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faith + inspiration 4 years ago

monday mindset


Happy Monday you guys! I know Mondays can be a downer for a lot of people after having a weekend off of work and responsibilities. So today I wanted to share a few ways I like to get my mind right for the week, and start my Monday off with joy and excitement for a week ahead!


Throughout this post, you’ll see quotes from some of my favorite Christian authors. These quotes are from some of their books or devotionals that have really encouraged my heart and help me to ground myself in truth when I start my day off! Feel free to save the images to your phone and use as your phone background or share on IG stories! Whatever helps get you in a positive mindset for the new week!


Walking + Talking

One simple thing I do to get my head in the right space for a new week is go for a walk, put in my airpods, and either listen to worship music or a podcast (I’ve been loving the ‘Made for This’ podcast by Jennie Allen). These morning walks with just me and the Lord allow me to get outside in nature, ask God to help me see a bigger picture than my little story or what is stressing me out that day, and is always such an encouraging reminder that God is in control over everything. On these walks I love to just list out anything that is making me anxious or stressing me out about the coming week, and then acknowledging that God is always with me and always helping me!


Quiet time

Another thing I like to do every single morning, but especially on Mondays…is start my day off saturating my mind and heart with truth from God’s Word. I know this might sound so cliche or boring to you, but I love what the Beth Moore quote above says. Jesus really is the only well that never runs dry that will truly satisfy our souls. If we don’t start off our week, our everyday with him, we will look to things of this world or other people to satisfy us…and always end up disappointed and empty.

Getting your mind right for the week means opening up your Bible and letting God’s truth encourage your heart, remind you of who He is, remind you of who YOU are because of Him! Then, and only then, can you go into your week with joy and security knowing that you are so loved by such a good and loving God! This mindset changes everything but only happens when you dedicate the time to sit still in God’s presence and let His truth penetrate your heart!



I don’t know about you guys, but if I don’t get enough sleep…everything is off. I’m super emotional or irritable, can’t focus on anything, and feel really unmotivated. One way to help get your mind right on Monday (and everyday) is by prioritizing 8 hours of sleep every night! For some of you, you’re probably like ‘that’s easy for me I love sleep’…but I know for some of you (myself included!) that is a struggle! It’s way too easy to stay up way too late scrolling through our phones or watching just one more show. Have a cutoff time or deadline for yourself like…’I am in bed, without my phone, by 10pm every night’. Prioritize 8 hrs of sleep just like you would prioritize a workout or your skincare routine. Because it is even more important than both of those things!



Know your people

The last tip I’ll share with you guys for helping you keep a positive mindset is surround yourself with the right people. Think of someone right now who you think ‘dang, she lives with such joy’, and then stalk her / be around her as much as possible haha. I know friendships look weird right now with COVID, but I challenge you guys to surround yourself with other women who are positive and joyful and living life in a way that you truly admire! When you surround yourself with people like that, joy is CONTAGIOUS and will truly help you fight negativity or anxiety SO much!


The verse above from Psalms is one I LOVE to read almost daily! It brings me so much peace to know that no matter what I am going through…God will make known to me the path of life! And in HIS presence – nothing else, no where else – I will find fullness of joy! I won’t find it in a new partnership or trip or purse or friendship. We find all fullness of joy in Jesus alone!


I love this quote above by Lysa Terkeurst – it was the background on my phone for a while. It’s such a good reminder of how important every single little decision we make is! You don’t just arrive at your goals or a life you’re proud of by snapping your fingers. You get there by making smart, healthy, life giving choices day by day by day. Brick by brick. Step by step.

I hope these quotes + simple tips help you guys start your week off on a positive note, feeling filled up and ready to give this week 100%! Thanks for reading!

xo Lauren

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