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Home + Family 6 years ago

pregnancy must-have's!

Hi friends! It feels SO weird to be writing this post now that I’m NOT pregnant anymore! I remember as soon as that pregnancy test showed a positive sign, I was looking through tons of blogs to try and find any and all information I could about pregnancy must-haves: maternity jeans, stretch mark cream, etc. These have also been some of my most frequently asked questions over the last several months so I figured I’d create a post where you can find all of that information in ONE place! (I share lots of this information through my ‘bumpdate’ blog posts. But figured it would be easier to find it all here, in one place).

Click on any image in the collage below to shop!


Praying Through Your Pregnancy | Natural Calm | Gin Gins | Bio Oil | Ultra Repair Cream | Pregnancy Pillow | L’Occitane Shower Oil | Prenatal Gummies | Thermal Top | Bao Bei Maternity Support Band | Maternity Leggings | Honest Belly Balm | Lemon Ginger Tea | Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth | HydroFlask Water Bottle | Maternity Jeans | Black Maternity Jeans

Natural Calm – you guys know I have major sleep issues, and before I was pregnant I would occasionally take melatonin or advil PM or other medication to help me sleep. Since those weren’t options once we were pregnant, I decided to give this magnesium supplement a try, and I LOVE it. (I talk more about my sleep issues and different remedies in this blog post ). This definitely helped with my sleep, but since it’s a magnesium supplement there are other benefits to it as well (ie: helps with regularity with bowel movements ha lets be real, the pregnancy constipation is REAL). I still drink natural calm every single night, even now that I’m not pregnant.

Gin Gins – I didn’t struggle with the insane morning sickness that a lot of pregnant people do (thank heavens!) but I did get the occasional nausea throughout my pregnancy and these little ginger chews really helped me with that! I bought them in bulk on Amazon!

I know people say stretch marks are 100% just about genetics and it doesn’t matter what you use. So, who knows if that’s true or not. But, I know that I did consistently use a combination of Bio Oil and Honest Belly Balm throughout pregnancy, and didn’t get a single stretch mark. Who knows if it was from these products or not but either way, I had to recommend them to y’all! I kind of alternated between the two…or I’d use one in the morning and one at night, starting in my second trimester. I rubbed these all over my belly, breasts, butt, and inner/upper thighs. I love that they are organic and natural and just feel really hydrating on your body.

Ultra Repair Cream – I never knew this could happen during pregnancy but my skin got SO dry and SO itchy throughout my entire pregnancy. it was also super sensitive so I couldn’t use any lotions with a scent or I’d break out in a rash. I used this ultra repair cream religiously and it kept my skin hydrated and helped with any itchiness.

Pregnancy Pillow – LIFE. SAVER. I am naturally a back sleeper and since you’re not supposed to sleep on your back when pregnant, this pillow really helped me get comfortable on my side. Yes, it is massive and your husband will probably complain about it (or try to steal it haha) but I promise it will help you sleep SO much better. It’s worth every penny!

Prenatal Gummies – These are the prenatal vitamins I took throughout pregnancy, and I’m currently still taking since I’m breastfeeding Shiloh. They are the only gummy prenatal vitamin in the world with iron in it! Which is great because I was slightly anemic before starting to take these. Call me a child but I hate swallowing pills haha so when I saw a gummy prenatal that had all of the nutrients I needed (contains Vegetarian Life’s DHA, made from Algae Oil, which helps improve fetal brain and eye development and Choline, which helps your baby’s brain and spine develop properly, formulated with 30mg of Vitamin B6 etc) I knew this was the prenatal for me! Also made with organic ingredients and pectin based. 

HydroFlask Water Bottle – it is SO important while you’re pregnant to stay insanely hydrated – especially living in Colorado. I have this 32oz water bottle in a few different colors ha bc I kind of plant them all over the house. This water bottle will keep your water cold ALL day and I love that it has a lid with a straw.

Black Maternity Jeans – these are hands down the best maternity jeans I tried on (and I tried A LOT). If you are pregnant, even if you’re not needing maternity jeans, do yourself a favor and go ahead and order these now. You will live in them throughout your pregnancy. They look like you’re just wearing normal, cute jeans, but they accommodate a bump so well and are so comfortable. I love that it doesn’t look like you’re wearing maternity jeans at all!

Ina May’s Guide to Childbirth – if you are at all interested in having a natural childbirth, I highly recommend reading this book! i read it really early on in pregnancy…and tbh there’s some really weird stuff in here lol, but also some very helpful information! Going into pregnancy I knew absolutely nothing about childbirth and this really helped educate me and just confirm the fact that I did in fact want to (try and) do this naturally.

Hope any of you expecting momma’s find some of my pregnancy must-haves helpful! If you had any favorite items during your pregnancy, definitely share with us in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

xo Lauren

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