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Fitness + Health 5 years ago

jura coffee maker review + how to get it for less!



About 6 months ago, I asked you guys for recommendations on coffee makers via IG stories and SO many of you recommended the Jura! I looked it up and cringed at the price and instantly decided that wasn’t the coffee maker for us haha. It is SO expensive. Several of y’all also recommended the Ninja (see my Ninja coffee maker review here), so we bought that and LOVE it. A few months after purchasing the Ninja, we went on a trip to Cabo and the house we stayed in had a Jura coffee maker. Oh my goodness y’all. My life was forever changed the first morning I had a cup of coffee from that machine. I think I had like 3 cups of coffee a day while we were there because I was so obsessed haha and kept raving about it to Michael.

Fast forward to Mother’s Day…and Michael 100% surprised me and bought me a Jura as my first Mother’s Day gift! We definitely did not need this since we bought the Ninja a few months earlier but hey. A gift is a gift and I wasn’t going to argue lol. And to be honest, we have NEVER looked back! It is the most AMAZING coffee machine ever. Today I want to review the Jura coffee maker with y’all in case you’ve been curious, and also share how you can purchase it for less!


First, what is the Jura coffee maker? What makes it so expensive?

We have the Jura E8 model, which can instantly make coffee, lattes, flat whites, macchiatos, cappuccinos and more at the touch of a button. Why is this machine so expensive? The espresso brewing process for the Jura E8 has been 100% perfected. The Pulse Extraction Process (P.E.P.®) is the only process of its kind in the world. It optimizes the extraction time and guarantees the very best aroma even for short specialty coffees. Oftentimes with “instant coffee” (like from a keurig), you sacrifice taste for convenience. The Jura is insanely convenient (makes your coffee with the touch of a button in seconds) but tastes AMAZING and makes freshly ground coffee!

I mostly use our machine to make coffee every morning, but Michael makes macchiatos! I’ll make flat whites with almond milk in the afternoons sometimes too!





Why we love the Jura vs other coffee makers

Prior to having the Jura…we had our ninja coffee maker on the counter (just a normal coffee pot / maker), along with a hot water heater, and a nespresso (to have an option for instant coffee or espresso). That’s a lot of stuff to be sitting on the counter haha. One reason we LOVE the Jura is because we could put ALL of those machines away (we have a wet bar in our gameroom, so we moved them there)…because the Jura can do ALL of those things and more. You can use the Jura to make coffee, espresso, lattes, etc or hot water for tea. It also has a built-in milk frother so you don’t have to worry about buying something extra to sit out on your kitchen counter.

Another reason we love the Jura is because you don’t have to buy hundreds of pods every month for it! You just buy regular coffee beans! When we would have guests stay with us, we would literally go through 6ish nespresso pods A DAY, if not more…and those things add up. With the Jura, you just buy normal coffee beans and each person can make their own cup of coffee.

I also love the Jura because I am a dedicated, die hard, can’t live without my morning coffee type of person. Michael is a “I like a cup of coffee every now and then type of person”. So, it doesn’t make sense for me to wake up every morning and make a full pot of coffee if he’s not going to drink it. I love being able to just make a single cup…(and then another single cup later in the day lol).




Cleaning / Maintenance

Another reason we love the Jura so much is because it is SO easy to clean / maintain! With normal coffee pots, you have to dump the grinds, rinse out the pot, etc etc…it takes a while to clean and it’s required between every pot of coffee. While you do still have to dump out grinds and excess water with the Jura, we can usually go a couple of days before having to do this and it’s MUCH easier than a normal coffee pot and filter. On top of that, the Jura has integrated rinsing and cleaning programs that can be started at the touch of a button. It even rinses itself everytime it turns off to keep the machine extremely hygienic (meaning, in a lot of ways, the machine can kind of clean itself!). If you choose to add frothed milk, you probably should rinse the separate container out every day, but that’s simply just rinsing it out with water.

Other recommended maintenance steps include changing the filter, cleaning the milk system, and cleaning the entire system. The Jura will prompt you when these actions should occur and they’re extremely simple. They do require you to buy additional filters and cleaning solutions, but they are not frequent at all!



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How you can get the Jura for less!

So (obviously) in my opinion, the Jura is worth EVERY penny and more! Since we’ve bought ours, I hardly EVER go to Starbucks anymore because I love our coffee at home so much! But, if you’re feeling like you just can’t make that splurge…you can actually get the Jura for less on eBay, of all places! Y’all know I look at eBay ALL the time for steals on designer pieces…and recently started browsing their website for amazing home finds as well! You can get this exact E8 Jura coffee maker from eBay either brand new, refurbished, open box, or pre-owned depending on what price point works best for you! Plus, right now eBay is having their end of season sale, so it’s the perfect time to get incredible discounts! During the end of season sale, you can find amazing deals on everything from home items to shoes + apparel – it’s definitely worth checking out!

Recent home finds I’ve found on eBay!:


All that to say…THANK YOU to those who recommended the Jura to us! We absolutely love it and recommend it with every fiber of our being haha. I love that you can get it on eBay too, to experience how amazing this machine is, without having to pay full price!

This post was created in collaboration with eBay. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

xo Lauren

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