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Travel 8 years ago

Italy travel guide: part 1, the overview

Michael and I have officially been back from Italy for just over 1 week now. I posted a ton about our trip on my instagram and snapchat (username: laurenkay2), but I wanted to share an Italy travel guide with y’all via the blog, in case any of you are thinking about planning a trip to Italy soon!

I will be doing a few different posts about our trip, because we went to 4 different cities in Italy. So, I’ll be doing a travel guide for each city with lots of details and recommendations, but first I just wanted to do an overview of our trip with some of the basic information!

How long was our trip?

Our trip was 14 days total, including travel days.

All the cities we visited in Italy

Michael and I went to Amalfi coast (we stayed in Praiano), Rome, Florence, an Venice. We stayed in each city for 3 nights, except for Florence. We were in Florence for 4 nights.


leather tote | grey cardigan | baseball cap | pink tank | distressed skinny jeans | white sneakers | Delsey luggage | arrowstack necklace

Flight/transportation info

  • We flew into Naples, and from there we rented a car to drive to the Amalfi coast. PLEASE note, I kind of think renting a car was a mistake. Driving in Naples and on the Amalfi coast was kind of terrifying, and we really didn’t need a car in the Amalfi coast because of the bus. So, I would recommend maybe getting a driver to take you from Naples to Amalfi coast.
  • After our 3 nights in Amalfi coast, we drove the rental car back to Naples, and then took a train to Rome.
  • From here on out, we took a train to get from city to city. Once we were in the cities, we just walked everywhere, or took a bus/metro (or there’s also Uber in Rome. but it’s definitely not the same as the states! You can also get a taxi most places)

Where we stayed

We actually stayed in Air bnb’s for our entire trip. We found the air bnb route to be MUCH more budget-friendly than hotels, and we enjoyed having the space as well. For the most part, we had really great experiences with all of our air bnb’s. For a long trip like this, it also gives you the ability to go to the market and buy eggs or things to make for breakfast so you don’t necessarily have to eat out every meal. A few of the air bnb’s also had washer/dryers which was so nice.

If budget isn’t an issue at all though, I’m sure a hotel would be more convenient. You have a receptionist at the front desk who can make reservations for you, they obviously have more accommodations, and so forth. We were very happy going the air bnb route though!

Michael actually did all of the research looking into our air bnb’s. Reading reviews is really important, and making sure you are in the location you need to be in!



This was our air bnb in Florence, which we LOVED! 

How we planned the trip/advice on planning Italy

We planned this whole trip just reading different blogs and travel guides…and recommendations from friends, family, and YOU guys! Which, I’d like to take a second to just thank each one of you who either e-mailed me or messaged me on snapchat with your recommendations. Some of our favorite restaurants or activities we did were from the messages y’all sent me on snapchat and I can’t thank you enough for doing that! More on that to come in future posts where I talk more about specifics from the trip.

When you start planning a trip like Italy, it can feel SO overwhelming. Michael and I kept putting it off because we felt so overwhelmed haha. But, I would recommend first, deciding how long your trip will be. Next, pick which spots you’d like to see. If you’re doing a 14-day trip, I think 4 cities was perfect. It was definitely packed, with not alot of downtime, but we got to see so much. If you’re doing a 10 day trip, I’d recommend picking 2 or 3 cities. Just my opinion though!

Once you know how long your trip will be, and which cities you want to visit…then you can get down into the details of making your itinerary.


Positano! One of my favorite spots on our entire trip

In my upcoming Italy travel guide (s), I’m going to be sharing where we stayed in each city, our favorite restaurants and activities and advice on getting reservations/tickets and such. So I will be doing 4 Italy travel guide posts (one for each city we stayed): Positano/Praiano, Rome, Venice, and Florence. Let me know though in the comments below if you have any specific questions or any specific posts you would like for me to do regarding those cities, or Italy travel in general!

xo Lauren

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