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Fashion 4 weeks ago

prada arqué leather shoulder bag review


this past december we took a trip to aspen and mama did some shopping (like you do in aspen!). i wanted to look at prada bags bc 1) i don’t own one! and 2) i feel like they are a different style than any of the other designer bags i own. i tried on the arque leather shoulder bag and fell in LOVE. so today i just wanted to share my thought process behind buying this bag, and what i think of it now that i’ve had it for 3 months!


i actually didn’t buy the bag in aspen though! i told myself to think it over and if i was still thinking about it in a few weeks…i could order it once we got home. side note – this is one of my biggest tips when purchasing a designer bag. never buy it the first time you go try it on! even if you fall in love. take a pic with the bag, leave the store, think it over…and if you’re still thinking about it in a few weeks, probably means you really love it!

so we got back to dallas and i couldn’t stop thinking about the bag! there were so many outfits i wore or nights we went out that i thought ‘dang, i wish i had that prada bag’. i’m glad i didn’t buy it in aspen though because in aspen i thought i was going to buy it in black. after thinking it over though i realized i didn’t have any bag in this cognac color! and you guys know how much i love to wear black with brown. AND i figured i’d wear the brown more year round, and black i probably wouldn’t wear a ton in the summer. i already had a few designer bags in black so i’m actually really glad i went with this cognac color. i also think it makes more of a statement.


i bought the bag around christmas time, and i’ve carried it nearly every day since! i’m actually somewhat surprised how much use i’ve gotten out of it! one of the biggest reasons why i wanted this particular bag is because of the small size, the crescent shape…it’s the perfect ‘going out’ type of bag – for a date night, girl’s night…and it just feels a little bit more trendy / fashion-forward than my other bags which feel more classic and timeless. (small bags right now are really on trend and so are crescent shaped bags). even though the bag feels a little bit more like a trendy piece, i still think it’s so classic and a bag i know i’ll have and wear for years to come.



the leather on this bag is STUNNING. so smooth but not prone to scratching. like i said i’ve carried mine almost everyday and it has no scratches, and my jeans or any other dark fabrics have not transferred onto it. so i love that this bag is easy to keep clean and new looking.

this bag also comes with a long strap so you can also wear the bag crossbody which i do when i’m wanting a more casual everyday look!

like i mentioned, this bag is smaller than most of my other bags so i probably wouldn’t carry it for like everyday mom life type of things – going to the mall with the girls or things like that. but, it’s the perfect size for a girl’s night or date night or if i’m just out running errands by myself. it’s small but holds everything i need – wallet, phone, gum, lips etc. it really has become my go-t0 bag if michael and i are going to dinner, or for church, or a girl’s night out…it’s so pretty, makes a statement, but still goes with so many different types of outfits, from black jeans with a cute top to dresses and everything in between!

i also love the structure of this bag. some softer bags can lose their shape overtime but this one has such a great structure to it that i know the shape will last for years to come.

similar looks for less


all that to say…if you’ve been contemplating buying the prada arque bag, it has been SUCH a great purchase for me! i’ve had zero regrets, gotten tons of use out of it, and it just makes me happy! it comes in a few different colors too…and just saying – the white would be so pretty for spring and summer!

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let me know if you guys like these type of ‘review’ blog posts and if there’s something else you’d like for me to do a review on! thanks for reading!

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