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Fashion 1 year ago

10 random things I'm loving


every month or so i love sharing a new roundup with you guys of random things i’ve been loving lately – from books to skincare and more! so let’s jump in!


one. lux unfiltered tanning brush

i got this blending tanning brush about a month ago and it’s been a GAME changer for applying self tanner to my hands and feet! previously i’d either just not apply self tanner to my hands and feet and they’d be super pale lol OR i’d apply with the mit and it would look so streaky and weird. this blending brush allows you to seamlessly blend self tanner on hands and feet with no weird lines or dark spots! it’s so easy to use and allows your tan to seamlessly blend between hands and feet and the rest of your body.

two. experiencing God bible study

my sister and i started doing this bible study  together a few months back and i am LOVING it. it’s a SUPER old bible study (my parents both did it in the 90s haha) but it’s been around (and read) for a long time for a reason. this study has really made me long for more of God in my everyday life and to pursue a real and intimate relationship with him – vs just having my quiet times in the morning to check it off a box. it’s reminded me of God’s love for me and his desire to be in personal relationship with me. i’m a little less than halfway through but really loving it!

three. amazon hair ties

i’ve shared these hair ties a few times on my instagram & tiktok but just in case you haven’t seen…i found new hair ties from amazon that are THE BEST hair ties i’ve ever used. i previously wore gimme hair ties which i still love but i noticed they really stretch out after a while and they’re not necessarily the easiest or cheapest to buy. so i tried to find a similar version on amazon and i actually like these even more than gimme because they don’t lose their shape as easily (and they are way cheaper). they don’t crease or damage your hair and give your pony tail a lot of volume! you can get a 100 pack of them for less than $10 which is WILD!


four. u beauty skin conditioning wash

i started using this cleanser a few months ago and it immediately became a regular in my skincare routine. whenever i wear makeup i always have to double cleanse at night first with a balm, then a cleanser, to get all my makeup off. and this cleanser does it all in one step without stripping your skin of it’s moisture. this conditioning wash melts away water- and oil-soluble debris—including waterproof makeup, sunscreen, dirt, sweat, and pollutants—without stripping the skin and leaves your skin feeling clean, refreshed, and hydrated!

five. cottage cheese & eggs

okayyyy i know most of you probably just gagged lol but DON’T knock it until you try it! (unless you hate cottage cheese ha then you probably won’t like this). but i’ve started adding cottage cheese to my eggs in the morning to get in some more protein and omg it tastes SO good. i love adding cottage cheese to the pan at the very end like once the eggs are almost done, and then eating the cheesy egg mixture on top of toast! this has been my go-to breakfast or post workout snack for like a month now.


six. black leather sandal

i recently got these sandals i’m wearing in these photos and I’M OBSESSED! i think they look SO chic (they remind me of the chanel sandal but for half the price), and they can really be dressed up or down! i’ve worn mine with jeans, bike shorts, dresses and love them with everything!

seven. the housemaid by freida mcfadden

i read a fiction book for at least 10mins every night before bed! it’s part of my bedtime routine and helps me to shut off my brain before bed haha. i just started reading the housemaid and LOVE it already! i’m like 25% of the way through and it’s already really sucked me in / it’s so hard to put down! if you like murder mystery thriller type of books…you will love this!

eight. apple AirPods max

Michael got me these AirPods max in pink  for my birthday and i have been LOVING them! my other noise cancelling headphones were super hot because the top of them was all leather – these are mesh. they are so comfortable, and i think they make such a cute accessory haha. i wear them when i’m working, or listening to podcasts around the house, going for walks, traveling etc!


nine. anine bing tote

i recently splurged on this anine bing tote and have ZERO regrets! i brought it with me on our vegas trip this week and it was perfect for the plane and also not too big of a tote to carry for everyday. i love that it’s structured so it doesn’t just flop over, and the light neutral color combo is perfect for spring and summer. this is the perfect tote for traveling, work, or everyday!

ten. brooklinen weighted blanket

i’ve tried at least 3 or 4 different weighted blankets and this one is hands down my favorite. weighted blankets can really help with sleep and anxiety…but most of the ones i’ve tried make me way too hot at night. this one is actually super breathable and won’t make you too hot. but something about it is so comforting + has really helped with my sleep and reducing anxiety.

thanks for reading! hope you guys all have a wonderful Easter weekend!


xo Lauren

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