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Lifestyle 2 years ago

10 random things: bedrest edition lol


I shared on my stories last week that I am currently on bedrest per my doctor’s orders. Without going into a lot of detail, I went in for an appointment last Thursday after my egg retrieval etc just to see how things were looking after my procedure and with the medication I’m on. Ultimately he saw something he did not like and sent me home to be on bedrest for a week. I’m not gonna lie y’all…it’s been rough. Mentally and physically. I’m so thankful that Michael is able to be home and help with Shiloh otherwise I have no clue how we would have survived!


There have definitely been some silver linings to this downtime though. I’ve had way more time to read, watched some new shows, lots of snuggles with Shiloh, and lots of times to focus + get very clear on my goals for the new year. Since I’ve been home so much this past week I wanted to share all the things I’ve been using and loving on a daily basis with y’all! Whether you are on bedrest or quarantining or just a homebody or wanting some new books / shows…I thought this post would be helpful + fun!


ONE. backroad candles

Since I’m spending so much time on the couch, I love lighting a candle and making it an extra cozy environment. I am obsessed with these backroad candles. The blueberry cobbler is my favorite! They are hand poured, have a crackling wood wick and smell SO amazing

TWO. barefoot dreams blanket

Literally laying under this blanket while I write this post haha. We have lots of other blanket options in the house but this is ALWAYS the one I grab. It’s so cozy and warm and just makes me so happy

THREE. amazon slouchy socks

I actually just ordered another pack of these slouchy socks! they are SO dang soft and comfy and I love wearing them over my leggings or joggers (seen here). I am actually out right now (there are only 4 pair in a pack and I need to do laundry) and I hate not wearing them around the house now haha.

FOUR. kindle paper white 

I’ve had my kindle for years but it’s been especially convenient this past week! I’ve been reading a ton and I love being able to get a new book at the touch of a button. I carry it around everywhere with me haha and I love that I can have lots of different books on there at once.

FIVE. books / what I’m reading

I have been reading more than ever this past week and I love it. Here’s what I’m reading & loving:

  • Ruthless Elimination of Hurry – Im making it a goal of mine to read 1 non-fiction book per month in 2022. So this is my first one of choice and omg it has been SO good. Albeit, convicting. This book has given me a new perspective of slowing down, quiet time with Jesus, and what silence and solitude can look like. I’m only about 1/3 of the way in already loving it so much
  • Every last secret – I just finished this fiction book and it was SO good. I didn’t necessarily love it in the beginning because there is a lot of sex stuff in it…but overall the book was still so good – it gripped me from the beginning, really interesting storyline, and great ending.
  • Local Woman Missing– I just started this fiction book two days ago and I’m already HOOKED!! So many of y’all recommended this to me and I’m already loving it (just a few chapters in)

SIX. lap desk

Michael got me this lap desk from amazon since I’m legitimately having to lay flat all day everyday haha and I’ve been using it non-stop. If you also like to get work done from bed or from the couch, I think you will love this desk!

SEVEN. shows

Here’s what shows I’ve been watching + my thoughts on them!

  • Unbelievable on Netflix – I watched this per my mom’s recommendation. The beginning of the show was really good but I thought towards the end it was kind of slow and a little anticlimactic. Overall though, I liked it and would recommend it!
  • Cheer season 2 on Netflix – I’m not gonna lie…I definitely liked the first season way more. Season 2 was still good and worth watching but it wasn’t like life-changing for me haha
  • Unorthodox on Netflix – I just started this show so I’m only like 3 episodes in. But I really like it so far! It’s different than your typical like murder mystery type of show haha but the storyline is interesting and the acting is also good.
  • Dopesick on Hulu – Michael and I just started to watch this last night because so many of y’all recommended it. We’re only 1 episode in but we both already really like it.

EIGHT. Stanley water cup

I know I know. I’ve talked about this cup 100,000 times in the past month haha. But especially while I am on bedrest, it is at my side at all times. I love that it keeps my water cold all day and holds 40oz of water so I’m not filling it up every 5 seconds.

NINE. Abercrombie men’s sweatshirts

I’ve legitimately been living in these Abercrombie men’s sweatshirts. I love how oversized they are and they’re perfect with leggings. I’ll share a few different ones below with y’all:

TEN. bandier sweat set

Y’all I was hesitant to buy this matching sweat set because it’s kind of a lot of money to spend on sweats. But I kid you not, I have worn it 3 out of the last 7 days since I bought it…I literally never want it take it off! I think the bright green color is so happy and it’s literally the comfiest sweat set I own!! I wear a small in the sweatshirt and XS in the pants.


I am hoping + praying to be done with bedrest after Thursday because I’ve placed TONS of orders for things that I can’t wait to share with y’all! New beauty products, really cute athletic outfits, denim and more. But for now…I thought I’d share what I have been loving from the couch haha. Thank y’all for sticking with me through good seasons and the mundane! Love y’all!

xo Lauren

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