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Lifestyle 1 year ago

10 random things i'm loving


figured we were overdue for another 10 random things post, where i share 10 random things i’m loving with you guys! everything from podcasts to food, beauty and fashion and more!


one. amazon eye patches

i got these inexpensive eye patches from amazon after seeing SO many people share them on instagram / tiktok and they are AMAZING! i keep mine in the fridge so when you apply them, they’re nice and cold which automatically helps with depuffing! the patches help with dark circles and make your skin feel so refreshed + revitalized. i use these usually 2 or 3 mornings a week or anytime my eyes feel extra puffy and i can honestly tell a difference every single time!

two. evlo fitness

i’ll try and keep this one short because i know i have gone ON and on about how obsessed i am with evlo fitness on my stories lately. it’s a fitness program with options to do anywhere from 2 to 5 days a week of workouts, all strength-training focused and all low impact. i am loving this program so much because it’s low impact but still SO EFFECTIVE. a lot of the low impact workouts i’ve tried don’t really incorporate enough strength training in order to really see results (just IMO). evlo is low impact but focuses on strength training and each day you train very specific muscles. i’ve been doing it a little over a week and already feel stronger and feel like my muscle tone is more developed. i also LOVE the mindfulness + savasanah elements of yoga and evlo workout incorporate all of that. it’s like the best of strength training + pilates + barre + mindfulness all in one. it’s definitely been a shift for me mentally because it’s not like…an hour of super intense cardio. but the mental shift has been SO helpful and my body + stress levels feel better as well. the workouts are created + taught by doctors of physical therapy so their philosophy is all about EFFICIENT workouts that don’t beat your body into the ground! most of the workouts are around 30mins or less but SO so effective and strengthening your muscles while still protecting your joints.

i could go on for DAYS but i’m so thankful if found this program, for both my physical and mental health. if y’all want to try it out…you can use code LAUREN which will give you one month for free!


three. poppi

i discovered these probiotic drinks at whole foods a month or so ago and i am HOOKED. they taste SO dang good (my fave flavor is cherry limeade) and apparently they can help support your immunity and gut health! i drink one every single day haha so i subscribed to them on amazon for regular orders!

four. nike air max

i snagged these sneakers on major sale and wasn’t totally sure how i’d feel about them for working out. (nikes for me are very hit or miss). and i LOVE them! they are so comfortable and work great for walking, strength training, cross training…and i love how they look. they’re still on major sale and come in a few colors!

five. lux unfiltered tanning lotion in deep

i’ve worn the original lux unfiltered tanning lotion for a few years now and really like it, but felt like it was just a LITTLE too subtle for my preference. like it didn’t give me QUITE enough color, but i loved everything else about it (the smell, the feel, the clean ingredients etc). they just released the lotion in a deep color and it is PERFECT. you can use it as your everyday lotion (the more times you apply it, the deeper the tan will be). it’s so hydrating, smells really good, doesn’t rub off on your clothes and gives you a very natural but bronzed glow! it’s totally different than a mousse self tanner because it’s not streaky at all and really looks SO natural!


six. amazon pill organizer

is this not the prettiest pill organizer you’ve ever seen?! i LOVE this pill case for traveling because i can divide up all my supplements, and also use it for my gummy vitamins as well! my other daily pill case could never hold enough for trips and this one can hold so much (also comes in several sizes). it looks so chic and makes traveling with supplements or gummy vitamins so easy.

seven. JS Health PM+ sleep formula

i added this supplement into my routine about a month ago and LOVE it. it doesn’t actually make me sleepy but i personally struggle with stress / anxiety at night for some reason – like in that after dinner / before bedtime window. so i take this pill after my dinner and it really does help my stress levels to regulate and just makes me feel more calm. magnesium also does help support sleep as well! “Calms the mind, relieves symptoms of mild anxiety, and reduces disturbed and restless sleep.”

eight. sequence for kids

we’ve started playing games with shiloh at night after dinner, before bed, and we have been LOVING this sequence game for kids! shiloh REALLY loves it and asks to play all the time and michael and i both really enjoy playing with her! i’d say it’s good for kids anywhere from 4 and up!

nine. set active sweat shorts

so i’m actually wearing these shorts as i type this post haha and have them in 3 different colors now. they are hands down my favorite sweat shorts i’ve ever purchased – they’re SO comfy and i think they have such a flattering yet oversized fit! (you can see what they look like on me here!)

ten. madewell purse

the purse i’m wearing in these photos is a new favorite of mine and such a wardrobe staple no matter the season! like all madewell bags, the leather is so beautiful and so well-made and i think the strap on it is so fun! you can wear it like a short crossbody bag, or wear it on your shoulder, or take the strap off entirely to dress it up a little! this is such a beautiful classic leather bag that will truly last you for years to come!

thanks for reading friends! hope y’all are having a great week so far!

xo Lauren

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