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Fitness + Health 1 year ago

my favorite high protein snacks


a few weeks ago i shared on IG that i’ve noticed SUCH a difference in my overall muscle tone ever since i’ve been intentional about getting in more protein! my goal is to eat around 130g of protein a day and i got SO many DM’s asking how the heck i do that haha. honestly protein is the easiest macro for me to get in so i was shocked at how many of you said you really struggle in this area! but i thought it might be helpful for me to share some of my favorite high protein snacks with you guys today since i got so many questions about it!


today’s post i’ll focus on snacks but tbh i get the bulk of my protein in at meals. breakfast lunch and dinner i try to get around 30g of protein in at each meal. then snacks help me get to my goal of 130g. by the way i am not a dietician or a doctor, lol, so i’m not saying every single person needs to be eating this much protein. this is just what helps me to feel satiated and energized and has also allowed me to put more muscle on!


my cookies and cream protein snack bowl


this is my go-to afternoon snack and i legit look forward to it every afternoon!  first of all, this snack has around 23g of protein and secondly, it tastes SO dang good and really fills me up. sometimes i’ll make this for an after dinner treat as well.

sharing information below on what’s in it / how i make it.




some other high protein snack ideas

  • buy a pack of tuna, this one has 17g of protein. put it in a bowl and mix with avocado and then serve on top of a rice cake, or dip cucumbers in it!
  • cottage cheese – i know this is a love or hate it kinda thing but i freaking LOVE it. the cottage cheese i eat has 13g of protein per serving. for a snack i love a bowl of cottage cheese with cantaloupe or berries + honey. i’ve also been LOVING scrambling an egg (7g of protein) + mixing in the cottage cheese, and eating on top of toast! that’s around 20g of protein!
  • healthy eating on the go bars are my FAVE protein bars for when i need a snack on the go. chia & peanut butter are my two favorite flavors and they have around 15g of protein in them. (i think my discount code is LAURENKAYSIMS)
  • protein shakes are also a really easy way to get in a lot of protein (+ other nutrient dense foods) at once. i have been LOVING this bone broth protein . for a post workout smoothie i like to mix the protein powder with ice, almond milk, spinach, almond butter, and blueberries!
  • hard boiled eggs + almonds are also great snacks. 2 hardboiled eggs and a serving of almonds has around 18-20g of protein and is a really good source of protein + healthy fats.
  • jerky / meat sticks are another good on-the-go protein snack. i love chomps because the meat is grass fed & free range and they have zero sugar. plus each one of these sticks has around 10g of protein and taste so good! i always try and pair my protein with a carb and/or fat, so if i have a jerky stick i’ll also have almonds or an orange or something with it!

i’m sure i’m forgetting something, haha, but hopefully this list gives you some ideas on how to get more protein in! if you have any favorite high protein snacks i didn’t mention please comment below and share!


xo Lauren

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