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faith + inspiration 4 years ago

10 things im thankful for in 2020


2020 has been a really rough year most likely for the majority of us, for a variety of reasons. Jobs, relationships, WFH, homeschooling, loneliness, quarantine, sickness…the list could go on and on (as I’m sure you guys are aware). As cliche as it sounds…this year more than ever, I have learned how much power there is in thankfulnessespecially during seasons of trial or heartache. 2020 has certainly had its fair share of ‘downs’, but if you intentionally try and find silver linings…you might be surprised at the beauty that has also surrounded us this year. So I am choosing to fight stress or worry with thankfulness, and want to encourage you guys to do the same! Today I want to share 10 things I’ve been incredibly thankful for in 2020.


ONE. My Assistant!

I think 75% of what goes into blogging is SO behind the scenes. You guys see a blog post like this and think “some pics, some links, some writing, easy. done”…and what you DON’T know is the time it took to style the outfit, schedule with a photographer, shoot these photos, upload all of the products / what I am wearing to the site, upload the photos to the site, link everything in the blog post, add in other widgets throughout the post, add a banner image, add the ‘shop’ products at the bottom…I could go on haha! On the surface, things like a blog post might look super simple, but these tasks actually take hours of work.

ANYWAY. I hired a new full time assistant back in March of this year and it has definitely been one of the best things that has come out of 2020! Lindy isn’t local to Dallas but we work together legitimately all day everyday (virtually) and she has added so much value both to my business and to my life. I am so thankful the Lord allowed our paths to cross and that she is a full time HUGE key asset to my business! Love you Lindy!

TWO. Health

This year more than ever, I am so thankful that Michael, Shiloh and myself are all healthy and that is something I will never take for granted. Every night when we say prayers with Shiloh I always say “Jesus thank you that Shiloh is healthy and safe”. I know so many have battled various kinds of sicknesses this year and I am truly thankful that God has kept us healthy!


THREE. My job

This has definitely been the most challenging year with work thus far – given the climate of our world. Brands had to pull out of campaigns, social media has been a crazy place to be, not being able to leave the house for a large chunk of the year, etc…it’s definitely been a challenging year. However, I have a job, and not only that but truly my dream job and I truly do wake up every morning thanking God for blessing me with this opportunity. I love getting to shoot content and put together outfits to share with y’all or talk about a book that has encouraged my heart or share a new recipe or partner with some of my favorite brands. This job is truly a dream and I am so incredibly thankful for that

FOUR. You guys!

This kind of goes hand in hand with why I’m so thankful for my job. The support and encouragement you guys show me everyday either through DM’s or IG / blog comments never ceases to blow my mind. I’m convinced I have the SWEETEST followers and it feels like a giant group of the most supportive, encouraging girlfriends. You guys always have the best feedback whether I’m asking for a devotional recommendation or toddler snacks or whatever it might be. I love this community so much and truly thank God everyday that He’s given me an opportunity to connect with each and every one of you.

FIVE. Texas / family

Most of you guys know we moved back to Dallas in February of 2020. (We lived in Boulder, CO for 3 years and just moved back this past February). TBH, we miss Colorado EVERY single day. The mountains, the weather, the people, the town of Boulder…those things will always hold such a special place in our hearts. BUT. getting to be close to family, especially in 2020 has been everything. I usually see someone from my family at LEAST 3 times a week every single week. My sisters are my best friends and I think Shiloh actually likes my mom more than Michael and me lol! Leaving Colorado was such a hard decision but there truly is nothing better than family. Shiloh is obsessed with her grandparents, aunts & uncles and cousins and it has been so special getting to see those bonds form and grow.




SIX. New house!

We started building a house about a year ago now, and still going! Hoping it will be done end of January 2021 but…we will see haha. Even though my patience has kind of been wearing thin during the building process, I am so incredibly thankful for the blessing of getting to build our dream (and hopefully forever) home!

