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faith + inspiration 8 years ago

respect and friendship








Photos by Martha Grace Henry

My outfit details: Floral dress | Earrings | Necklace | Sandals

Michael’s outfit: Blue shirt | Chino pants

As I mentioned in this post – one of the reasons that March is my favorite month is because it’s when Michael and I got married! Our anniversary is March 28th and this year we will be celebrating two years of marriage. Which, I know compared to 35 sounds like nothing, but it’s amazing how much you learn and grow from year 1 to year 2. I honestly feel like every day we learn something new about each other, or something new about marriage.

So, two years into marriage…I am definitely no expert, and probably not in a place to give marriage advice! There are definitely things we have both learned over the past 2 years and marriage advice people gave us when were engaged (which we are hoping to share in a later post), but today I just want to give two pieces of advice to any girl who is either single, dating, or engaged. They are both simple, and short, but I think make the world of a difference in marriage, and really, your life.

  1. Marry someone who, above all, you respect 110%. You will argue in marriage, you will disagree on things and it won’t always be easy. But when you know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the man you married is a man of integrity, a man of faith who loves the Lord (if that’s a priority to you), then you know you can follow and trust and submit to him. There have definitely been things that Michael and I have disagreed on, but above all I trust who he is, the type of man that he is, and that he is wise and loves the Lord. When you don’t have to question those things, it brings so much more peace to marriage, and to all of the decisions you will make together. I’m so thankful that through the good and the bad over these past two years, there’s never been a doubt in my mind that I married a man of true character and wisdom who loves the Lord and leads me so well.
  2. Marry your best friend. Obviously, attraction is so important in dating and marriage, and you definitely need that! BUT, if all you have is attraction and there’s not a true, deep friendship there as well…don’t marry him! I’ll be real with ya’ll: I think Michael is the hottest man alive hands down, but so many times what gets us through hard decisions or family problems or job troubles is the fact that we are best friends. At the end of the day, I’m paying mortgage with my best friend, watching the bachelor with my best friend, going to church with my best friend, and just doing life every single day with him. And it’s the best thing in the world. He makes me laugh about the silliest things at the end of a long day, he laughs at my DUMBEST jokes, and knows that queso can heal a multitude of sins. Friendship is huge! And, in my opinion, totally key to a joyful marriage.

Stay tuned for a marriage advice post (from both Michael and myself) sometime later this month, and more pictures from the super talented Martha Henry!

xo Lauren

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