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faith + inspiration 7 years ago

my word for 2018


Just like most of you guys, I made a lot of goals / resolutions for 2018! I might do a blog post on my specific resolutions sometime in January, but today, I want to share my word with y’all for 2018. As I’ve been praying for this coming year, and reflecting on 2017, I’ve had the same word come to mind repeatedly. (If you haven’t checked it out yet, in this post I share how I review the past year, and make goals for the coming year).



2017 was an absolutely amazing year for us. We moved to Colorado, traveled a ton, had TONS of visitors stay with us, and was a huge year of growth for the blog as well. Along with the greatness of 2017 though, came a lot of chaos for me, personally. I feel like I never stopped – I was always working or traveling or hosting or running or DOING something 100% of the time. I said yes to nearly every opportunity, every request, every person, everything.

I hope and pray that 2018 is another growth year – for the blog, for my marriage, for who I am as a woman of God. But, I hope there is growth without the chaos. So, as I’ve been praying for 2018, the word that continually comes to mind is intentional.


This year, I am striving to be intentional in everything I do, and every decision that I make. If I say yes to a collaboration or a travel opportunity, I want it to be an intentional yes – a yes that has been thought and prayed through and evaluated on every level. If I say yes to hosting friends or family in our house, I want it to be a yes that’s coming from a place of balance and authenticity, and not a ‘yes’ solely to make everyone happy (if that makes sense).

I’m striving to be intentional in every decision I make this year – because I want my ‘yeses’ to lead to more life, peace, growth, intimacy in relationships, and joy. I don’t want my yeses to come from a place of obligation or habit or FOMO.

I also want to be intentional with my “no’s”, and to not be afraid of that word. Maybe there are times where a trip isn’t in my best interest or I’m feeling burnt out from hosting people in our house, or a collaboration isn’t really on brand for me…I want to confidently exercise the use of the word ‘no’ in a healthy (and loving) way.

I want to be intentional with my relationships. Now that we don’t live in the same city as our families, I want to be intentional in still growing closer with my siblings and parents and people I can’t necessarily see every day anymore. That doesn’t happen without intention. I want to be intentional with relationships and new friendships in Colorado. Those things also don’t happen without intention.


Outfit Details: Chenile Sweater (similar here) | Dark Skinny Jeans | Pom Pom Beanie (similar here) OTK Boots here and here | Crossbody Purse

So, for me…2018 is about less chaos and more intention. Maybe that will mean less trips or less collaborations or just..less….but if that leads to a more balanced life with intentional relationships and adventures, then sign me up for that!

Have you thought of a word for 2018? Share in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

xo Lauren

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