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Fashion 5 years ago

best purchases of 2019


Can you guys believe today is the LAST day of 2019?! I’m sure we’ll continue to say this every year but 2019 FLEW by for me. I’ve had so much fun for the last few days going back over ALL of my purchases of 2019 to try and narrow down my absolute top buys. Last year, I did a “best of” series where I shared my best purchases by category – baby, beauty, fashion, etc. This year though, I thought it might be easier to have everything in one place for y’all! I’m sharing everything from our coffee maker to designer bags, beauty products and more! These are products that I either use or wear almost every single day, and loved so much I bought multiple colors in. I’ve gotten friends and family hooked on some of these favorites and recommend everything below with every fiber of my being! These are in no particular order btw. Enjoy!

Golden Goose Sneakers

I can’t remember if I bought my first Golden Goose sneakers in 2018 or 2019 ha but either way, they deserved to make this list! I was extremely hesitant to spend this amount of money on a pair of sneakers but they have been MORE than worth the money! These shoes are insanely comfortable, look great with jeans or dresses or leggings, and have stood the test of time! I’ve worn my golden goose sneakers literally hundreds of times and they’re still in brand new condition. I wore these all over France and my feet never hurt, and they literally went with every single outfit I brought! If you’ve been on the fence about purchasing Golden Goose, I can honestly tell you they are WORTH IT!

Revitalash eyelash conditioner

Up until about May of 2019, I had eyelash extensions for probably 3 years straight and LOVED them. Then, I randomly developed an allergy to the glue in early 2019. My eyes would swell up and get super red and itchy. My lash girl even tried sensitive glue and that didn’t fix the problem. SO, I decided it was time to remove lash extensions and go au natural!  I bought this eyelash conditioner to help my lashes grow healthy and long again and it has been a MIRACLE WORKER y’all! Keep in mind it takes a WHILE to see results. You have to apply it every single night and probably won’t notice a difference at all for about a month…and then the REAL results won’t show up till probably month 2 or 3. But be patient because it’s worth it. My lashes are longer and healthier than ever, and even when I’m not wearing mascara people ask me if I have extensions! My mom bought it after seeing my results with it and her lashes are INASNE! Before using this product she had almost no eye lashes…and now it legit looks like she has extensions, even when she’s not wearing makeup. If you are wanting to grow your eye lashes really long and healthy, or if you’re wanting to stop getting lash extensions, you have to buy this eyelash conditioner!

Celine Sunglasses

These sunglasses had been on my wishlist for about a year and I finally made the purchase in 2019 (you’ll also see my golden goose sneakers in both of the photos above! told y’all I love in these!). I bought these sunglasses early on in 2019 and never once had buyer’s remorse for a second! I love that these sunglasses are so classic yet bold at the same time. The quality is also amazing – I’ve worn them hundreds of times and they’ve never stretched out or scratched at all (and I’m not super careful with them TBH!). I love that they are “year round” sunnies – you can wear them summer or winter, and they go with so many different types of outfits – whether you’re wearing a sporty / athleisure outfit, or something really dressed up. I used to strictly be a ray-bans girl but once I bought these, they quickly became my new go-to! Worth every penny.

Teleties hair ties

This might seem like a really random $8 purchase to be on my “top purchases” list ha but I am OBSESSED with these hair ties y’all! Literally, I can never use another hair tie again after discovering the magic of teleties haha. They don’t crease or damage your hair at all, and they also just look cute if you’re like me and always have a hair tie on your wrist! They look like a little bracelet! They also hold your hair up really well whether you’re doing a high pony tail or a low messy bun!

Vintner’s Daughter Serum & Essence

If you’ve been following me for a while, you know that these two Vintner’s Daughter products are my holy grail skincare products. (I did an entire blog post about them + my skincare routine here, so I won’t go into TOO much detail in this post about why I love them so much! This blog post has all of the info you need to know on them and more haha). But these two products transformed my skin this past year. They are EXPENSIVE and I cringed the first time I ever purchased them, but after using them for just a few weeks and seeing the wonders they did for my skin, I never looked back. There have been a few times in 2019 that I ran out of one or both of these products, and tried to substitute it with a less expensive product, and my skin did NOT look the same without the Vintner’s Daughter Serum & Essence. They’ve made my skin so smooth, helped even out the texture, battle breakouts, give me a great glow, and also helped with decrease the appearance of fine lines. I am 100% hooked. [PS – I need to do an updated skincare routine for you guys, so be on the lookout for that in Jan or Feb!]

Truffle cosmetic cases

Again, these travel pouches might seem kind of random to have made my “best purchases” list, but that’s because they have become a MUST-HAVE for me – both for everyday life and for traveling. I use the largest size zipper pouch in my LV tote or travel backpack to carry diapers and wipes, I use the mini size in my tote to carry lipstick and gum…I use the other sizes for traveling with my makeup or my skincare products. I use these pouches for EVERYTHING y’all! The quality is so good – I’ve used my pouches for a year now, hundreds of times, and they are still in perfect condition. They travel so well, keep your stuff organized, and look pretty! I got my mom hooked on these as well and she is a travel-guru!


