book helped to encourage me to align every decision that i make with the life that i dream of for myself – in a very practical, real life way!

live no lies by john mark comer

SUCH A POWERFUL BOOK all about how to recognize and resist the Enemy who is daily trying to sabotage our peace. i think in our culture we are so afraid to talk about the devil or think its a little hokey…but this book really gives you SCRIPTURE on who the enemy is, why he is attacking you and trying to sabotage your peace, and HOW we can resist + fight him well. honestly this is another book i’ll probably be reading twice because it really rocked my world.

waymaker by ann voskamp

okay this book took me A WHILE to get through to be honest. it’s very long and ann’s way of writing is really unique (it’s beautiful but not the easiest to read in my opinion). one of my girlfriend’s bought this for me after we went through our second miscarriage and it really marked (and carried me through) that season of loss and grief in my life. the premise of the book is that God can and will always make a way, when it seems like there is no way. ann really talks about how God is present in the totality of our lives – the good and the bad – and that even in our darkest days we can trust, he is making a way through. it encouraged me, made me cry, and honestly saved me during such a hard season.

i could honestly go on for pages about the rest of my fave books but i’ll try and keep this concise! let me know if you had any life-changing books from 2022! i’m always wanting to add more to my list! thanks for reading!

xo Lauren

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