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Home + Family 4 years ago

3 simple tips to boost productivity


Happy Monday friends! I shared on my stories I’m trying to come up with a better greeting other than always saying “happy ____” haha but I genuinely am always SO happy when Monday rolls around! The start of a new week, a chance to set new goals and give this week your all! Today I wanted to share 3 very simple things that help me feel more productive throughout the day! These are all tips you’ve probably heard before, but I wanted to challenge y’all to try and implement ALL 3 tips each day this week and just SEE how different your week looks and how you feel!

There really is nothing better than getting to the end of your day feeling super productive – whether you got 3 things done or 13…knowing you gave your day 100% in being focused ad productive is the best feeling. The three tips I’m sharing with you guys today that truly help me focus and get after my to-do list each day.



3 simple tips to help boost productivity

  1. Make a list

I am ALL about list-making. I have lists for everything haha – grocery list, to-do list, work reminders, brain dumps etc. I think the biggest key to being productive is waking up in the morning, writing down EVERYTHING in your brain that you’ve been thinking “i need to get that done” or deadlines, etc. Then prioritize your 3 MOST important things for THAT day. Going into your day with a plan and a to-do list is everything, but you also want to make sure you’re not setting unrealistic expectations for yourself. That’s why I recommend writing down your TOP 3 priority tasks, and then adding a few others onto the list if you finish those 3!



2. Make your bed

Okay I will be honest…I definitely don’t do this every single day haha. I wake up around 5:30 and Michael doesn’t get up until around 8:30, and by that point…my day is already started. But ALL that to say…any day we DO make the bed, I feel 100x more productive that day! It’s also the best feeling to get to the end of your day and know that even if you got nothing else done, you made the bed that morning. It at least makes me feel better haha. But I think this is really helpful because it helps you go into your day without rushing straight to to-do lists etc. You wake up, make your bed, and something about this task really makes you feel more ready and productive for the day.

We recently updated some of our master bedroom bedding with some Target’s new Casaluna line! I’ve never really been one to change out bedding or decor for the seasons but…was really craving a change this fall. Our other bedding is all stark white and greys which I love, but I was wanting to make our room a little warmer / more cozy for fall! I love this linen blend comforter and could not believe what a great price it was for a king size comforter and the shams! It feels so cozy and soft without getting too hot at night and I think this ‘natural’ color is so pretty! I also got this cashmere blend quit for underneath and LOVE how it looks and feels! Under $100 for a king size quilt and it feels amazing / is such great quality.

All that to say…making our bed each morning DEFINITELY helps me feel more productive throughout the day and just puts me in a better mood!


3. Get (at least a little) ready for the day 

I’ve been working from home now for about 6 years (which is so crazy), and I know in 2020 most of you guys have also been working from home (or, are still working from home). When I first started working from home I thought “this is amazing! I can work in my pajamas all day!” But that didn’t last long. I noticed when I stayed in pajamas all day I felt more tired / more inclined to lounge and not get work done. I am definitely not one of those girls who puts on a full face of makeup everyday haha (even though I think that is so impressive), BUT…I try to at least put some kind of outfit on (even if it’s leggings or jeans and a sweater), put a tiny bit of makeup or tinted moisture on, some under eye concealer…and it makes such a huge difference in my productivity and how I feel throughout the day! I feel more awake, better about myself, and helps me get in the right ‘zone’ to get work done!




my fall bedroom decor picks

Here are all the Target Casaluna items I bought for our room! All of these come in a wide variety of color options and again, are such GREAT quality for a really good price! You can click or tap on any product below to shop!


for more home faves sign up here!

What are some of your must-do tips for enhancing productivity? Again, I want to challenge you guys to implement all 3 of these tips, every day this week and then let me know if it helped you at the end of the week!

Thanks for reading!

This post was created in collaboration with Target. As always, all thoughts and opinions are my own!

xo Lauren

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