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Lifestyle 1 month ago

10 random things i'm loving


it’s been a minute since i’ve shared a 10 random things post with you guys – and i’ve been adding a lot of things to my list of random things i’m loving lately! from books to podcasts to new beauty products to bug spray lol i’ve got a good list for y’all today!


one. ritual bioseries melatonin

if you’ve been following me for a while, you know i am not the best sleeper. i am always trying out new sleep supplements / routines etc to see what works. i recently did research on / tried out ritual’s sleep supplement and so far…i have had GREAT experience with this melatonin. before you tune me out bc melatonin doesn’t work for you…let me tell ya: regular melatonin doesn’t work for me either. i’ve struggled with sleep for most of my adult life and when people say ‘have you tried melatonin?’ i want to punch them in the face lol

but this melatonin is different! it has an immediate AND extended release so it not only helps you fall asleep, but helps you STAY asleep. and you don’t wake up groggy the next day! it’s also a relatively low dose of melatonin which is better for your system and hormones overall! i’ve taken it 3 nights so far and all 3 nights i have slept SO well.


two. meant to be by emily giffin

i just finished this book a few weeks ago and LOVED it, if you’re looking for a good summer fiction read! it had such a sweet love story, i fell in love with the characters, and it was kind of a nice break from my usual stressful thriller type books haha. it’s kind of a retelling of the story of JFK Jr and his wife too which i found really fascinating! (and i’m not usually a historical fiction type of girl haha but this one was really interesting / written so well).

three. the BEST bug spray

never thought i’d be including bug spray in a blog post but here we are lol! i get EATEN ALIVE by mosquitos, especially in the summer, and i always have! even when i was a little kid. but i HATE the feeling of bug spray. it’s sticky, it smells bad, you always have to shower after…(not to mention a lot of them can have toxic ingredients in them). i ordered this bug spray off of amazon and it’s a GAME changer! it doesn’t smell bad (i actually like the smell of it), it’s not sticky at all, but it also WORKS. like i don’t get a single mosquito bite when i have this one! it’s also safe to use on kiddos! i will never go back go using normal OFF bug spray again haha i take this stuff everywhere with me now!



four. fp movement shorts

i got these new fp movement shorts about 2 weeks ago and have worn them at least 4 times since then haha. i am OBSESSED with the adorable color block combo, the little belt, built in shorts liner…they are SO adorable but still athletic and super functional. they’re not too short, great for working out, or just everyday mom life! and super flattering! definitely hoping they come out with them in more colors!

five. skylar hair & body mist

i heard several people raving about this body mist so i gave it a sniff one time in sephora and fell in LOVE. it just smells like happy, feminine, summer…but not too overpowering. like coconut milk. vanilla, sand. super fresh and light but just HAPPY if that makes sense! i usually wear perfume but on a day to day basis love a good hair and body mist to just spray on my body and go! vs perfume i like to use more for a date night or special occasion. this smells SO good and makes me so happy every time i put it on!


six. cymbiotika nootropic creamer

i ordered this creamer the moment they launched it, and have had it with my coffee pretty much every day since! it’s a powder you put in your coffee that helps to slow the release of caffeine, enhance memory, mood and attention, and improves cognitive performance under stress and supports mental resilience. sooo why would you NOT want to up your coffee game like that every morning?! i also LOVE the taste of it – it’s like a coconut vanilla! y’all can use code LAURENKAY for a discount on anything cymbiotika btw!

seven. transform podcast

i started listening to this podcast a month or two ago and really enjoy it! it’s by the two founders of FORM which is a workout app – both the girls names are sami haha – and i really like their approach to wellness! it’s very holistic, gentle, and goes a lot deeper than just the food we’re eating or the workouts we’re doing. i honestly just think they are two beautiful kind humans and i like listening to them talk haha so if you’re looking for a new health / wellness podcast, i think this is a really good one!

eight. akasha sea moss gummies

i’ve shared these glow gummies on my stories several times but i am LOVING them! it’s a sea moss gummy and sea moss has SO many amazing benefits for your body / skin! the glow gummies are a blend of Irish Sea Moss, Pearl Powder, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and Aloe Vera, which work synergistically together to promote healthy skin. this combination of ingredients helps to hydrate, protect, tighten, and soothe the skin, while also reducing inflammation and promoting collagen production! and i’ve noticed my skin looks SO much glowier since i started taking them. ALSO they taste like a fruit gusher lol and i look forward to taking one everyday! y’all can use code LKS for a discount!



nine. eby undies

these underwear are hands down the most comfortable thong underwear i have ever worn. they are seamless, smoothing, fit perfectly…and even if you think you don’t like wearing thongs, these will change your mind. they have almost 2,000 5 star reviews for a reason! since i started wearing these i like refuse to wear any of my other panties anymore because these are just SO comfortable! if you’re not into thongs though, they have regular underwear as well that are just as comfy. y’all can use code sims15 for 15% off!

ten. refy brów tint gel

i’ve shared this brow tint gel on my stories several times now but it’s become my go-to brow product, especially for summer! it is SO easy to use and i love that it tints your brows while also shaping them + adding fullness all at the same time! so you only need to use one product! it’s perfect for summer because it keeps things minimal and also looks so natural! it’s super easy to use too so even if you’re intimidated by brow products…this one is pretty fool proof!

for more faves sign up here!

thanks for reading friends! hope y’all have a great week!

xo Lauren

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