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Lifestyle 7 months ago

10 ideas for giving the gift of experiences


The older I get, the more I find myself really valuing ‘experience’ type of gifts rather than physical gifts. Of course I can always come up with things to add to my Christmas list but I really appreciate experiences I will remember year after year, and also love to gift these experiences to Michael as well! So today I wanted to share 10 experiences you could gift this year, instead of (or in addition to!) buying a physical gift!


1. Concert Tickets

Michael and I both love music but for whatever reason never really think to go to concerts throughout the year. Giving your spouse concert tickets to one of his favorite artists would be such a fun memory for the two of you and something he wouldn’t be expecting!

2. Book a trip

Plan a trip without your partner knowing – somewhere where he’s mentioned wanting to visit! Either as a romantic get away or a family trip! Surprise him with it on Christmas morning with the entire trip already planned out!


3. Cooking class

I feel like every year, almost everyone has the New Years resolution of ‘cook more’ on their list. Gifting your husband (or mom or friend!) a cooking class would be such a fun (and helpful!) activity! You could book one that includes wine and make it a fun date night! The cookery in Dallas looks so fun and I’m looking into for me and Michael!

4. Spa day

Who doesn’t love a good massage? My favorite spa in Dallas is The Joule but it’s definitely pricy so its hard to splurge on just for any occasion…which makes it the perfect Christmas gift! You could gift this to your mom, your husband, or a girlfriend!

5. Gym membership / one month to a fitness studio

Michael has always talked about wanting to try Crossfit but hasn’t ever pulled the trigger. He also loves coming to sculpt with me at corepower yoga but hasn’t joined…giving someone a one month membership to a fitness studio would be such a thoughtful gift and help them reach some fitness goals in the new year too!



6. Tickets to his favorite sports game

We got my dad tickets to the Cowboys game as part of his retire present – Michael and I went with my mom and my dad and had such a good time! It was something he wouldn’t splurge on for himself so I think he really appreciated it! If you’re trying to find something for your husband, dad, or brother…surprise him with tickets to a game with his favorite sport’s teams! OR you could plan a trip to go see the LA Dodgers or whoever his team is!

7. Cocktail making class

Michael and I have really gotten more into cocktails over the past couple years and I think it would be so fun to go to a class to learn how to make like the perfect margarita or French 75 etc! This could also be a fun girls night activity! I found this class in Dallas which looks fun!

8. One month meal subscription

My mom has been talking about trying out something like Homechef or Hello Fresh forever…but never actually pulled the trigger. So I’m giving her and my dad a gift card to Homechef as part of their gift to try it out! I was really proud of this gift idea haha and think they will really appreciate it! A subscription like this makes cooking at home so much easier, more fun, and the meals are delicious!


9. Candle making class

For your friend who is candle obsessed! There are classes all across the country you can buy seats at for a candle making experience! I found this one in Dallas that looks fun!

10. MasterClass

MasterClass is a platform that allows you to learn SO many different skills – from graphic design to music to dog training and more! If you’ve heard your partner or friend talk about something they want to learn (like Spanish, or coding, or something cooking related), you could give them a class on here! I think that would be so thoughtful and useful!

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Have you ever been given an experience you absolutely loved?! Or gifted one that knocked it out of the park? Let us know in the comments below!

xo Lauren

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