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Travel 5 years ago

finest playa mujeres review + recap


A few weeks ago, we took our first family vacation to the beach and it was honestly one of my all-time favorite trips we have ever taken. We stayed at Finest Playa Mujeres and loved our time there so much, we even changed our flights to extend our stay one more night! I honestly could’ve spent a good two weeks there and STILL not have been ready to go home! Today I want to share a Finest Playa Mujeres review with y’all : our fave restaurants there, why we loved the resort, as well as how we did a beach trip with a 4 month old!

Our Room


Outfit details: Black Maxi Dress | Espadrille Sandals | Similar Straw Bag | Earrings


Outfit details: Crochet Bikini Top | Bottoms | Leather Sandals Here and Here | Hat | Sunnies

So for the first 4 nights of our trip, we stayed in a two-story rooftop terrace suite with private plunge pool (pictured above). Whether you have kids or not, this is an INCREDIBLE room with an amazing view. (You can see the view from our room in the first photo in this post). But we ESPECIALLY loved having this room with a baby! Shiloh would take her morning nap in our room, and we could just go upstairs and lay out there or use our private plunge pool! We used the rooftop every single day. If you’re going to Finest, I highly recommend getting this room OR the junior swim up suite, which we stayed in our last night at Finest! (Pictured below)


Outfit details: Ruffle + Palm Print Bikini | Sunnies


Outfit details: Swimsuit | Lace Bonnet


This hammock / pool was legitimately right outside of our room in the junior swim-up suite. Like, get out of bed, and just swim right up to your hammock kind of deal. SO amazing. I honestly don’t know which room we liked more between this one and the rooftop terrace. Both are SO amazing, especially with a baby. Shiloh LOVED being in the hammock with me too which was so fun!

The service


Y’all. I cannot say enough good things about the AMAZING service we had at Finest. the drinks you see pictured above were made specially for me and Michael and brought to our junior swim-up suite, just as a little surprise one morning! Our entire trip was filled with little surprises like this throughout our day, that just made the trip feel extra special! We also had to call maintenance for our room because the lights were motion-sensored. We needed those turned off bc we didn’t want to wake Shiloh up in the night or during nap times. They came and fixed this right away. Anytime we ordered room service it was delivered SO fast. All of the waiters + waitresses were so kind and friendly. We’ve definitely stayed at a few resorts where housekeeping or maintenance can take forever (or never come), room service is awful, etc and it can definitely make or break your trip. The service we experienced from the staff at Finest was a 10 on a 10 honestly.


The Food

I know when you typically think of an all-inclusive resort, you assume you’ll have to sacrifice great food for it to be “all-inclusive”. That is NOT the case though with Finest – or any of the Excellence resorts we’ve been to! Finest has tons of amazing restaurants to choose from – ranging from fine dining at a Steakhouse, fresh seafood poolside lunches, an amazing breakfast buffet, hibachi dinner…and so much more. We felt like we needed two weeks here just to try out all of the different food options haha. Above you will see a special Mexican tasting they prepared for Michael and I by the pool one day and it was DELICIOUS.

For breakfast, we did the breakfast buffet every morning. It was the easiest option with Shiloh and there were SO many options. For dinner, we did the steak & seafood restaurant one night, hibachi, mexican, lobster, and tapas (5 nights total). My personal favorite restaurant was the Mexican! They had the best margaritas and Michael and I loved every course we had there.

Finest also has the cutest little cafe where you can go get yummy coffee drinks made, pastries…aaaand *drum roll* ICE CREAM ALL DAY! Haha I definitely took advantage of the Sweet Corner every single day!


Outfit details: Swimsuit | Lace Bonnet | Floatie

Beach vacation with a baby

Not gonna lie, I was pretty nervous to bring Shiloh to Mexico for 5 days. Even though she’s a great traveler, she’s never really experienced warm temperatures, humidity, or the pool! Mexico is also 2 hours ahead of mountain standard time so I was worried how this would affect her schedule. I told Michael before the trip “let’s go into this with ZERO expectations. she might hate the sun, hate the pool…this might be a really hard trip.” I think going into a trip you’ve never done with a baby before with zero expectations is key.

Having said that – Shiloh did GREAT! We kept her in the shade anytime she was outside, because babies under 6 months old shouldn’t wear sunscreen (according to our pediatrician). So we bought her this float, a few sunhats, and just kept her protected from the sun the whole time. She loved floating in the pool, or swimming with me and Michael! I realize every baby is totally different so this might not be true for your baby. But just wanted y’all to know this was very doable for us with a 4 month old.

Taking a Mexico trip with Shiloh was also super easy at Finest because they are a very kid-friendly all inclusive resort! Our room was set up with a baby bed, bottle warmer, sound machine, and lots of other baby necessities! I’ve never seen such a family friendly resort honestly. They also have tons of fun activities and areas if your baby is a little bit older, with tons of kid activities!


Outfit details: Palm Coverup | Striped Swimsuit Top | Bottoms | Embellished Sandals | Hat | Sunnies

I loved all of the DM’s you guys sent me during this trip saying that you stayed at Finest Playa Mujeres and it was one of your favorite trips EVER. We seriously had so much fun and I hope this is a trip we get to repeat every year! Let me know if I can answer any questions for y’all in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

xo Lauren

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