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Lifestyle 2 weeks ago

10 random things i'm loving

felt like we were due for a new TRT post – where once a month or so i share 10 random things i’ve been loving lately! i keep a running note on my phone and just add to it as i think of things and MAN i’ve got some good ones to share with y’all today!


^click the photo to shop the look!

one. lv mini bum bag

i’ve been wanting the louis vuitton mini bum bag ever since it came out a year or two ago, BUT it was sold out for forever. and then once it became available again i felt like everyone had it lol so i didn’t want it anymore.

and THEN a few weeks ago my mom and i were actually shopping together and i SAW the mini bum bag in this beautiful ivory color! and fell in LOVE. i bought it RIGHT away and have had zero regrets ever since! i feel like the ivory one isn’t quite as popular, it’s a bit harder to find, and it is the PERFECT color ‘ivory’ – not too stark white but the perfect neutral to go with any outfit! i could do a whole blog post review about this bag haha but for the sake of this blog post i’ll just leave it at that…a new bag i am LOVING!

two. ‘the chosen’ on netflix

michael and i have heard SO many people rave about this show and kept saying ‘we need to watch that’, and we finally started it! to be completely honest…for the longest time i didn’t want to because when i watch tv at the end of the day, i just want something mindless. and i thought the chosen would feel more like a sermon or something. but it really doesn’t. the show is SO well done and really does make ‘jesus come to life’ in a way that i haven’t really experienced before. it’s a show about the life of Jesus that allows viewers to see Jesus through the eyes of those who knew him. and it really has been so powerful and moving (and we are only 3 episodes in).

three. skinceuticals exfoliant serum

i heard about this skinceuticals serum on a podcast and was intrigued by it, so i decided to give it a try. y’all, i have only been using these for 2 weeks and can already tell SUCH a difference in the texture / ‘smoothness’ of my skin! i love that it’s an exfoliating serum but it is gentle enough that you can use it daily and it doesn’t irritate your skin (or, it hasn’t irritated mine). it is clinically tested to improve the appearance of discoloration, and the look of visible lines + help maintain optimal hydration to support a healthy skin barrier! i feel like it does 5 things in one, again without irritating my skin at all. i’ve been using this every morning because at night i use retinol and i’m afraid the combo of those two might be a little much!


^click the photo to shop the look!

four. vuori skirts

this one is not new haha and if you’ve been following me for a while you know i practically LIVE in these skirts. but now that the weather is warming back up i’ve brought them out again and MAN i forgot how much i loved them! they have built in shorts underneath so they are practical for everyday mom life, or going for walks or playing tennis etc. but they also just look cuter + a little more feminine / elevated than regular ol workout shorts. i think they’re so flattering but so comfy, yet still practical and functional and finding ALL of those things in one is not easy! i love that vuori skirts also come in long lengths if you need a little extra length!

five. hydro flask in ‘sugar crush’

okay file this water bottle under things i know i did not need but i could not resist this adorable, limited edition sugar crush color! it’s like the perfect mix of pastel colors for spring and just makes me so happy! i have this cup in a few different colors now and love that it has a handle AND fits in any cupholder!

six. natasha denona crease-proof concealer

i heard about this concealer from one of my favorite makeup artists during the Sephora sale and decided to try it out. i have at least 5 different concealers i rotate between but since i bough this one, i have not used ANYTHING else! it’s one of the only concealers i’ve ever used that i feel like actually hydrates and truly BRIGHTENS underneath my eye, vs just covers up dark circles. like it almost makes underneath my eyes look illuminated, bright, hydrated, glowy. it has such a great applicator, doesn’t crease, and truly lasts all day! probably my favorite under eye concealer i’ve ever purchased! i got this in the shade n3.

seven.  sam edelman ballet flats

i shared these flats on my stories yesterday but in case you missed those stories…holy moly am i in love with these ballet flats! i’ll be the first to admit i was NOT a fan of the ballet flat trend. until i tried on this pair. they are INSANELY comfortable and i couldn’t believe how many different outfits they looked cute with! from jeans to trousers to matching suit sets to dresses! you can dress them up or down and i love that they’re like feminine and classic yet cool and trendy all at the same time! (also seen here and here). telling y’all – don’t knock the trend until you try it!


^click the photo to shop the look!

eight.  sleepytie

i’ve been sleeping with my hair in a top knot in a silk scrunchie for at least 2 years now. helps it to not get tangled, keeps it from getting sweaty, and keeps ME from getting sweaty lol. but i recently discovered the ‘sleepytie’ which is basically the GOAT of all silk scrunchies and actually allows you to wake up with perfect hair! you need to watch the tutorial on their website but they explain HOW to secure your hair in this scrunchie in order to wake up with hair that looks like you just got the perfect 90’s blowout! there was a learning curve for sure but now that i’ve got the hang of it, i sleep with my hair up in one of these things every night and when i take my hair down in the morning it just feels bouncy and voluminous and fresh!

nine. bondi boost thermal round brush

i’ve shared this thermal round brush a few times on stories and it keeps selling out so if you find it in stock…buy it while you can! currently my favorite hair tool and one i’m SO glad i finally purchased! it uses infrared heat on your hair so it’s less damaging. you use it on dry hair but it’s not necessarily a curling iron. i feel like it gives you those voluminous, easy waves + volume you get from having your hair blown out at the salon…but without having to blow dry your hair perfectly with a round brush. better way to explain it – i love how my hair looks with hot rollers but those take FOREVER for me to put in, and then wait, and then take out. this thermal brush gives you that same ‘hot rollers’ look but MUCH faster and i honestly like the finished result even more. you can use this to just curl your ends under, or smooth everything out, or curl your hair! i got this about a month ago and have used it non stop ever since.

ten.  greenlights

i’m sure you guys have heard the millions of raving reviews about Matthew McConaughey’s book greenlights just like i had. i’ve really been loving listening to autobiographies when i run and needed a new one. decided to give this one a try because i’ve heard such great things and i gotta say….it really does live up to all the hype! and i’m only a few chapters in! i love that it’s not JUST an autobiography – he also weaves in a lot of wisdom + inspiration into his story as well. and he is SUCH an incredible narrator and storyteller! definitely worth a listen if you’re wanting a new book!

i think that about covers it! (i have more things in my TRT note lol but i’ll save those for next time!). hope you all have such a great weekend!



xo Lauren

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