SEVEN. God’s grace + endless pursuit of me

2020 has been really big for me, on a personal / spiritual level. God has moved in my life in some MAJOR ways this year and I am so incredibly thankful for His neverending pursuit of me, even though I am so imperfect. I’ve been thinking / praying about how I will share this experience with you guys (how God has really radically changed my life this year!) one day, and I definitely plan on it. Maybe a book?! or a very long blog post?! haha TBD. BUT. I am so incredibly thankful that despite my own shortcomings and imperfections and sin…God loves me so much and will never leave me. He is ALWAYS with me and ALWAYS fighting for me and for that, I can never ever thank Him enough. His grace is MIND-blowing!


EIGHT. Michael

Like most of you guys, 2020 has meant spending a WHOLE lot of time with our spouses. Like night after night during quarantine… just me and Michael haha. We are used to being around each other all the time because we both work from home / Michael helps take care of Shiloh. But this year has definitely taken the ‘togetherness’ to the next level! And honestly, it’s been hard at times but it’s also been really sweet. We’ve really learned how to be each other’s best friend and biggest support system. We’ve had to learn to do teamwork in new ways – with work and taking care of Shiloh and being home a whole lot. Our marriage is far from perfect but Michael truly is my best friend, biggest cheerleader, and the sweetest, most humble, most servant-hearted man I have ever known. I am so thankful God blessed me with Michael as my husband.



NINE. New movement

Prior to 2020, I would say 98% of my workouts consisted of running, or a spin class. I love running, have run half marathons and full marathons…but prior to this year that’s pretty much ALL I did and I was honestly scared to NOT do cardio! This year, I started incorporating way more weight training into my fitness routine and have grown to LOVE it. I’ve broken my addiction to needing to do solely cardio and really enjoyed seeing how strength training has helped me get stronger both physically and mentally. Thankful for this new way of moving my body!

TEN. Shiloh

I’m not going to lie…I have butterflies in my stomach as I type this part of my post today. I am incredibly thankful for Shiloh. She is adorable and hilarious and sassy and goofy and weird and sweet and truly the light of my life. Being a mom is genuinely the sweetest, most incredible gift I have ever known. Wearing this “s” necklace that you’re seeing in these photos every single day, reminds me everyday of how thankful I am for Shiloh and how blessed I am to have her as a daughter.

I am especially thankful for Shiloh in 2020…because through countless doctor’s appointments and meeting with specialists, Michael and I have realized what a miracle it is that we have Shiloh. We got pregnant with Shiloh in month 2 of trying and thought “wow that’s crazy that it happened so fast!” and were incredibly thankful. Without going into too much detail (for now)…Michael and I have been trying to conceive for all of 2020, been referred to a few specialists, who have all confirmed that it’s pretty miraculous that 1) we have a baby and 2) that we got pregnant with her so quickly. She truly is a miracle.

Why 2020 has really been my most challenging year…

This fertility journey has been one of the hardest things I’ve ever walked through. I’ve thought on multiple occasions on whether or not I would share with y’all, because it feels like such a personal thing but also feels weird to NOT share because (if you’ve ever walked through infertility struggles, you know), it definitely feels all encompassing.  For now, like I said, I’m choosing not to go into detail about specifics of our situation, out of respect for Michael and just our family. But…I wanted to share with you guys today because I know I’m not the only one walking through this. I know I’m not the only one who feels a little heartbroken every time you see another pregnancy announcement on instagram. This struggle with infertility can feel so lonely and so isolating and so I share today, even so maybe one of you can hear that you are not alone. And even through such a hard and lonely journey…I believe with every ounce of my being that God is good and God is sovereign. And we can trust Him.

Whew. Even just typing that out feels like a weight lifted off of my shoulders. Thank y’all for letting me share my life with you guys. I always want my blog / instagram to be a place where you are able to see REAL life. The ups and the downs, and through it all…to see that God is always good and always sovereign. I pray my life always declares that.

So thankful for you guys and this community, and want to challenge you to also take time in the next week to list out some of the beauty that has come out of 2020, and how much we truly have to be thankful for.

xo Lauren

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