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Lifestyle 1 week ago

a little life update from lauren


hi friends! i feel like it’s been a while since i’ve just done a little life update for you guys, to share what we’ve been up to and what we have coming up! nothing crazy or huge or exciting but…just wanted to share a quick life update with you guys!



so lyla is 7 MONTHS OLD already! i cannot believe how fast time is flying with her. she is the sweetest, happiest, easiest baby. we truly feel SO blessed / lucky and are loving this stage with her so much! she started solids recently and is a great eater. she LOVES her big sister, being outside, sticking her tongue out haha and is just genuinely so happy and fun. i still get teary eyed almost daily when i look at lyla – just feel so incredibly blessed that the Lord blessed us with this little miracle.

a few months ago we hired someone one day a week, 9-2, for some help with lyla. prior to that, michael and i just tag teamed it, with michael primarily being the one to watch lyla during the day. but we thought having a little extra help might be nice so michael could go to a workout class and i could focus on work without us constantly passing the baby off back and forth haha. and it has been SO NICE!!! like i said, we only have her for 5hrs one day a week but those 5hrs are such a luxury! it was such a great decision and lyla loves the girl who has been watching her. so thankful!


shiloh is almost 5 1/2 now *insert crying face emoji* and we recently went to her little kindergarten round up / orientation! i was already an emotional wreck ha and she won’t even start kinder until the fall. so many parents say they are really worried their kids will just cry their eyes out when they go to kindergarten and not want to go….i’m not worried about that with shiloh at all haha. i think she will be sprinting out the door! she is SO social and knows so many little buddies who will be in her class. i am feeling SO emotional about it though and not ready at all. so hopefully i’ll get there before the fall comes.

i could write an entire blog post about this age with shiloh but i’ll try and keep this short! i love this stage SO MUCH. it’s like she’s my little best friend and i genuinely LOVE hanging out with her. we have slumber parties, dance parties, i love playing games with her / doing puzzles etc! she is such a sweet, smart, fun kid and michael and i both are loving this stage with her! she currently goes to a pre-school 5 days a week, 9-2 (9-12 on fridays) and loves going to school, her friends, and her teacher! she also just learned to ride a bike without training wheels (like yesterday !!) and i am so proud of her!

michael and i are celebrating our 10 year wedding anniversary on march 28th! 10 YEARS! we’re taking our first trip since having lyla at the end of this month to celebrate! and i am both SO excited for the trip and also absolutely freaking out about leaving lyla haha. thankfully both of our moms are keeping the girls so i know they will be in great hands but…woof. leaving them (especially when their babies IMO) is never easy!


work life

so as you guys know, i checked off a major bucket list item in february – launching my own activewear line, beige hour! it’s felt like such a dream come true, and also like navigating into totally uncharted waters lol. like i have no idea what we’re doing. i just knew i wanted to create an activewear line! so it’s been a HUGE learning experience! i genuinely LOVE how the product turned out so much, but running that business alongside this business of influencing / content creation / whatever you want to call this…has just been a lot! so i’m still trying to learn how to balance it all and prioritize both ‘lauren kay sims’ haha and beige hour. but i’m really excited for what’s to come and really hope beige hour continues to expand!

i still wake up every day SO thankful that i get to do this for a living. after close to 10 years of doing this full time, i still feel like this job is an absolute dream and I’m so thankful how the lord has opened up doors and blessed my career beyond my wildest dreams! right now i feel like i’m entering into a new phase with work though where i’m really trying to prioritize time with my girls, and grow my business. and its tough! (said by every working mom ever haha). so with work i’ve been trying to be better about ‘time blocking’ – ie getting all my work done between the hours of 10am and 3:30pm so that before and after that i can just be fully present with my girls. definitely haven’t mastered that yet but i do feel like i’m making progress! if you have any work life / working mom tips…please send them all my way lol

everything else

life right now is pretty sweet, to be honest. i’m loving being a mom to two incredible girls, about to celebrate our 10 year wedding anniversary. we have the sweetest friends, family, community around us. i love my job. for whatever reason though…my anxiety has kind of crept it’s way back in over the past couple months. so i started meeting with a counselor again and really honing in on the things that i know that truly ground me – time with the lord in the mornings, prioritizing sleep, going for walks when i can, community, etc. and also eliminating things i know that SPIKE my anxiety – too much caffeine, alcohol, excessive scrolling on my phone, comparison…i could go on.

all that to say – i think it can be really easy to look at someone’s life on the outside and say ‘wow she has the perfect life. must be nice’ and while, yes, my life is SO incredibly blessed, and i am beyond grateful…i’m still fighting my own battles and working on my mental health, just like many of you i’m sure! and there’s no shame in that. i truly believe that Jesus came to give us “life to the full” (john 10) and i am doing everything i can to fight for that and to live in the freedom and joy he died to give me!

so, kind of a random blog post haha but just wanted to like check in with you guys and let you know what life is like in the sims’ household as of late! i’m so thankful that y’all are here and so grateful i get to share my life with you guys on the internet! thanks for always being so supportive and engaged. y’all mean the world to me!

xo Lauren

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