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Lifestyle 1 year ago

second trimester recap



y’all i cannot believe i’m already in my third trimester and just about 2 months away from meeting our baby girl! when i was pregnant with shiloh i shared regular ‘bumpdates’ and one of y’all DM’d me recently asking if i’d share more of that with this pregnancy! i honestly hadn’t even thought about it haha but i loved the idea, and today i wanted to share a recap of my second trimester with y’all! favorite outfits i’ve been wearing, must-have beauty products, supplements, cravings and more!

overall i feel VERY fortunate that i’ve felt great during pregnancy thus far. i never really got morning sickness and my pregnancy symptoms have all been very mild. i’ve definitely felt more tired than my usual self, and sleep has been a STRUGGLE. for sleep –  here are some things that have helped:



  • some sort of magnesium supplement. i love the magnesium l-threonate from cymbiotika (use code LKS for 15% off), and then this ‘put me to sleep naturally’ supplement has been so helpful! i also love magnesi-ohm by moon juice. (of course, check with your doctor to make sure these things are safe for your pregnancy).
  • my medical team also suggested benadryl or unisom to help with sleep which i occasionally take
  • i LOVE this pregnancy pillow i found on amazon.


my cravings have been pretty consistent throughout pregnancy haha in the beginning it was all pickles, fried pickles, and cereal! (magic spoon is my GO TO. tastes so good + love that it also has protein in it). in the past month or so i’ve been craving all the red meat too – burgers, bacon, etc! can’t get enough!



another symptom i’ve had (that i don’t remember having with shiloh) is my skin has been SO DRY and itchy! i’ve been applying this lotion each night before bed which has helped, and i use this cream on my belly to help keep my skin hydrated and to possibly prevent stretch marks.


i’m so thankful that i’ve been able to stay pretty active throughout pregnancy and it’s helped so much with my overall energy and how i’m feeling! i go for a run probably 1 or 2 days a week and other than that, i primarily follow the evlo 5-day a week program! (y’all can use the code LAUREN to try your first month free!). i’ve had to make some modifications to the workouts but for the most part…they are all pregnancy-friendly and have felt really good for me!


as far as what clothes i’m loving…i still haven’t really bought maternity clothes, mostly because i haven’t found a ton of stuff i’ve liked haha. free people has been a go to for me because most of their stuff fits pretty loose and oversized! but below i’m sharing a few outfits i’ve been wearing on repeat!

you can click any of the photos below to shop!

fp hot shot onesie – love the short and long version!



fp hot shot mini dress


lululemon align shorts 


lululemon align bodysuit


amazon strapless dress


abercrombie traveler dress



as far as supplements go, i’m still taking the ritual prenatal everyday + just thrive probiotic (use code LKS15 for 15% off) and then i take several different cymbiotika supplements as well. i’ve been trying to stay super hydrated especially now that summer is here…and i drink LMNT every single day! this link will get you a free sample pack with your order!


one thing i’ve done differently this pregnancy is regular chiropractor appointments! now that i’m in my third trimester i try and go every two weeks. it helps with overall comfort and alignment (especially if you struggle with back pain or things like that), and is also supposed to help get baby in the right positioning for labor (and help prepare your body for labor too). i have LOVED it and highly recommend finding a chiropractor that specializes in pregnancy!



baby girl’s nursery is still no where near ready haha but michael painted the trim of her bedroom last week and we have wallpaper going in this week! hopefully after those two things are complete we’ll start getting the ball rolling on everything else!

even though pregnancy is no walk in the park (like let’s be honest, growing a human is hard work haha)…i can’t even put into words how thankful i am to be able to even write this blog post. it truly still feels like a dream every time i feel this little girl kick and i cannot WAIT to meet her here in about two months! let me know if you guys have any other pregnancy questions i can answer for y’all in the comments below!


xo Lauren

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