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Fashion 1 year ago

3 goals for 33


i turned 33 years old yesterday and feel so incredibly grateful to be in such a drastically different place in life than i was when i turned 32. not only has the Lord blessed us with this tiny miracle growing inside my belly, but i just feel like i’ve grown and healed in such massive ways over the past year that i truly feel like a different person than i was a year ago, and i’m so thankful.

even though i’ve experienced so much healing and growth over the past year, i still have so many goals + things i’m looking forward to for this next year! so today i thought i’d share my top 3 goals for 33 with you guys!


one. structure + consistency in my business

i love being an entrepreneur and business owner. it allows for so much flexibility, creativity, and truly doing what i love every single day. i’ve really struggled over the years though to come up with a consistent schedule week to week and this makes work life balance tough. i feel like i just ‘work 9-5’ without having a consistent routine or plan on what i need to do everyday so it kind of feels like i’m ‘spinning my wheels’ at times. like always busy but how am i really moving the needle?

i’m actually bringing on a new team member in a week to help with this! i’m hoping i can get on a consistent routine of planning + shooting new content, so that even when i travel or decide to take off..i still have new content coming out for y’all. i want to create more structure on when I’m WORKING and when i am OFF and really separate the two. currently i go through phases where i’m super motivated and have a new IG or tiktok up every single day. and then i’ll get busy and travel or life happens and i don’t have any new content for weeks on end haha and i’m ready for that to change.

basically – i have a goal to create more structure with my work schedule, in an effort to move the needle with my business, create MORE exciting content, and have more time to totally unplug and be with friends + family.


two. intentionality with my time

this kind of goes along with my first goal but right now i feel like so much of my work life bleeds into personal life and visa versa. there are times when i’m putting shiloh to bed and responding to DM’s or reading e-mails. or there’s times when i’m trying to get work done and shiloh is in my office coloring so i’m giving 50% to my work. part of this is the beauty of working from home but sometimes i feel like it results in not giving my BEST to what i’m doing that moment. so this year i really want to be SO INTENTIONAL with my time. when i’m in a yoga class, to be fully present, mentally and physically. when i’m coloring with shiloh, to have my phone put away and be fully present with her. when i’m on a date night with michael, again, to have my phone put away and really focused + present with him. and when i’m shooting content or writing blog posts to give it 100%.  i want to be ALL IN with what i’m doing so that when i shut work down for the day i know “wow, i gave 100% to my job today and feel so proud of it,” and feel ready to move on to a dinner with friends or family movie night. i’ve struggled with feeling scatter brained and trying to do 5 things at once recently and i want to be more intentional + focused with my time!



three. maternity leave

all of my goals are pretty intertwined haha but i am due mid august and i really want to set aside a sold 4-6 weeks with absolutely zero work commitments to really soak in every newborn moment that i can. i love my job and i love to work so i think this will be hard for me…but (like i mentioned with goal #2), i want to be fully present in those newborn days, without work projects lingering in the back of my head or thoughts like ‘i could be shooting new content or post on stories’. if i decide i want to be on IG or share stuff on stories, great. but i want to be 100% present with my new baby / family of 4, and not miss a single thing bc i feel the pressure to work! this is a big goal for me haha because i didn’t take a maternity leave with shiloh!



all 3 of my goals for this year are pretty similar / intertwined. i want to be intentional with my time, making decisions + spending time on my business that will actually move the needle. creating structure with my work routine to allow for MORE content to be produced and MORE time totally unplugged. i want to be present with shiloh (and michael and friends and family) so that we are actually creating memories and deepening relationships vs everything feeling like a blur because i was trying to multitask.

now, i just need to come up with practical steps so that i can achieve these goals haha TBD on that! but i am SO excited for this upcoming year and truly feel like it’ll be my best one yet! thank y’all so much for all the HBD wishes and for all of your constant support! so thankful for you guys!

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xo Lauren

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