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Beauty 5 years ago

recent amazon favorites!

I don’t know about you guys but I am borderline addicted to amazon prime lol. It’s kind of an issue. Especially since having Shiloh I found myself buying stuff on there almost daily! So I thought it would be fun today to round up some of my recent amazon finds that I’ve been loving and using daily!

Click on any item in the collage to shop!


White Ruffle Bikini | Skinnytaste Cookbook | Dip Powder Nail Polish | Coffee Creamer | Curling Iron | Hair Ties | Ollie Swaddle | Yeti Cup | Protein Bar | Round Brush | Apple Watch Band | Passion Planner | ‘Prayer’ Book | Nut Butter Variety Pack | Portable Charger | Polka Dot Bikini


portable power bank

I don’t know about you but I feel like my phone is constantly dying – especially because I do so much work from my phone. I’ve tried out a million different chargers but I’ve been unimpressed with most of them. They usually charge my phone super slow and don’t get it very far until the charger dies. This portable power bank though is a game changer! It can actually charge two devices at once and will charge your phone (or iPad) SO fast. I’ve plugged my phone and iPad into this thing at the same time and it charged both devices super fast, and the power bank still had battery left! I even use this around my house when I need my phone but don’t want to be plugged into a wall because it charges my phone so fast. I definitely take it on every trip with me and can’t recommend it enough!


Skinnytaste one & done cookbook

If you follow me on instagram stories, you know that probably 75% of the dinners I make are from the skinnytaste website! I am obsessed with her meals because they are healthy, taste delicious, and most of them are super easy! I bought the one & done cookbook because it has even MORE recipes in it and they are all “one & done” – meaning, you don’t have to make chicken and then a bunch of sides to go with the meal. All of these recipes are either sheetpan dinners, instant pot, or a whole dinner in the skillet. I’ve made several recipes from here that both Michael and I have loved. I want to make my way through the whole cookbook in 2019!


passion planner

Planners are another area I kind of consider myself an expert in lol just because I have tried about every single planner on the market! And as I’m sure you know, they are not all created equal! I personally love the passion planner because I like that it breaks up your “work to-do” and “personal to-do” and also gives you a space to just kind of brain dump at the beginning of your week. Each day also has a “today’s focus” box which I like. Sometimes I have 15 things on my to-do list, but I like being able to pick just one or two things to really hone in on that day. Out of all the planners I’ve ever used, this might be my all-time favorite!


apple watch band

This is my most recent amazon purchase that I am LOVING! This band is $23 and I love how it looks! I think it’s super unique (i’ve never seen anyone with this band!) and I love how lightweight it is. I typically wear the silicone sport band for working out, but I love this resin one for more casual, everyday (non-workout) looks! You can also take out some links so it fits you just right! I am obsessed!

anc dipping powder nail polish

Some would say I am very particular about my nail color lol, but when you get dipping powder you have to commit! It lasts for 2-3 weeks! I have a few favorite pinks that a lot of salons don’t carry…so I just started ordering my own from amazon and bringing it with me to the salons! I love this pink color because it’s the perfect light pink – it shows up and doesn’t look too ‘natural’, but it’s neutral enough to go with any outfit or everyday look!


anjou curling iron

You guys know how much I love my T3 curling iron. I’ve used it for years and think its worth every penny. However, not everyone wants to drop that amount of money on a curling iron which I totally get. So I recently got this $25 curling iron from amazon after my hair girl recommended it and it is AMAZING. I honestly think it works as well as the T3 but for a fraction of the cost! This curls my hair so well and the curls hold!

round brush

This was another recommendation from my hair girl that I’ve been LOVING. When you blow dry your hair with this round brush it makes your hair so smooth and straight and adds such good volume! I’ve tried out a ton of round brushes and this is for sure my fave I’ve ever used!


ollie swaddle

I won’t say too much about this swaddle because I talked about it a lot in this blog post. We’ve tried several different swaddles and this one is seriously our favorite (and obviously Shiloh’s favorite lol). I love that this swaddle is so secure and completely customizable – you can totally adjust it (cause of the velcro) depending on your baby’s size and how tight you want it to be. I honestly think this swaddle was key in getting Shiloh to sleep through the night. I recommend it to every momma! She’s four months now and probably will be transitioning out of the swaddle soon, but I will def be holding on to this for any future babies!


sport pony hair ties

Y’all, I am so particular about my hair ties. I don’t want them to be too tight, but I also don’t want my hair constantly falling down during a workout. I love these ones because they are really gentle on your hair. I feel like for years I used really thin, tight hair ties and I honestly think they would cause a lot of unnecessary breakage to my hair. These ones are really gentle but still effective, and the BEST part if they don’t leave major creases in your hair. I promise the hair ties you use really make a difference in the overall health and strength of your hair.

rx bars nut butter variety pack

I feel like if you’ve never tried these, it probably seems weird to get excited about a little sqeeze packet of almond butter lol. But these are for sure one of my favorites snacks! I love putting them on apples or toast, but honestly a lot of the time I’ll just eat them totally by themselves straight from the packet! I feel like people who don’t love almond butter even loves these. The vanilla almond butter is hands down my fave! I usually like to keep at least one packet in my purse in case of hanger (aka an emergency lol). I love the variety pack because it has several flavors and is a little more cost effective!


yeti mug

This may be the best $25 I’ve ever spent, especially in terms of kitchen stuff. I love this mug! It’s been such a God send since having Shiloh, because it will keep my coffee warm no matter what! I legit use this thing every day. It’s a good size too and holds just the right amount of coffee or tea (I mostly use it for coffee). I also really like that you can put it in the dishwasher. It also makes a good gift for any coffee lover or new momma!

xo Lauren

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