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faith + inspiration 9 years ago

for the restless

We all want lasting rest and sturdy peace of heart. We want to be able to quit searching and have hearts that are satisfied. But we forget that real rest of heart is never found on the other side of the Creator’s boundaries. Peace and rest are always found when we give our hearts in submission to the Savior. Rest is found in these words: “Your kingdom come, your will be done, on earth as it is in heaven” (Matt. 6:10). We say to God: “May your kingdom come in all that I think, desire, and say. May young kingdom come in my work. May your kingdom come in my leisure. May your kingdom so rule my heart that stepping over your boundaries would no longer be attractive to me.” That is my prayer for myself. – New Morning Mercies by Paul Tripp

As a “fashion blogger”, people say to me every now and then “oh my gosh you just have the perfect for life”. It’s easy to get a misconception that fashion bloggers have it made because some of us can work from home and you can get free clothes. While I do love my job and am incredibly thankful with it, my heart struggles as much as the next girls with trying to find satisfaction outside of Christ. And no matter how amazing my job is or my husband is or anything else in my life…looking to those things for satisfaction or fulfillment will leave me empty-handed and disappointed every time.


I love this quote from my Paul Tripp devotional this morning about true peace and rest. They don’t come from having a great job or an awesome wardrobe or the perfect hair color or my husband being on point with date nights. Those things are wonderful and might bring you temporary happiness, but true peace and rest are only found when we give our hearts in submission to the Savior. And that type of peace and rest cannot be shaken by your job situation or a fight with your best friend or your jeans feeling too tight today.

Let’s be women who chase after true peace and rest in Christ by fully submitting to Him, and not looking elsewhere for that security and satisfaction.


Some devotionals/books I’m either currently reading or that I recommend and love:



xo Lauren

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