Gucci Princetown Mules

I’d seen the classic Gucci slides on hundreds of people and always thought they looked SO pretty on other people, but felt like I couldn’t “pull them off”. I finally tried them on this year one day in Nordstrom and fell in LOVE right away. These were such a great buy y’all. They are SO insanely comfortable! You can walk around in them all day and your feet will still feel great. I also love how they look with both skinny jeans and boyfriend jeans. I love that they are classic yet trendy at the same time. These are shoes I know I’ll have for years to come and they have been worth every penny! I have them on my wishlist for 2020 in white because I love the black so much!

Halogen Seamless Bralette

Prior to purchasing this bralette, most days when I worked from home, I’d just wear a low impact sports bra (bc let’s be honest…who really wants to put on a bra bra when they’re just at the house haha). But wearing a sports bra with a t-shirt type of outfit isn’t really a great look. I am OBSESSED with this seamless bralette as an everyday loose t-shirt or sweatshirt type of bra! It is SO comfortable that I honestly sleep in it sometimes just because I don’t even realize I’m wearing it! It doesn’t have a TON of support, so if you are very well endowed (jealous lol) I’m not sure if you’ll love it. But for me – it’s the perfect everyday bra when you don’t want to wear a “real” bra or a sports bra! I want to buy like 15 more of them because I wear it so often!

Louis Vuitton Neverfull GM + MM

In 2019, I bought my first Louis Vuitton bag! I bought both the GM size and the MM! (The medium and the largest size). I love both sizes and both colors. I debated on what color / size to buy for forever and I’m honestly really glad I have both! The MM size (medium) is the perfect tote for everyday life with Shiloh! I can carry diapers + wipes, snacks, my own stuff, and it still looks really chic. And then I love the larger size  for airport / traveling…or if I just have more stuff to carry that day! These bags have been worth the investment because they allow me carry all of Shiloh’s stuff but still have a chic, classic bag at the same time. I’ve also LOADED these bags up and made them extremely heavy, and the handles haven’t frayed or shown any wear at all! I also LOVE this insert as a diaper bag insert or to keep my stuff organized! There’s a spot for diapers, toys, bottles, etc. It fits in almost any tote perfectly!

Loving Tan self tanner

I did a blog post this past summer all about my favorite self tanners and included this loving tan self tanner! This was a new product for me in 2019 and it’s become one I order on the regular now! I love this self tanner because it gives SUCH good color – I love the bronzy undertones and the fact that it doesn’t smell bad at all! I wear the shade “dark”. It also doesn’t get on your clothes or streak! I just ordered more last week because my bottle was empty and I can’t wait for it to come in!

Chanel boy bag + Chanel Classic

For years now I’d dreamt of the day of when I would buy my first Chanel bag…and 2019 was that year for me! I bought my first Chanel bag in Paris this fall which was incredibly special. And then I bought the Chanel boy bag resale from Julia Rose Boston and I love both of these bags so so much. They are an investment for sure, but something I know I will have for the rest of my life. I really couldn’t decide between the classic and the boy bag and honestly I can’t tell you which one I love more! I love them both and wear them both for different occasions. I had a few work-related goals I wanted to accomplish in 2019 and told myself if I did, I could buy the Chanel bags I’d been dreaming of and I ended up hitting both goals before the year was up, which is why I bought two! I know that is A LOT of money to spend on bags but again, these are really special to me, something I worked hard for, and know I will have for forever! They make me really happy!

Jura Coffee Machine

I did an entire blog post about our Jura Coffee machine which you can find here, so I won’t give a fully detailed review here but this has been SUCH an amazing purchase for us! Michael gave me this as my first Mother’s Day gift and we use it every single day if not twice a day. This machine makes the best coffee (or flat whites, cappuccinos, etc) and we seriously miss it when we travel haha. I love how easy / convenient it is and that you can make so many different types of drinks with it. I still have my nespresso machine and love that, but the Jura is like, next level amazing. Read my blog post about it if you are curious to learn more!

Madewell Leather Jacket

I bought this Madewell leather jacket in the beginning of 2019, and loved it / wore it SO much that I ended up getting it in a second color this fall and I love BOTH of them so much! Honestly, I’ve never been a huge leather jacket girl – I always thought they were too edgy or moto for my style. But once I tried this Madewell jacket on, I was a changed woman lol. I loved that it has a slim fit and it’s not bulky at all. I love how feminine it is and the leather is so beautiful and has only gotten prettier with wear! It’s the perfect spring and fall jacket and goes with almost any outfit. I think having a classic leather jacket in your wardrobe is essential and this one is definitely my #1 pick (after trying what felt like 100 leather jackets haha).

Lululemon Tracker Short

The tracker shorts were a new buy for me in 2019 and became my new favorite running shorts! I LOVE the looser fit on this short. I ran my marathon in these shorts and they were perfect. I pretty much don’t run in anything else now! I have so many new Lululemon favorites from this past year but the tracker shorts are probably number 1!

If you’ve followed me throughout 2019, you probably could have guessed each one of the products on my list because you see them in my IG posts or stories ALL the time! Thank you guys so much for following me throughout 2019. I am SO excited for all that 2020 has in store…beginning with a really exciting announcement I can’t wait to share with you guys tomorrow!

Happy last day of 2019! I hope you are celebrating this special day and an amazing year with the people you love the most!

xo Lauren

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