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Lifestyle 3 years ago

8 activities to do this fall


Y’all the weather in Dallas these past few days has been SO PERFECT! We’re talking 50 degree mornings, blue sky days, a high of 70…and I am SO thankful! There’s something so refreshing those first few days of fall. I know people are already talking about Christmas lol but today I wanted to put together a fall bucket list for you guys! These are things I’m hoping to do with my family over the next month to really make the most of this beautiful fall season! A few of these we’ve actually already checked off, but I’ll go ahead and share so you could add to your bucket list!


Go to a fall festival / fair

We went to the Texas State Fair last week with my siblings and had a BLAST! Shiloh also had a school fall carnival thing last week with a petting zoo, pony rides etc and we loved getting to meet other families at her little school. I think every state has a state fair you could attend, or a neighborhood fall festival, school fall carnivals etc…these types of events help you enjoy the beautiful weather with your family, maybe get to know new people, and celebrate the fall season!

Pumpkin patch

I know I know, this is so basic but also SO fall-y haha and makes for the cutest pictures! You’ll also need some pumpkins to fallify your front porch if you haven’t done that yet! Go to a local pumpkin patch with your man and/or your kiddos, put on a cute outfit, snap some pics…and have fun picking out some pumpkins for your front porch or for carving!


Pumpkin carving

We actually haven’t done this yet with Shiloh and I think it would be so fun! I want to light some fall candles or sit out on our side porch and each carve a pumpkin (Shiloh would obviously need help haha), and then stick a candle in them and put them on our front porch for Halloween! This is such a simple but fun family activity!

Bonfire & s’mores

If you have a firepit in your backyard (or even a little fire table), go buy some s’mores ingredients, pour a glass of red wine and enjoy a night outside with neighbors or family making s’mores and enjoying the weather. This is actually one of my favorite things to do with girlfriends because you end up sitting outside and just chatting for hours! (And of course, eating yummy s’mores). Pro tip: I love making my s’mores with reese’s cups instead of hershey’s! SO GOOD!



Tailgate & Football game

Not sure if it’s this way in your house but…football kind of overtakes every single weekend in the fall for us haha which I have mixed feelings about BUT! There is something so magical about going to a college football game on a beautiful fall day! We went to Baylor’s homecoming last weekend and had SO much fun. Tailgating with a toddler is tricky haha but depending on the age of your kids (or, just go with your man)…pick a Saturday and just make a day out of going to a college football game! OR if you’re not able to go…do a ‘tailgate’ from home! Make a big bowl of queso and some yummy snacks, order a pizza, have your friends over and watch a game outside on the porch!

Make a fally dessert

I don’t necessarily love pumpkin-flavored things but I DO love apple, caramel, cinnamon….lots of other yummy fall flavors. Bake a pumpkin coffee cake or these brown butter apple blondies look AMAZING! Your whole house will smell so cozy and yummy! This would also be a fun activity to do with your little one – y’all could double the recipe and bring some over to your neighbor!

Watch a cozy fall movie

I’m not sure what qualifies a movie as a ‘fall’ movie haha but a few movies come to mind when I think of fall: You’ve Got Mail, When Harry Met Sally, Dan in Real Life, Sweet Home Alabama, Run Away Bride…these are all so heartwarming and set during beautiful fall foliage seasons and just FEEL GOOD flicks, you know? Maybe make some apple cider and cozy up with your man on the couch for a fall date night at home! (PS any other fall movies I should add to my list?)


Try a new fall coffee drink

You could either make a new type of latte at home or try something new at starbucks / your local coffee shop! I love making my at-home almond milk chai (you can find the recipe on my highlights!) OR I recently tried a new combo at starbucks I’m LOVING! It’s a grande cold brew with 1 pump pumpkin, 2 pumps sugar free vanilla, and a splash of cream! It’s sweet without being TOO sweet and just the tiniest hint of pumpkin!

Okay what am I missing?! Let me know of any favorite fall activities you have in the comments below! Thanks for reading!

xo Lauren

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