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Fashion 9 months ago

promo code round up!


whenever i’m going through DM’s, i get asked on a daily basis “do you have a code for XXX” and to be honest…i don’t even remember all of my discount codes for each brand haha. so i thought it would be helpful to have all of my codes rounded up in one place for you guys! you can bookmark this page and refer back to it so if you’re ever ordering more barefaced or LMNT or dreamland baby (etc etc)…you’ll have my code saved!


 the act of lounging – 10% w/ LAUREN10 (expires 11/30)

the SOFTEST blankets! i honestly like these even more than barefoot dreams. we have the smaller size for lyla and use it in the stroller / carseat etc and then i also have the larger size i use on our couch for myself! so luxe and would make for such a great gift!


hearth display – LAURENSIMS for $50 off

this is the smart calendar / display we have in our pantry and use on a daily basis! i could do an entire blog post on all the ways we use our hearth but it’s been a game changer for our shared calendars. we also keep to-do lists on here and shiloh’s weekly chores!


walli phone cases – laurenkay for 10% off

love these phone cases! they have both the loop to help you hold your phone AND a card case! so you’re killing two birds with one stone!

Ride alto – LAUREN10 for 10% OFF



dreamland baby – LKS for 20% off 

our favorite weighted sleep sacks / swaddles for lyla!


tubby todd – tap here to shop through my link  and get 10% off!

solly baby – tap here to shop my link for 10% off!

the wrap carrier i’ve used now for both my girls and LOVE! baby wearing is so snuggly and sweet and allows you to be hands free. once you get the hang of how to do the solly wrap it actually is so much easier than you think! it takes me about 10 seconds to put on now!

love & grow – LAUREN10

some of my love & grow faves:

dear hayden – LKS15 for 15% off

some of my dear hayden faves:



LMNT — tap here to shop through my link! (free samples w/ first order)

my favorite flavors are chocolate salt (mix with hot water), watermelon salt, and raspberry salt!

rami raw – LKS25 ($25 off weekly subscription)

this is the meal delivery service we have been using since i had lyla! chef rami makes the meals and delivers them straight to your doorstep. it’s been a lifesaver post partum! (just for the DFW area)

factor – 50LAUREN for 50% off your first order!

probably my favorite meal delivery service i’ve ever used. the menu changes each week and it’s HUGE! so many amazing options – whether you are keto, vegetarian, wanting to prioritize protein…there are options for everyone. both michael and i are obsessed with these meals! cannot recommend enough!


just thrive health — LKS15

this is the probiotic i take every single day (and i have for about 2 years now). i love that it's just one pill a day but it WORKS. it've noticed significant improvement in my overall gut health and digestion. it's a spore based probiotic so it survives the trip to your gut!

shop now 

maryruth organics – MROLAURENKAY for 15% off (works on amazon)

you guys know how much my whole fam uses + loves mary ruth organics! shiloh, michael, and i all take their supplements daily for immunity, hair & skin health. sharing some of my faves below!

clean simple eats – LAURENKAY for 10% off

my favorite protein powder! for protein shakes, protein ‘ice cream’, adding to my yogurt bowls etc. they have the best flavors, clean ingredients, and tons of protein! sharing my favorites below!

kroma wellness – LAUREN15 for 15% off



y’all already know my love for kroma runs so deep. there literally isn’t a day that goes by that i don’t have SOMETHING kroma in my diet! sharing just a few favorites below!

sakara life – SAKARAXLKS for 20% off

global healing — LKS15 for 15% off

healthy eating on the go – LAURENKAYSIMS for 15% off!

my favorite protein bars for about 3 years now! literally not a DAY goes by that i don’t have one of these bars. they are made with clean ingredients but taste SO dang good! i usually eat one before or after a workout everyday. my favorite flavors are peanut butter, chocolate oat, and chia! but really you can’t go wrong with any of them!

FiveCBD —  tap here to shop through my link and get a bonus product on your first order!

i take the fivecbd sleep gummy a few nights a week (michael does too) and it makes me sleep like a BABY without waking up groggy! if you struggle to get your brain to calm down before bed, you will love these gummies. they have cbd + melatonin in them but don’t worry…you won’t get “high” from taking this or feel weird at all! just makes you feel calm and sleepy before bed & helps you stay asleep as well!

beam —tap here to shop my link for up to 50% off!

RITUAL — 30% off first order w/ LKS30

this is the prenatal vitamin i took during my entire pregnancy and i’m taking their postnatal vitamin now! love these supplements so much!

cymbiotika – LAURENKAY FOR 15% OFF

i take at least 4-5 different cymbiotika supplements everyday! my favorite are the magnesium l-threonate, liposomal vitamin c, creatine+, and longevity mushrooms! but honestly i recommend everything from their website – just depends on what your needs + goals are!

bon charge – LKS15 for 15% off

i recently added 10-20 minutes of red light therapy to my routine + it’s been a game changer. i either do it in the morning with my meditation or at night in order to wind down. so many great benefits for your health!! bon charge has a lot of different wellness products like red light, pemf, sauna blankets, etc!


DIBS beauty – LAURENKAY for 15% off



my go-to cream blush and bronzer! and i honestly love ALL of their makeup products! sharing my favorites below!

Dolce Glow – LAURENKAYSIMS for 10% off

my all time FAVORITE self tanner (and y’all know, i have tried them all). the mousse does not smell or look streaky at all. it doesn’t rub off on your sheets. and gives you the most perfect bronzed color! i am obsessed with all of their products. sharing my favorites below!

Barefaced – laurenk10 for 10% off



y’all already know – my go-to skincare brand and what makes up probably 90% of my skincare routine. truly has changed the game for me when it comes to the quality + appearance + health of my skin. my mom uses barefaced too and at 64 her skin is #goals. sharing a few of my favorites (and what i use on a daily basis) below!

TOK beauty – LAUREN15 for 15 % off

Skinpharm – use LKS for 10% off in stores and online!

skinpharm is my go-to place for anything having to do with my face haha: botox, filler, microneedling etc! i also LOVE their skincare products! sharing some of my favorites below!

Primally Pure – 15SIMS for 15% off

Nemah – LAURENKAY15 for 15% off


this is the stretch mark cream i used my entire pregnancy with lyla and i absolutely love it. i know stretch marks are partially determined by genetics but…i think having a really good, clean ingredient cream makes a huge difference as well. (i didn’t get any stretch marks this pregnancy).

divi – LKS for 10% off


miranda frye – LKS for 10% off


electric picks – LAUREN20 for 20% off


the sis kiss – LAUREN20 for 20% off



evlo fitness – Lauren for 1 free month!

senita athletics – LAURENKAY for 15% off (expires 11/30)


shopbop – LAUREN20 (20% off first order)


I hope this post is a helpful resource for you to come back to if you’re every looking for a discount on any of these products! definitely bookmark to save for later. Thanks for reading you guys!

xo Lauren

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