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Family 2 years ago

3 month post partum + baby update




Hi friends! Hope you all had an amazing weekend and feeling ready to take this week on. Shiloh turned 3 months old yesterday which I CANNOT BELIEVE. So I thought I would do another post partum / baby update for you guys today!

Before I share this update though…I got a DM from a follower last week saying she was unfollowing me because I was constantly “bragging” on what a good baby Shiloh is and it was making her feel bad, because her baby wasn’t sleeping through the night or wouldn’t get on a schedule, etc. I hope you guys know…that is the LAST thing that I want! I never want to make ANY mom feel bad or like her baby isn’t “getting it”. Please hear me when I say¬†every baby is so different and I’m sure every stage is so different! Just like any baby, Shiloh definitely has her strengths and weaknesses. She has great days and she has fussy days. So, when you read my update below¬†please never let it make you feel like you’re doing something wrong. You are the best momma for your baby and you are doing an amazing job – no matter how much your baby is or isn’t sleeping. My posts about Shiloh are here to hopefully help you guys! To give you some tips on what has worked for us, products we love, etc. These posts are never ever intended to make you feel bad! Okay, getting off my soap box.



So these past few weeks with Shiloh have probably been my favorite so far. She has been smiling like CRAZY which just melts me – she smiles for both me and Michael a ton! And honestly these past few weeks I finally feel like we are both just “getting it”. Her schedule is pretty consistent, she’s been sleeping great, eating really well…I feel like we’ve kind of hit our stride. Again, every baby hits this at a different point I’m sure, but starting around week 10 I’d say her night sleep was consistently great. She was probably sleeping 8-10 hours consistently by 10 weeks, and now she consistently sleeps 12 hours! I get tons of questions about her sleep schedule / training etc so make sure to see this blog post where I share all the info on that. I think I shared in my 2 month update post…that around week 7 or 8 I started losing it. Her sleep was still not great, I was exhausted and just felt so defeated. I followed all these other bloggers or had friends that told me their baby was sleeping through the night at 8 weeks old and I felt like we were doing something wrong.


We got to the “sleeping through the night” thing between weeks 10 and 12 and it’s a glorious thing. I’ve learned though that every baby will get there at a different time. Maybe your baby got there at 8 weeks old which is incredible. Maybe you’re at 12 weeks right now and you’re still not there. Be patient with yourself and your baby. Give yourself grace. Maybe look into something like Moms on Call or Taking Cara Babies and see if you can find helpful sleep tips there! I just know I felt so defeated when Shiloh wasn’t sleeping through the night at 8 weeks old. And now I’ll know for our future babies…it took her 12 weeks! Be patient. (And maybe with the next baby it’ll be totally different). But, you’ll get there!

So Shiloh is smiling and sleeping and interacting with / responding to toys more. We got her this activity gym thing and she loves it! We’ve also been traveling more with her recently and its been going SO well! I was terrified the first flight, but Shiloh did great and since then, we’re really getting the hang of this traveling with a newborn thing! I might do a blog post on some of my tips here in the next few weeks if y’all would be interested in that! We’ve taken 3 or 4 trips with her now and she has done so well with it.


As far as my own post partum recovery process, things are going well! I’ve been working out usually 5 days a week. My cardio / endurance came back really quick, I think because I ran up until the very end of pregnancy. My core strength though is definitely taking a while to come back, which I expected and am okay with! Trying to make myself do some type of core workout at least 3 days a week, but it’s tough when I feel like I have zero core strength right now ha.

Obviously every woman’s body is totally different when it comes to post baby things. It’s been an interesting journey for me because I got back to my “pre-baby weight” pretty quickly after having Shiloh [thank you breastfeeding haha], but my body still doesn’t feel the same at all, no matter what the scale might say. Like I said, my core strength isn’t there, things “down there” still feel a little weird [TMI? sorry!] and overall I just feel…different than I did pre-baby, for lack of a better word! All that to say though, my body feels stronger than ever and I feel more proud of my body than I ever have before. Pregnancy, childbirth, and breastfeeding are pretty monumental tasks for your body to take on. And I feel really proud of my body for thriving in those areas!


Outfit details: Cropped pullover | Mesh leggings | Adidas kicks | Aviator sunnies | Beanie | Doona

Now that Shiloh is 3 months old, I probably won’t be doing post partum updates necessarily anymore! I might keep doing monthly updates on her though if y’all would be interested in that. I can’t thank y’all enough for following us along through the newborn journey. All of your encouragement, advice, and support has meant the world to us!

xo Lauren

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